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  1. Sator says:

    I’m back
    @Conor congrats on becoming a summoner, ps ur girlfriend might be a succubus.
    @Lupe I don’t really understand the terms of how Conor puts it but in the occult/witchcraft world there have been many examples of people (Authors like Deanna Conway, can’t say about others for sure but I have seen many other authors claim it but can’t remember their names) claiming to have created a magical (or magickal as they put it) being from their own power (the way they describe depends on the person saying it, e.g. metaphysical energy, spirit power etc. I think that Conor chose the word “Neuron” to do this. Neurons are a confusing and, well, incorrect to describe it as they are actual biological cells, ). These created being are described as tulpa or spirit forms etc, Deanna Conway describes a wolf spirit or thought form in her book “Animal Magick” but she describes these thought forms as being just part of the thinker’s own being/personality projected externally, and not in any way independent or a separate creation( I’m not saying she’s right but that’s her explanation). Personally, I agree with you, I do not think it is possible. The city block stuff is just……ugh.

  2. conor says:

    noah, i will personally go to your house, and do what south parks president would do. i will f*** you to death!!!
    thanks for your opinion sator 🙂

  3. Sator says:

    @Conor, you are welcome, also let’s just ignore Noah from now on. He’ll disappear eventually.
    @Noah,go trolling somewhere else, no one’s gonna pay any attention to u here, this is probably the last time anyone is going to talk to you or mention you in this chat ever again, no matter how much u troll or try to provoke us. Try to be nice, everyone here is accepting and friendly,

  4. Lupe says:

    @Sator: I see, the way you put it makes sense haha while I put it as “aura energy,” it’s generally the same as “spirit power” or “metaphysical energy.” Also, I’m likely not to talk to you know who for a while lol (name begins with an n)

    @Conor: I wasn’t trying to be rude with my message, I was explaining how I understood what you were saying.. as I said, I think it’s impressive you were able to pull that off.

    @All: Few questions that came to mind

    1: Something Sator brought up raised a question regarding the topic of animal spirits. If animal spirits (as the aforementioned person wrote) were extensions of oneself (spiritually), and it’s possible for one to create these extensions themselves (as Conor apparently did), would this mean it’s possible for one to develop or create an animal spirit (as an extension to themselves) if they had the spiritual capability to?

    2: Also on the topic of creating spirits, what if a group of individuals got together and performed some ritualistic practice where they create an extension that extends from all involved, some form of spiritual energy that reflects something about each person? (Such as hatred for a certain thing, protection from a certain thing, etc.)

    • Lupe says:

      Building off of my second question, what if a group of people were to form an “animal spirit”

  5. noah says:

    u will all die nerds noobs humans liers are u pure heart u will be punished by my strong friend and u will suffer for ever i will kill a crying baby and ur kind with weapons

  6. noah says:

    i will burn u all

  7. Lupe says:

    Ooooh I just got another question related to the topic I mentioned (sorry if the question weirded y’all out, was just theorizing). Would it be possible to “link” two spirits together, kinda like a sort of tie between their auras?

  8. TWolf says:

    @Darkfang – Are transformations gradual or sudden? Does it start with the mind then body, or all at once?

  9. Lupe says:

    @TWolf: I can answer this one since I actually know. It starts with the mind, and any physical transformation is gradual. It’s never sudden.

  10. conor says:

    lupe, your theory may have something of interesting to me, but if a spirit animal is what creates a spirit, then if i can come to understand how this works, perhaps it would be a more efficient way for spirits to gain a physical form. also i wasnt offended by anything you may have said. also random question, does anyone else here have a phobia of cars? im fine with video games and cars not moving but any other time, ive a proper phobia of them.

  11. Lupe says:

    Hm.. ngl I’m curious to see that in action. Just make sure to credit me for the idea lol

    If it were the case, could it be possible for me to obtain a wolf spirit in this way? Or better yet learn to alter the shape of my aura to the form of a wolf? I believe that’s called spiritual shifting or “s-shifting” as I call it. I’ll have to do a multitude of things firsthand, including figuring out how to m-shift. I understand the idea of how it’ll work, I just need some time and maybe advice/feedback on the topic.

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