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  1. ohanzee says:

    thanks @Lupe i have actually 8 more dreams that fits to this in one way or another….

  2. Lupe says:

    @Ohanzee: Do these dreams have meaning to you?

    From the way you describe it, I feel a sense of nervousness in something. I also sense isolation of some level, though I’m not certain how much. Something.. also tells me you may be fearing something about yourself or what you can do.

    I’m not too good at reading anything in dreams which may predict the future, but I hope this helped. If there were any parts which were true, let me know!

    • ohanzee says:

      yes and i know they mean something, but that is a mystery to me

    • Lupe says:

      @Ohanzee: Interesting.. something tells me the fear you describe is feeding your view on yourself. Whether or not the view is true, I’m uncertain.

      The recurring warehouse shows me you don’t think you have (or will have) control of yourself, as if your a product of a system of your own. The reason is: warehouses are generally used in constructing things, especially in manufacturing. Sometimes, it can seem preprogrammed and robotic, especially as we replace manual labor with technology.

      Based on everything, you’re afraid of what you are capable of, and you feel that you can’t control it. This causes you to isolate yourself, but a part of you knows it’s to no avail. You do try, but every inch of your mind convinces you that you are destined to do something bad.

      This is solely a psychological look at it. Let me know what you think of this analysis.

      On another note, you’re not alone in your fight against yourself. Your fight is your own, but everyone goes through inner struggle. We may deal with separate problems, but not every problem is unsolvable by the person who deals with them. Don’t give up on yourself, just cause you don’t see anything change.

      So far, I haven’t seen any violent or bloodthirsty actions from you on this site. I haven’t seen you try to hurt anyone – instead, you try to be their friend. You may be afraid of hurting others and feel you’re capable of doing so. From what I’ve seen, you’re capable of friendship and kindness. No one’s perfect, but good habits exist. Meet yourself where you are, and go where you’d like to go from there. Never forget that even in the darkness, there’s always a light.

  3. ohanzee says:

    i do fear what i am and what i can do, and nervous about what it is so i isolate myself from people. ill tell you key parts of the other 7 to c if it clears anything the first one which i already said
    #1 is me being hunted by a group of people which i’m taken to some type of warehouse where im asked to join them.
    #2 is the same group but i’m wanted killed by the group hunting me and i black out for around 8 minutes with their ride destroyed and 2 dead.
    #3 I’m taken to a abandoned building which i immediately have some sort of connection to and i wake up.
    #4 Where i left off and i get out of the vehicle, and i get severe migraines and headaches. then wake up.
    #5 We go into the abandoned building and i start feeling like i’m being looked at by something,and when i turn around to look it was like a dark mass that killed 2 people that went into the abandoned house with me. Then i start running and grabbed by it and wake up, and feel out of breath
    #6 The whole thing repeats,but i don’t turn around and persevere even tho i know we are being followed by something. Then we reached the basement and (that is when things get worse then #5) i see how they all die in front of me. It had picked me up by my neck and said (this is what you are) , and i don’t know what that means at all
    #7 I actually don’t know where i am at all,but here people a far. I go to investigate to ask them where i am and they don’t even say anything just look at me like i did something wrong. Then they said we found it, and i woke up with not having any more dreams like it…

  4. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    This kinds of drms r horrible …… : /

    @ohanzee , I had the same dream at least 5 or 4 days ago ………. Even though there is a lot of difference from yours , the letter corresponds perfectly with mine

  5. ohanzee says:

    i have one dream that was weird but not related to these i think i was like dead but in neither heaven on hell in between the two while a judgement was going on and i left the line to judgement and went on a blood thirsty rampage is what i guess you would call it taking anything i could get my hands on

  6. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    Well, @ohanzee……
    I was walking in a dark alley.Then suddenly came in front of an abandoned house. my feets weren’t wanted to walk anymore. Even then I fell when I tried to force it.

    A boy from a distance came and stood me up.
    And handed a letter to me and said
    “According to the letter, wherever you have been asked to come, go away.
    But do not delay in any way. Otherwise you will be in danger. ”

    No words were coming out of my mouth even though I wanted to speak.
    So I was silent.

    Then I opened the letter. I was asked to go to an abandoned game center.
    I went there and then I saw 3 girls and 2 boys. They gave me a wry smile when they saw me.
    A girl said to me, “Come with me, have a surprise for you.
    I didn’t want to go. she forced me into a room and I saw a boy.
    They held him captive. I was ordered to suck the boy’s blood and kill him.
    I did not do it….. so, i ran away with the boy.

    After going some distance,
    I received another letter
    And there it was written with blood
    ” kill or you have to die”

  7. ohanzee says:

    @Alvy that is a choice i would never want to make tbh,and if i had to i’d choose to use my blood to write down what i wan to say which would be ” i dont know who’s you are, and if you don’t mind give me a good reason” that would be my response to them; Also if i had to choose mine over someone i’d let them take me not the boy.

    i wish i actually looked around the warehouse. Also i didn’t think it was important their was a driver who seemed more frightened then me, and never went into the house he got out and just watched as we walked in. When i came back out of it the guy was gone. It was weird tho he didn’t leave any sign he left. Tried to figure it out, but was woken up by my alarm. I’ll have to think on this this weekend when i can sleep for 18 hours without being disturbed.

  8. Christian Palmer says:

    Hey everyone I’m new here what is this chat room for

  9. Wolfy says:

    @lupe I am doing good thanks I think what you about the situation are the most likely explanations of it but I just wanted to ask about what ultimas actually are? if I knew that then I might be able to come up with a detailed explanation of my own also my favourite biome is probably forest as well.
    @ohanzee weird dream if its same every time maybe if you get further into the dream the more you sleep then you might be able to find something that can tell you what it means also I just wanted to say in my opinion the AVA wouldn’t be the best place to go to get answer for something because there might be some real psychic/energy vamps there that could help you but I would be harder to tell than the ones who drink blood because most of them are just people who really want to get an iron overdose but this is just my opinion what ever you decide to do good luck 🙂
    @christian Palmer hi welcome to the chat

  10. Lupe says:

    @Wolfy: According to the conversation on this website, Ultimas are werewolves which are more powerful, and are part demon. I’m watching a show rn which describes Ultimas as having the ability to change a human into a werewolf, but I don’t think the show describes them as part demon.

    @All: What is the AVA?

    @Ohanzee: Np, glad I could help

    @All: Have there been any werewolf related TV shows/movies or books which you’ve checked out recently?

  11. Unknown says:

    @ Ohanzee your dreams represent your fears as Lupe has said, but the fears shown by your dreams are the fears that hold you back in using one of your abilities such as I had when I was learning to shift at will. You should try your hardest to overcome them and maybe it will lead to something new in your life just read your accounts of the dreams that you have written down and circle anything you think might represent a fear and if you need help I’m sure the people here wouldn’t mind giving you some.

    • Lupe says:

      Seeing as this was helpful, the dreams mentioned were violent. I advise strongly against any violence.. maybe the tension in his dreams represents his struggle to push away his development because he’s afraid to do one thing or another?

  12. Unknown says:

    Maybe his fear is violence he’s so afraid of violence he pushes down his feelings of violence and their building inside and we all know what happens when you hold in you anger. Maybe he needs to let out his anger and I’m not suggesting he overcome his fears by hurting anyone but you can always overcome them by Acknowledging them and Maybe get a punching bag or a couple of them if your like me.

    • Lupe says:

      That’s a good idea, and a great point. Holding in built up emotions is never a good thing, and one should be careful how they handle their anger. Although a punching bag doesn’t work for everyone, it’s a great idea! Another good idea is for the person to find something that calms them down, such as a hobby or past time. For me, I love going on walks, since they calm me down. The best walks for me are in nature because it’s away from the speed of civilization and it allows me to slow down. Not to mention, I feel alive when I take a walk in nature.

      I can run through a forest and let myself loose, or climb a mountain and challenge myself. I can explore places I’ve never been and experience nature firsthand. This is a method which helps calm me down, and collect my thoughts. I don’t use a punching bag, though I have in the past. In conclusion, everyone has different methods they use to deal with their emotions.

      @Ohanzee: I encourage you, if this is the case, to try things which help you out, as described in this conversation.

  13. Unknown says:

    @Lupe, you know I think this is the first time we’ve agreed on something.

  14. ohanzee says:

    I’ve had anger in me for about 13 years and i cnt get it out beside fighting…
    I use a tree for a punching bag since the one i had i kinda broke……………………………….

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