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  1. love says:

    I believe so, yes

  2. love says:

    Yes I believe so

  3. Lupe says:

    Define real werewolf..

  4. Lupe says:

    Sure, I’ll check out uwu lol

  5. love says:

    did you see it

  6. Goldie says:

    Jesus christ this place is still alive? I haven’t been here since 2012 holy hell

  7. Confused says:

    Not sure if anyone will actually respond, but I’m just looking into werewolves and whether or not they exist. I’ve recently become interested for let’s just say personal reasons and will be really grateful for any information, no matter how basic xx

  8. Lupe says:

    @Confused: One word: therian.

    @Goldie: that’s my fault tbh lmao

    @Love: Not yet

  9. mills says:

    Can a beta bite and turn a human into a werewolf ? x

  10. Lupe says:

    @Mills: Negative. Bites don’t work. The best you’ll do is cause bleeding lol

  11. Confused says:

    I’m probably about to sound really dumb, but what’s a therian? 😐

  12. Lupe says:

    Don’t be ashamed ^^’ everyone talks about physical transformation, so this topic isn’t really discussed often. Pardon me if the idea weirds you out.. it’s not the most likable answer, but it’s the easiest to find evidence for when it comes to whether “werewolves” exist.

    Commonly, you hear about werewolves being referred to in the sense of physical transformation. I’d like to expand on that for you.. werewolf merely means: man-wolf. Anything that involves either change or attributes to both man and Wolf can be considered a “werewolf.”

    While ideas like “Lycanthropes” refer to a physical transformation, “Therianthropes,” or Therians for short, refer to a mental or spiritual transformation. It’s not as glamorous to see werewolves as a human with wolf-like instincts, but therians are just as much werewolves as lycans are.

    The way it works is also a bit different. I’ve heard from Therians that you don’t easily change to and from that wolf frame of mind. Rather, some say it’s a permanent change ^^’ I’d argue otherwise, but that’s not important.

    Many therians mention a “wall” in their mind when they meditate. This wall has a gate of sorts that separates our logical human mind from our animal side. The premise of therianthropy is allowing this gate to open, allowing one to become more in tune with their animal nature. (Or so)

    There is more to it.. some people mention a “connection” of sorts with an animal, which means therians can be any species, including wolf. Others tie the idea of one’s soul being connected to, or being the soul of some animal.

    I don’t have much experience on the topic, and I apologize if this weirds you out or sounds uncool compared to other things on this site ^^’ as far as my own experience goes, I’ve managed to reach that wall, but I have yet to open it.. although, I have sometimes felt myself “phantom shifting,” which is to mean transforming or feeling as if I have certain animal features, when I don’t actually transform. (Some therians claim to feel tails or ears sometimes, much like if you were to be missing a limb or something, etc)

    Clinical lycanthropy is similar, in that both are mental. However, therianthropy differs in that it’s not a mental disorder, it’s controlled, and often people may be therians without ever knowing.

    • Keiran says:

      Hi I’d rather not share my name but recently I’ve lost control of my abilities I’ve been getting a lot more angry I’ve accidentally broken things realy easily and I don’t know how to stop it pls can you help I’m asking you because by looking at your comments it looks like you know what your talking about the only complication is that I’m a were hyena

  13. Keiran says:

    What should I do

  14. How can I turn into a human werewolf in real life

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