“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. the strongest man says:

    i know ur secret and also i havent said anything because u all are crazy

  2. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    @lupe , Sry bro

  3. Lupe says:

    I’m confused lol

  4. No says:

    Soooo, how did I get here

  5. Tia says:

    @Lupe,Oh no o.O And that’s true. Yeah, my name is pretty good and yeah I notice. She was yelling at me, so I turn away. She told me the next day, that she felt like hitting me when I did that. o.O And my boyfriend and me are moving out near the end of the year. We are looking for two rooms, so he can stream in the spare room. 🙂 And that’s good. At least you two are happy. 🙂

    And to be honest, the other day I thought I saw Erick (wolf boy from high school). I was sitting near the window doing my assignment and this car was revising past the house. I looked up and the guy in the car looked just like him, he then waved at me and smiled. And then he drove off. I promise you that it looked just like him and who would wave at someone like that? D: I told my house mate and she told me last year she thought she saw Erick as well. Last time I saw Erick and Elliot was back in 2012. It is now 2021. o.O Oh and I have had a lot of dreams about crocodiles. Last week, I found out my Dad moved to Darwin. o.O So, I am going to stay away from the water, if I visit Dad. Because in one of my dreams, a crocodile killed me. o.O

    I know what you guys might think, but I have had a lot of dreams about the wolf boys over the years and the crocodile dreams only started last year. So I am going to be really really careful for now on. Too much stuff is happen and it is kind of freaking me out. Yes I have had a few more creepy stuff happen. But it will be way too long to type everything out. o.O

    • Lupe says:

      Well, take your time. This site isn’t active enough for speed to matter, and I don’t think there’s a word count haha ^^’ I’m glad you’re doing ok at least, and that is pretty strange tbh. Seems almost like Erick has become a folktale XD haha; I know they did some pretty messed up and weird stuff, but I hope it’s ok to at least laugh at how dumb they were being back then XD

  6. Future noah says:

    Im from the future u dont survive in the end

  7. Future noah says:

    i know i will survive the sun explosion

  8. love says:

    quick question, how do I turn into a full werewolf hybrid because I had the dreams and everything and I still haven’t turned. I know a am a werewolf, but I never met my pack even though I had dreams about them. I growl when I am frustrated or mad I automatically walk on 4 legs sometimes. I know I am one. I have the urge to howl a lot and sleep like a dog.

  9. love says:

    hi I am new here.

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