“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Lillith Jane Black says:

    i just have the feeling your just trying to make us say kill urself but im just gonna say shut your dum dum bubble gum the fuk up

  2. sarina says:

    im a new wolfbro give me tips plz

  3. BloodHunter20 says:

    can anyone enlighten a human on what the truth about werewolves is?

  4. ArgentineBlood says:


    That’s the point. No one knows what they really are, not even werewolves. Some say they are evil creatures possessed by the devil, which I can assure you, they are not. Then some say they are infected people by a virus which turns them into giant beasts and some say they are wolf-shifters. There are also people who say there is a curse to become one. Each werewolf believes a different story but in the end, what we are all sure of is one thing; They Exist.

  5. werewolfesareawesome says:

    @bloodhunter20 and @argentineblood

    There actually are several forms of werewolves first is the lycans of which are infected by lycanthrope. Second are the wolf shifters that is the kind of werewolf I am you can also call us part werewolves. and third is the curse no one knows much about the curse but we know one thing for certain is that there is a curse to become a werewolf

  6. ArgentineBlood says:

    I agree with you. And to make an adition, there are several werewolves breeds. They ussually are named after how the country they are from spells it. (Ex, argentina, Lobison. Argentine werewolves, Lobisones)

  7. ArgentineBlood says:

    I agree with you. And to make an adition, there are several werewolves breeds. They ussually are named after how the country they are from spells it. (Ex, argentina, Lobison. Argentine werewolves, Lobisones) About the curse, I must say only witches know for sure how it works. I wonder if the curse is ‘dark’ magic…

  8. ArgentineBlood says:

    Sorry, somehow, it copied my post. :/

  9. Danny says:

    Stop it get some help

  10. Danny says:

    Hey ArgentineBlood are you a lycanhope ( werewolf)

  11. Lucas says:

    Hey! I’m quite new to this ‘Werewolves’ chat room. I’m in school right now, anyone wanna talk?

  12. Danny says:

    Ha no I have HOLIDAY witch means I actually have to work in the woods wearing Armour with four people and my armour is really heavy so dam it

  13. Lucas says:

    Huh? I thought you were a kid. Lmao sorry. I have school and i go on this website.

  14. Danny says:

    Oh I am a kid 13 actually I just have half term

  15. Danny says:

    Wow i remember when there used to be a lot of people on this site

  16. Tia says:

    Ages ago back in 2014, I had this dream about this guy. I was in a Indiana dress, and he was with me and all these people was standing around us. And it looked liked I was going to marry him, in the dream. In 2015 I had this other dream. I was with my boyfriend (Now ex) then this same Indiana guy, came up to me and drag me away. He then got his family to look after me. In that dream I kept on running away and then they would find me. Now this is the weird bit. Two weeks ago, I got invited to this Indiana party, by my brother’s friend. It was a 21st and 18th birthday party. When I met her brother, it was the same guy out of my dreams. :/ At first I had da-ju-vu. I didn’t know where I met him, until I got home and thought of these dreams. -_- Well I’m not letting those dreams come true. I really thought these da-ju-vu things was over and done with. -_-

  17. ArgentineBlood says:


    That seems strange… Be careful out there!


    Yeah, but i’m fairly young. I was born in a pack, which is the main reason of all my knowledge.

  18. ArgentineBlood says:


    I’m a werewolf but not a Licanthrope… I am a Lupo Mannaro X lobison thanks to my mom… I wish I was pure-breed.

  19. Tia says:

    @Lucas and ArgentineBlood

    That guy seem good in my dream and yeah I will be careful. ArgentineBlood, I don’t really believe in werewolves or vampires. I have kind of gotten over all that stuff, that happen with Elliot, Erick, Leticia and Callam. Unless something happens to me, when I visit my friend. For example they decided to show me. Then I might believe but that will never happen.

    Also I found this group thing. It is about witches. o.O I had a read of it and it says that it’s a girl only group where you can talk about witches, vampires and werewolves. Also about the moon and all of that fun stuff. I just want to tag along, to see if they really believe they are. 🙂 It said it will end at 10pm. D you think I should go and check it out? o.O

  20. Danny says:

    It’s your decision but I say you should

  21. Danny says:

    Hey Argrntineblood I’m not a a werewolf btw but I do stay with a lot of wolves I do have my nick name (peace keeper) for a reason

  22. ArgentineBlood says:

    @Tia I think you should! Seems pretty cool.
    @Danny Nice nickname ^^

  23. Danny says:

    Well thanks I have it for a good reason 🙂

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