“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. ArgentineBlood says:

    Yes, I do. 🙂

  2. Danny says:

    I have it because I am currently the only thing keeping two packs from fighting

  3. Danny says:

    Oh yea and the fact I end most fights usually

  4. ArgentineBlood says:

    Wow, that’s a serious job… Sorry for the rude quesstion, but, why do these packs hate each other? Are they fighting for teritorry or something else?

  5. Danny says:

    They had a diss agreement on territory after a fight at school which I broke up actually

  6. Danny says:

    And yes it is serious and sometimes dangerous especially when they are transformed but I respect both packs equally and it means I get to watch how packs act with members.. but when walking with the alpha of one of the packs she spoke about a big fight so I’m preparing by wearing all my heavy armour every time I’m on one of the packs land ( why am I telling you, because it’s hard keeping this to my self cos I can’t tell the other alpha )

  7. Lillith Jane Black says:

    wow this is old well im back I hope I was grounded if you would call it that
    I tried to tell my bf about this site but he thinks im crazy. well here I am so bye again.

  8. werewolfsareawesome says:

    sorry I havn’t been on for a while and Danny that is extremely serious and yet no holidays wow that is harsh also even more dangerous when transformed Danny just be careful about when they are transformed now I am gonna go to bed night

  9. werewolfsareawesome says:

    also argentineblood call me remus or lupin please

  10. Danny says:

    Oh hello again Remus how are you

  11. JoeLupe says:

    Hi! I’m Joe, or Lupe, I need help on something. I know there is more important topics to talk about, but I was wondering what exactly do you feel like as a werewolf? I’ve been feeling strange since after my birthday, which was last full moon, and I’ve been doing a lot of research. I know deep inside it is probably me becoming a werewolf or something, but I can’t explain it. My last birthday was also my 16th birthday and it was called the Snow Moon, if that is important. Please reply if you know what is going on with me. I feel like I’m going insane, but I’m seeing physical proof now too. I notice when I get upset, or angry (increasingly common), I feel weird. It is really hard to explain. But sometimes, I would get these blackouts and wake up in a position I wasn’t in before, elsewhere, partial knowledge of what happened, and my actions are temporarily driven on instinct. I remember what happened as if it was a dream, but the memory slowly starts to fade. I documented a few dreams before I forgot. I never killed anyone, thankfully. Also, as observant as I am, have noticed slight increase in some senses. I could smell specifically a bag of Doritos from across the room before it was opened. Btw, this room was pretty big. Anyways, I don’t remember ever getting bitten by one, but I fell asleep in front of my Birthday Full moon with the widow open at the window sill and woke up in bed. Please help me. Sorry for the long comment, I need to get this out, and it has been bugging me and accumulated for a while now, driving me insane. Anyone who is a werewolf, can you tell me, am I becoming one? Also, have a nice day

    • JoeLupe (Future) says:

      @JoeLupe of the past, hello and welcome to this website! I tell you as a warning that your life will change permanently the moment you come on, including your mate/girlfriend you meet. As a reply, I honestly wish I had someone to give me this advice years ago, I would’ve been in a much better situation. But alas, times change. We learn and grow up and who we used to be ends up being who we are now if we stay true to ourselves. As for the advice….

      Your first question I am still asking as I really don’t know. After experience I know now that what you felt was dilerium or more importantly put, Clinical Lycanthropy. What that is is a mental disorder in which one believes they are a werewolf. Oh I still feel the same, but I doubt it’s specifically werewolf. You’ll see…. btw this is currently September 21st 2017 when I’m saying this. So trust me I have experience and I know. Perhaps the feeling weird is just your way of saying to the world: Hey I’m a werewolf! Listen to me I know a lot about everything! Well guess what until you learn it you don’t know anything. These “dreams” which you had were really just actual dreams you didn’t actually transform while asleep. About the Doritos thing, not to cease your beliefs or anything but it wasn’t that big of a room and I’m glad you have good smell (from the lessened eyesight, therefore increasing all other senses because one has more brainpower going to the other senses) next statement is quite accurate and you did fall asleep under your birthday full moon. Sorry but right now you sound so similar to many others in the past. However you didn’t wake up in bed you woke up an hour or so later, went to bed, then fell asleep.

      Although I must say, this one comment did lead to many others, it isn’t the most accurate description of why I came on. I came on to find out more about myself. Actually I did. But a more accurate introduction would’ve been “Hi everyone I’m JoeLupe, and I am not sure if I’m werewolf or human or not. In the past few weeks I have had some strange feelings, answers of which remain unanswered. However if anyone is real I would like some help plz. Thx! :D” then they would’ve asked for symptoms (typical) and you would’ve given your symptoms, but just be warned some of your current symptoms are FAKE.

      Wow I honestly didn’t realize how much of a fake I was until now! But trust me over the months I’ve changed. No spoilers, but I’m just going to say, it’s interesting lol!

    • JoeLupe (Future 2.0) says:

      @JoeLupe; JoeLupe (Future): Hello. I am an even further future version of you. There is no harm in spoiling the future, right? Because it won’t change anyways, at least not for me. (That in itself is a spoiler) but you have no IDEA what is in store for you after September 21.

      I will begin by saying that I agree with Future Joe, your statement is bs. “What exactly do you feel like as a werewolf?” Really? That question really messes you up ASAP, careful who you ask that.. you might loose a potential friend. You have been feeling strange because of the freaking nonsense you were implanting into your head.

      Oh, and I assure you.. it’s insanity. Some may call it that at least. I would call it a curse.. not because I shift, but because I fight the urge to believe that I am one. I fight the urge to want to become one. For what? For self identity purposes, because as far as I’m concerned, you will lose yourself trying.

      But you think things are interesting now, at where you are? Heck, I went to hell and back again afterwards. Try me. Things escalate and continue to do so even now. It might end sometime, but.. yeah.

      Today is May 31st. Documented, next year. More than a year older than original Lupe. (Ha.. Original Hybrid. There is a reason you set that as your name, you clever beast) oh and get used to long comments, because you have a booklet awaiting you in the future.

      Mate/Girlfriend? I will allow you to believe it for now, it will help you get through whatever it is that is coming. Problem? People change. Times change. Love shifts. Priorities rearranged. Reality settles in and you realize, you’ve been conned the whole time.

      I have an idea. Paranoia created the sense of believing and maybe even remembering a dream that never actually came. Some did.. some actually did.. some that you said.. never really came.

      But GOODNESS I love your sarcastic and cynical tone! It’s actually funny in a sense.

      Great accurate question. Or at least a more accurate one. Great endeavor. Something you are missing though. The feelings you felt.. what were they? Contemplate on it. You think that just that makes me a fake? EVERYTHING I HAD BECOME WAS FAKE! FROM THE STUPID ANTI-LUPE CULT TO THE FREAKING DREAM EXPERT, YOU ARE A FAKE AT HEART!!

      I guess you should be glad that Verumiel showed you something very cool later on. Much later on. As you learn though, just remember.. appreciate the light within while you have it, or else it will be gone, just like the stars in the sky.

  12. JoeLupe says:

    Hey, I need help. I tried replying to someone, but I don’t think it loaded, but if it did, I’m sorry for spam. Anyways, to shorten it up a bit, can someone tell me what it feels like to be turning into a werewolf, not exactly shifting, but turning from human to werewolf. I think I may be, but I am not so sure. Can someone help me?

    • werewolfsareawesome says:

      it feels like your bones are gradually shifting and it also if it is your first transformation then it will be very and I mean very painful

    • werewolfsareawesome says:

      also you don’t feel your bones shifting though you can tell that your mouth is starting to form a snout though most people don’t think that’s possible it is

  13. Lillith Jane Black says:

    I think this is why dont come on this site anymore because of fakers you know like you

  14. werewolfsareawesome says:

    i’m good Danny you

  15. Danny says:

    I’m not good I’d rather not be killed by Lilly so i still agree more with lily

  16. JoeLupe says:

    Thx werewolvesareawesome! Really helps. And I don’t care if you don’t believe what I’m saying, because I know I am telling the truth

  17. Danny says:

    Oh hi joelupe

  18. JoeLupe says:

    Hi! How was your day so far?

  19. JoeLupe says:

    I’d say mine so far was decent

  20. ArgentineBlood says:

    @Danny About the big fight, if anyone is going to kill each other, then be very careful and try to break the fight. If not and it’s just a duel for the territory, then you might not want to get involved. I am assuming those Alphas know what they are doing, but if anyone is going to be killed, then I sugest you do this;
    Try to stop the fight and propose a Duel of the Male or female Alphas and betas, in case there is a difference in the genders of the Alphas from the packs. In a duel, noone is allowed to kill. first one to ‘beat’ the opponent wins the right to decide what to do, either exile the other pack or win the argument. The other pack can’t refuse to follow the Winner Alpha’s orders, since the fight prooves the winner is stronger. It’s sad but effective. be careful out there!

    @Remus Alright!

    @JoeLupe You should search your body for any canine-like bite, if you don’t have one, good job you are officially NOT a werewolf! If you do, prepare for your first transformation. I won’t say it’s a fairytale… It hurts badly, I mean, every single bit of your body is changing. The best you can do if get to a safe place where no-one may find you. Have water and keep yourself hydrated. Don’t be angry at anyone, meditate before the moon rises. Be prepared.

    • JoeLupe says:

      Well, it was a while ago since I started feeling weird. The only time however, I remember being bitten by any canine was last summer when my dogs attacked this poor little dog. There was a crowd, but I was the only one who tried to save the poor thing. I remember being bitten and scratched all over, but luckily pulled through and saved that dog. Also, today I was craving meat like crazy, but I didn’t have much of any. :(. Also, is it weird that seemingly all submission holds don’t work on me?

  21. Fox says:

    Pretty sure im a wolf on the day after a crescent moon, I will often wake up smeared with what looks like Blood in an abandoned wolf den in the woods across from my house and I reflex growl. I’m a heretic though (by spell) help. am I a hybrid, if so my vamp freinds said they often see a black blue eyed wolf? I know a few people that have the same symptoms. I was also bit by a wolf as a little kid. My dog saved me though and it was on a crescent moon

    -a concerned heretic

  22. Lillith Jane Black says:

    sometimes I think about stupid things .
    Like you Danny

  23. Danny says:

    Lilly I thought we were friends

  24. Danny says:

    Argintineblood don’t worry I use a fear tact cos I use two metal sticks as staffs and spear but they don’t kill ain’t sharp enough so if there is a fight i throw one metal stick in between them and it normally stops

  25. Lillith Jane Black says:

    we are friends I just haven’t said anything mean to you im awhile

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