“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Jared.R.Wolf says:

    Hello?? Does someone want a grenade???

  2. I would live one but they are illegal in England

  3. EmCWolf says:

    Is everything okay? I suppose quite a bit has happened…Joe? Fill me in?

  4. Jared.R.Wolf says:

    I make grenades all types!!! I need people to help me, I need to make grenades and help kill I have war wolf in my blood!!!

  5. Jared.R.Wolf says:

    Err…..Crap, forget I said anything I am just a wolf that has been pushed too much and must kill!!!!!!!

  6. EmCWolf says:

    It seems like you “forget” to edit your silly comments before posting in a feeble attempt to stir the pot, Jared. It’s getting old.

  7. JoeLupe says:

    Tbh I don’t know what’s happening

  8. TheTitaniumWolf says:

    hi joe it looks like we have a pretender

  9. TheTitaniumWolf says:

    Jared what do u have to say

  10. TheTitaniumWolf says:

    Jared some of us aren’t pretending

  11. EmCWolf says:

    Okay. Seems to me like a lot of tweens just trying to be cool…which reminds me of why I left before. So much chaos, so little respect for our kind – or any kind. Hardly any true effort to understand what it’s really like to live like this, to respect the wolf. It’s just juvenile insults and fakers. *sigh*

    I wish y’all could straighten up and act right, but I guess I just expect too much from tweenage wannabes.

  12. TheTitaniumWolf says:

    EmCWolf are you talking about me?

  13. Jared.R.Wolf says:

    I’m not a human no way, I couldn’t be it’s a 99.999% chance I’m a werewolf both parents wolves, unless I take the 0.001% I’m a werewolf…

  14. TheTitaniumWolf says:

    I’m definitely a Lupus

  15. TheTitaniumWolf says:


  16. Just because your parents are werewolves doesn’t mean you are, being a werewolf isn’t passed down through blood it’s just gifted to like 300 people every year probably lower then that

  17. JoeLupe says:

    I promise, I’m telling the truth. It’s just these people, Em, don’t listen to them, don’t leave. Just ignore them, and get Danny to kick them from the site or something.

  18. Jared.R.Wolf says:

    I’ll find out when I’m 16.

  19. TheTitaniumWolf says:

    its not a gift

  20. emCwolf I’m a teen can you not also joelupe and Jared there not wrong

  21. TheTitaniumWolf says:

    @JoeLupe Me?

  22. TheTitaniumWolf says:

    I’m real

  23. TheTitaniumWolf says:

    Danny btw me and joe stayed up really late in this chat room

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