“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. TheLoneWolf says:

    @ danny why am i a pup to you

  2. The Alpha says:

    What is all this fighting and arguing about pups?

  3. Evaluna says:

    Guys just ignore my dad

  4. I can’t against rules evaluna

  5. EmCWolf says:

    Hello, @TheAlpha. I appreciate you coming on…there’s been quite a bit of turmoil, as you can see.

  6. Evaluna says:

    My dad is @the alpha and you can answer his question if you want

  7. JoeLupe says:

    @lonewolf I think you deserve to be called that, but @danny that doesn’t give you any right to call someone something that they’re not. It is one thing to act a certain way that makes people upset. It’s another thing to take that and turn it into another thing it’s not. If you are going to moderate, Danny, then plz have respect for the people on. If you want to ban someone, at least do it in a respectful way, otherwise you are destroying the peace. And will you two PLEASE STOP ARGUING FOR ONCE!!!!!

  8. JoeLupe says:

    Oh hi Alpha. Nice to meet you! Lol! 🙂

  9. Joelupe I’m not being mean I’m telling the truth he acts like a dam pup

  10. EmCWolf says:

    Telling the truth can still be mean and rude, Danny.

  11. Well iv always been roles to tell the truth

  12. TheLoneWolf says:

    he’s just been calling me a pup sir i was just asking him why

  13. The Alpha says:

    I demand an answer from someone my daughter just got on here i can see

  14. And what do you demand answered

  15. TheLoneWolf says:

    its alright if he calls me a pup

  16. willow says:

    an answer for what

  17. Evaluna says:

    Guys just please…………….dont

  18. Don’t what answer his question

  19. willow says:

    @the alpha whats your question

  20. TheLoneWolf says:

    willow! hi how r u?

  21. The Alpha says:

    @Danny why of you pups keep fighting and arguing with each other that is what i demand being answerd

  22. EmCWolf says:

    Sir, I think the fighting is just because they are still pups. They don’t understand how to respect one another or avoid squabbling yet – I’m sure they will learn it soon. Some of them are not wolves, so I think they understand and respect the wolf even less than the pups do. There are a few such as JoeLupe who do take things seriously, but sadly it’s mostly attention-calling youngsters who wish to be noticed.

  23. Well he asked me but I guess you can answer for me

  24. TheLoneWolf says:


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