“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Remus Lupin says:

    I am on evaluna

  2. Evaluna says:

    @Remus finally someone is on here Lol!

  3. JoeLupe the Knight says:

    @Luna omg i missed you so much I’m back i just argued with my sister again. Lol! πŸ™‚

  4. Remus Lupin says:

    hi Joe

  5. Evaluna says:

    @joe what happened with your sister?

  6. JoeLupe the Knight says:

    Oh nothing and i just had a power outage, but I’m back. πŸ™‚

  7. JoeLupe the Knight says:

    @danny hi I’ve been hurting all day, i have a chest pain. She has to go, and i rarely get to see her anymore i hurt and i just want to be with her. Is she even on rh?

  8. Hey Eva weva deva keva leva teva yeva peva qeva teva reva neva meva heva seva zeva geva jeva

  9. No she isn’t not back untill 9:30-10:30

  10. Evaluna says:

    im on but for a very very short time πŸ™

  11. Never mind hello Eva weva deva keva leva teva yeva peva qeva teva reva neva meva heva seva zeva geva jeva

  12. JoeLupe the Knight says:

    OMG I missed you soooooooo much i just want to run away rn but the wolf spirits are telling me to wait still…. can you try asking them when like a date i will leave so then i can prepare?

  13. JoeLupe the Knight says:

    Im just in pain rn and i just want to leave but i must stay rn. I just want to be with my love its killing me not being there….

  14. JoeLupe the Knight says:

    Hey my buddy ol’pal chum bread slice homie friend pal! How was your day? πŸ™‚

  15. JoeLupe the Knight says:

    Eh. Terrible i had to deal with drama and chaos in class and i had to push on without my mate it was terrible. I just want to be with her rn….

  16. Oh well at least my day was good don’t care bout your just mine (jk) don’t worry I know the feeling haven’t spoke with willow for ages and I’m feeling a big hole in me that I can’t fill

  17. JoeLupe the Knight says:

    Don’t worry my friend, in due time you will be able to talk to her. Rn there is a reason, as always that your not talking with her, but Hybrid is releasing her soon, and also that hole will never be filled if you don’t let it. Don’t focus on the fact that she isn’t or can’t talk to you, but rather the fact that she’s yours and you are hers and nothing can change that, nothing can separate you two. You and Willow were meant for each other and you will meet in the future. Maybe not right now, but thinking about her, about you meeting, think about that instead of not being there and once your together again, it will be more enjoyable and you will have enjoyed the journey because you focused on the good, not inraveling yourself in bad, because by inraveling yourself in bad makes it worse, grows the hole, but by focusing on the good, you only put oitment on it to help it heal much faster than otherwise. Be the ointment not the hole. Think better thoughts of the situation, and therefore your situation will get better. πŸ™‚

  18. Don’t give me lessons on that cos I don’t know what I’m doing and slowly going to die because of some reasons of I don’t care I cant remember where I’m going with this

  19. JoeLupe the Knight says:

    Um don’t listen to these words your saying because I’m not giving you any form of lesson, I’m telling you things to help you. Plz don’t get offended and i think someone made you think those thoughts because the Danny i know would never say that. Also the slowly going to die is because of the mate bond, but your a human (peacekeeper) so you won’t die, but Willow will. And the reason you can’t remember is because these aren’t your thoughts. Trust me this is not you. Look past the bad, the evil at the good and you will see and find good, you will heal your life by doing so.

  20. Ok now I can’t be bother to read all that so all I’m saying is I was being sarcastic there and don’t worry joe

  21. JoeLupe the Knight says:

    I was just telling you to look past the bad things now, and at the blessings God gave you to be thankful, because that will heal your heart at least enough to push on to get to Willow.

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