“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Star Light says:


  2. Star Light says:

    hey Evaluna

  3. EvaLuna says:

    hey peeps i’m both Stat Light and me Lol!

  4. Lucas says:

    If your eyes flash yellow, what does that mean?

  5. EvaLuna says:

    @ucas that either means you’re a Beta or you’re just normal emotion 😀 if your eye color changes when you’re mad,happy etc then that means the flashing color might be that

  6. Legend of Light says:

    Hello and I’ve been told that I should be an Alpha or something, but I’m a beta. They say I even sound like one. Is there anything wrong with me, or am I really an Alpha rn?

  7. Star Light says:

    there is nothing wrong with you i think because well your technically a pup rn and what color is your eyes?

  8. Legend of Light says:

    Well, my eye color is yellow/gold I keep telling them I’m not an Alpha, at least not yet, but they won’t believe me.

  9. Star Light says:

    @Legend of Light then that means you’re a Beta

  10. Legend of Light says:

    Exactly! But they still think I am an Alpha, even when I prove to them otherwise.

  11. Star Light says:

    @Legend Of Light oh well sometimes people and humans can’t get that in there thick skulls

  12. logan says:

    hey everyone im back after a long time how is everyone

  13. logan says:

    @EvaLuna or @Hybrid i have a question

  14. EvaLuna says:

    @logan can you tell me what it is and hybrid isn’t coming back i think

  15. Emberi Landga-lucidus says:

    @Lucas are you related to lycaon?

  16. Emberi Landga-lucidus says:

    if are then we might be related ive seen pictures in my house with lycaon and he was related to me then my eyes turned amber

  17. Emberi Landga-lucidus says:

    ad then i next learnd i can form]

  18. Emberi Landga-lucidus says:

    @legend if you glow yellow eyes they might believe your there alpha in some packs who ever has glowing eyes is the alpha nad if theres 2 people who have glowing eyes have to fight for alpha who loses gets kicked from pack who wins becomes alpha

  19. Emberi Landga-lucidus says:

    so if your in that kind of pack then ya
    and dont ask why i know that ive been there before my eyes glowed thought i was alpha fought the person who had role as alpha then i won then weird things happend and when pack was hanging out when i had glowing eyes some one formed when i stared real closly in there eyes so thats why i and like basicly emo to people in my school plus i get angry easy thats why when 2 people took my backpack i chased after then jumped both of them and took my backpack and ponch them both

  20. logan says:

    @EvaLuna ok so i was out walking my dogs today its like 100 degrees out and when im coming up my deck i look at myself in my glass door because my hair was messed up i look at my eyes they go to like a lizard kinda slit thing it kinda freaked me out idk what that was

  21. EvaLuna says:

    @Logan i think i should ask hybrid what that means idk myself would you want me to ask him rn?

  22. EvaLuna says:

    @Emberi Landga-lucidus ello long time no see my friend Lol! 😀

  23. logan says:

    sure but i doubt hybrid know ive tryed doing research but i kinda dont know where to start

  24. EvaLuna says:

    @logan it’s fine what has anything else happened to you so far?

  25. logan says:

    @EvaLuna ive become more night tolerant i used to want to go to sleep early now im sleeping at 1 whenever i get hurt and it bruises it goes away in a day or two ive become increasingly thirsty and hungry more often like my metabolism has went up by a 10 fold it has seemed that i get angrier more often and when i do i seem to get super strong

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