“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Ghost says:

    Senses xd for the human

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Did you know I own my own real hip hop career I just sent one of my friend a mix cd’s. And did you know Jacob and Lupe were making fun of a man that owned his own business. Now that’s funny

    • LegendLupe046 says:

      @Wolfman Jenkins really? I think that’s cool how you own your own business, but just because you do, does not mean it gives you authority to casually say that a few people (very specific, select people) were “making fun of you.” I mean, if your still somehow mad at me for somehow aggravating you, then idk what to do honestly, other than just walk away because this argument is completely useless. However what makes you think that Jacob was making fun of you, just because he was my friend? It does not mean that, and he has nothing to do with any argument we may possibly have so don’t drag him into this. Look, I have an essay to work on rn and this convo is hardly worth my time.

  2. Jacob says:

    Uuuuh, no, but I know they have a few…. I really don’t know, but a little bit busy RN, so I must be off for a little bit..

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Do you have bettafish if so what color is it cause soon I’m breeding a pair of bettas that will give birth to the (GREATEST FIGHTER BETTAS OF ALL TIME). Will call them (RED MUHAMMAD ALI BETTAS). I’m looking to challenge you to a bettafight.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Uuuuh yeah and you are coming along doesn’t matter how the warewolf eats us.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:


  3. LegendLupe046 says:

    @Ghost were you asking me if I was Supernatural or something? And I’m uncertain of any 6th through 8th senses I only know 5 or so of them.

  4. Jacob says:

    Legend go to your, doc(s) I will be off now…

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Your coming with me it doesn’t matter how the warewolf eats us.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      You know when this war started it started when you triedvto call me crazy and said I will find werewolves in my head. I was just saying I wanted to find them for real. Which I will continue to do as this war heats up.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Eat hippo shit and die.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      You know what you can say whatever you want cause I got my own real hip hop career you don’t so continue to struggle.

  5. Wolfman Jenkins says:

    I like warewolves a lot its time to actually find them and stop just telling stories bof it.

  6. Jacob says:

    Hello, Wolfman Jenkins, nice to meet you, how are you?

  7. Jacob says:

    I have no fish…. I only have my son, who I only make sure stays alive…

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Well that’s ok. We can still find the warewolves.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Don’t go to sleep the hour is at hand.

    • Jacob says:

      Jeez, I never said anything about you being crazy, I mean really, I don’t think you’re crazy I know you’ve meet some of us before, so CALM YOUR TITS, please…

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      You said to legend that I was saying something was going to get you and he got mad on a serious level then I got on a service level and that when the war was on.

  8. LegendLupe046 says:

    @Wolfman Jenkins you are right about that, however you do have to accept the possibility of people on here possibly being werewolves (that’s how it’s spelt) however, perhaps you are right about us actually looking for them instead of telling stories about them. Just as on this site we should use it to learn, rather than complain about some crazy thing that has been happening. That’s why I like to talk about crazy things off of this site, because I know the original intent of ILWW is to learn, not to complain or add stories. If you want to complain I would suggest to go somewhere else, otherwise if your here to learn, then I’m sure there is someone that can help you with that.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Yup. We should find them. I know they’re in these dark woods somewhere . I’m in agawam MA.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Yup I got my own real hip hop career while yo asses struggle to make it I will be laughing

  9. LegendLupe046 says:

    Is any1 there rn?

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Yes. Also its time for these people to stop making fake movies about warewolves. I can’t wait till we find it for real.

  10. LegendLupe046 says:

    Is any1 there rn?

  11. Jacob says:

    I was Legend, but no more XD

  12. Jacob says:

    Legend go to doc! I have said what must be said XD

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      I remember there was a guy named pleco Benson he just like you said he wouldn’t get eaten by the werewolf either till in 1998 they found his body hollow no organs or intestines pleco was dead it was all over the news. I still remember that day I didn’t go outside for weeks. The same thing is going to happen to you.

  13. LegendLupe046 says:

    I just watched the original tron. Lol! Does any1 have any questions about anything? (Wanting to learn about something, especially that of which may or may not help or apply to them)

  14. LegendLupe046 says:

    I won’t be available tonight, so if you want to ask questions to me you have an hour, after that I will be on tomm after training and chores.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      We should find it so my neighbors will be scared when they hear the warewolf howl outside our door.

  15. Jacob says:

    Nice, I hope you enjoy XD

  16. LegendLupe046 says:

    @Jacob I will thx 🙂 but seriously does any1 have any questions? If they ask after 10 (9 site time) or 22:00 (21:00 site time) then you will have to wait until tomm for me to answer all and any questions you may have.

  17. Jacob says:

    Legend, one question before you go……WHAT ARE THOSE?!!!!!????? Last second thing, XD literally……

  18. Jacob says:

    Werewolfman Jenkins, I where my son is, and why, do you want to have a werewolf fight XD well I will be busy from 10:57 site time until 18:00 site time… So TTYL! 🙂

  19. LegendLupe046 says:

    Alright so I’ve returned but only for a bit

    @Wolfman Jenkins as a hint werewolves (correct way of spelling it) are very secretive so good luck catching one.

    @Jacob these are NIKE lol! (Someone asked me that question in school, my response was “Nike.”)

  20. LegendLupe046 says:

    @Jacob I need to talk to you in Docs

  21. LegendLupe046 says:

    I’ll be off for the majority of the day, if any1 wants to message me, either ask any questions on here or email at valiantatheart

    @Wolfman Jenkins I believe the reason that there are no movies about actual werewolves is because of the government. (Quite obvious) if they want to keep a secret, especially that if these kinds of things, why make a movie about them, and exactly what they are? Instead, they use the social media to hollywoodize their merchandise and now we have things like Teen Wolf and Twilight which include sparkling vampires. Lol! But I’m no Vampire Slayer, especially not one from the literal movie/TV show that include Vampire Slayers.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      That’s what I’m saying .that’s why we have to fin some way to free the warewolves and let them roam the woods cause I also want to scare my neighbors in Agawam MA where I live.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      That’s what I’m saying .that’s why we have to fin some way to free the warewolves and let them roam the woods cause I also want to scare my neighbors

  22. Jacob says:

    Legend, I was on docs, and am currently on, possibility of me being on docs with you, high, for about one hour….

  23. Jacob says:

    Before I go, werewolfman Jenkins, I know where you could find some wolves, in your head! 🙂 Just picture them and you’ll find them XD I’m not saying you’ll never find any of, them, but it’ll take you a long time over down there XD I will now be off! 🙂 TTYL!

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Nope. I will actually find them I know someone that will also help me find them.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      I’m telling you pleco Benson is dead the werewolf ate his intestines out your NEXT.

    • Jacob says:

      No I don’t hear anything near my door, and I’m not next you live NO WHERE near me, in fact you don’t even know what state I live in. XD

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Well where do you live.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      The reason I want to know where you live is not for me its so I can direct any werewolves out there to eat you like they did pleco Benson.

  24. Ghost says:

    Reds good morning

  25. LegendLupe046 says:

    @Wolfman Jenkins, I don’t mean anything bad by asking this, but why do you want to capture werewolves? (Again proper way of pronouncing it and spelling it is WEREWOLF because it means “like-wolf” warewolf is how I used to spell it until I figured out the proper way of spelling it, and ware is a type of pottery, or production things, and that means warewolf is a production of Wolves, which in my opinion is completely wrong. Production meaning manufacturing and business and buying/selling Wolves and using them for games/entertainment/possibly food although it would be disgusting and completely wrong to be eating Wolves. Using wolves in games, as in real life Wolves is wrong because your holding that wolf hostage and it could possibly die, and using wolves for entertainment purposes is wrong in every sense so honestly, there is no point to having WAREWOLVES but WEREWOLVES is the proper way of spelling the thing I’m talking about.) Just my opinion…

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