“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. LegendLupe046 says:

    I don’t mean to be the grammar police, however there will be a $2 fine for every time you misuse the term WEREWOLF and call it WAREWOLF. I will be tracking how much money you owe the WEREWOLVES for dishonoring them by misusing the term or misspelling the word.

  2. EvaLuna says:

    Joe who are you talking to??????

  3. LegendLupe046 says:

    @Evaluna I was talking to Wolfman Jenkins. Lol! It seems he isn’t listening to me when I tell him WEREWOLVES is the proper way to say it, WAREWOLVES are Wolves sold and manufactured in factories. (Which in my opinion is very wrong.)

  4. Wolfman Jenkins says:

    Anawemen on here.

  5. Wolfman Jenkins says:

    Any wemen on here.

  6. LMG/SMG says:

    why would you like to know? I feel that you’re a creepy ass hoe…..

  7. LMG/SMG says:

    I mean, really, I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to trust you Mr.Jenkins, or mrs. I don’t really know, but I am just going to you know, leave….

  8. LegendLupe046 says:

    @LMG/SMG it is not nice to be calling someone those names, even if they are those, that is considered rude. However, I believe he is a teen pervert (possibly younger) who believes hunting, catching, and using Wolves for entertainment by coercing them to fight one another is right, when by all means it is not. However I have a feeling he is just a bit lonely in his life and perhaps just needs a friend or attention. (Or at least he feels he needs attention) so he goes onto a site like this to do that. However if he really wants a friend I would urge him just to be himself, as that is the best person to be. On this website, we focus on the inside not the outside, and we enjoy who everyone is, no matter their differences or outside appearance. This is a (partially) safe website where you could talk about anything, however it’s main purpose is exactly what the website suggests “Werewolves”. Also if he really is hunting them and using them for entertainment purposes, just for the sake of it, why is he on a site called I LOVE WEREWOLVES?? I mean if he really did love werewolves he would be enjoying talking about them in the sense of friends or educational purposes. Aside from that, how are you @LMG/SMG?

  9. someone or anyone IDGAF says:


  10. LegendLupe046 says:

    @someone yolo how are you today?

  11. someone or anyone IDGAF says:

    Good, but very distracted…

  12. LegendLupe046 says:

    @someone well I am simply here waiting for a certain event to take place… so do you have any questions regarding learning anything? Or do you need advice on something? I am here (for now) to help you in any way I can.

  13. someone or anyone IDGAF says:

    Legend, ask someone you should know to know. šŸ™‚ I can still be confusing but no one will notice, right Jacob…. XD

  14. Jacob says:


    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Its on now now you don’t have to worry about werewolves .you have to worry about the people I’m going to put on here against you and Lupe if dummy and believe me they won’t be very nice people.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      I like to know that there will be a new werewolf growing up that’s fun.

  15. LegendLupe046 says:

    Um I was just wondering if you had anything you would like to learn about I’m free to answer any questions.

  16. someone or anyone IDGAF says:

    Well, check your docs, XD I know!

  17. Michelle says:

    Wolfman Jenkins, I trust you, but what’s with all the weird talk? šŸ˜•

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      You mean about warewolves I just think they should be found for real and not just on TV.

    • Michelle says:

      True, but not all of us are accustom to humans, I mean I didn’t know anything about them until I came to this library, and I was very confused, I need to go now, the library is about to close…

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Is it possible you could be howling outside my window.

    • Michelle says:

      It’s not possible, I’m sorry, I have been trapped within my town because it’s the only safe place. I would like to meet you sometime, I can tell you a nearby place that, I can send my brother to, and I will join you afterwards. šŸ™‚ I am pretty sure you know my brother, his name is Masked(nickname)…

    • The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Bushman* ^Alpha^ #Trainer# says:

      My sister, wait, what? I didn’t know you got out of there, what are you doing here? Glad you’re still okay, but, are you actually in town, the same town as me? That would be hilariously awkward, so how are you, and work has just called me in AGAIN…

    • Michelle says:

      I know for a fact we are in the same town, the funny thing is, you’re always running around so I can’t catch up XD I’m okay, I am going to take a shower, it’s been awhile, since I’ve seen you, I will see you later today. šŸ™‚

    • Michelle says:

      Wolfman Jenkins, the place you can meet us is Holdsworth Park, Sanford, Maine…. šŸ™‚ Hope to see you there.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      OK cool. Iike this a lot.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      I will be there.

    • Michelle says:

      well, I might not make it, but I may not be able to meet you there either, something has come up and My brother over here will be able to meet you at Holdsworth, Thursday, @10:00(military time) so I hope to see you at some later point. šŸ™‚

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      I wonder how do you feel about a woman named ms stankbutt.

    • Michelle says:

      Wait, is that a real name? also I just saw my brother has posted a new plane on simpleplanes. com username Colonel1J2R3Wolf
      XD I got to go, I have some, business, to deal with…

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      I saw the park on my phone is it a skate park.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Yeah its real I love it.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Yeah its real I smelled it.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      Yeah I love names like that

    • Michelle says:

      It’s also known as the rec, but, I won’t be able to make it, so my brother will meet you instead…

    • Jacob says:

      Wolfman Jenkins, what are you planning when you see my son? I mean he will obviously be on edge since you’re new, but really, why do you want to meet them? I mean my son is too young to shift Right Now, so if you want to see him shift you’re out of luck…. He really needs to shave again also, tell him when you see him though XD…

  18. Tia says:

    Well, I’m single again. šŸ™ Also I wen’t camping last weekend and I heard dingoes howling. šŸ˜€ It is so creepy. D: It gave me goosebumps listening to those howls. D: It was in the middle of nowhere.

  19. LegendLupe046 says:

    @Tia it has been a while since I have last seen you, how are you today?

    @Ghost Yolo! I’m here rn I was just working on a story, I hope I did good.

    • Wolfman Jenkins says:

      You call yourself a warewolf real warewolves don’t talk shit like you do they don’t start wars they finish them. Like I’m gonna do with you.

    • Tia says:

      @Legendlupe046, yes it has. I have been busy doing my assignments. And I could be better. What about you? I’m about to take my dog for a drive. Last time she has been in the car, was back in 2012. o.O So she needs to go for a drive. šŸ™‚

  20. Ghost says:

    Legend u still on i have a few questions for u

  21. Wolfman Jenkins says:

    Everyone jacob is going to be eaten by a werewolf real soon

  22. LegendLupe046 says:

    @wolfman Jenkins cut out the bs you don’t even know where he is, neither can you do much of anything to him in the real world. If you don’t have any valid questions to ask, then I suppose you should probably get off and cry to your captured werewolves (actual way to say it btw)

    @Ghost I may not be on as frequently, however if you have any questions for me, just ask and I will answer them whenever I get the chance to.

  23. Wolfman Jenkins says:

    What I’m trying to do is release werewolves into the woods out here I want to here real werewolves howling outside my window.

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