“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Kevin says:

    @JoeLupe: Well I’m telling you just like you told me, accept what you are. You aren’t a werewolf, why do you think you haven’t shifted yet? Stop continuing this endless battle. You are human. You found out what you are. Now you need to accept it. 😐 wow no wonder Evaluna left you, you continue even to this DAY pretending your something your not. You are human. And it’s either you accept it, or you don’t.

  2. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    hey but Evaluna was tell lie with u too, right?

  3. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    he’s not a human type

  4. JoeLupe says:

    @Alvy yes she did lie to me once, but I forgave her. But I don’t deserve forgiveness. 🙁 I don’t deserve Light. I don’t deserve happiness. I don’t deserve joy. If only I would receive the same forgiveness I gave her.

    @Kevin I… I can’t I may be gone a while, probably a week, maybe more.. but I’ll think about what you said.

  5. Kevin says:

    @Alvy: what do you mean by “human type?”

  6. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    i think @JoeLupe when Evaluna will calm down u should to talk with her again plzzz that’s my request. plzz do this thing s what s i am telling u

  7. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    mean s his not like a full human. he has something different

  8. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    @JoeLupe u should to give a gift what’s she like!

  9. JoeLupe says:

    @Alvy ok… I will but.. I deserve every drop of hatred from her I get. I may be a week to calm down.

  10. Kevin says:

    @Alvy: How do you mean? What do you mean by “something different?”

  11. Jessica says:

    alvy evaluna clearly doesn’t care why dont you give up already she doesnt care about him the end and neither does he it was a fairy tale with a sad ending

  12. Jessica says:

    joelupe is you really loved her it would take u an eternity to calm down and kevin whhy are people stalking you?

  13. Kevin says:

    @Jessica: You do have a point! They came in so fast, loved so hard, then they fell as fast as they came. That’s just how love works. It’s the ones that take a while, like those where you see you are friends and such and have been for a while, when you realize you really do love them, that the love you worked so hard to find, is the person right next to you.

  14. Kevin says:

    @Jessica: These people… think I’m a werewolf for some reason 0.o

  15. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    no @Jessica its not end it s just a missunderstand between them

  16. Jessica says:

    kevin thats true but thats why i havent love anyone in a looooooooong time hbu? and why do you think u r a werewolf?

  17. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    actually @JoeLupe u have to make her fall in love with u again . just like starting. ok

  18. Kevin says:

    @Alvy: Evaluna hates JoeLupe, and JoeLupe can’t forgive himself, it’s because he can’t accept himself because he keeps lying to himself and everyone.

  19. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    i never fall in love with anyone but now i m

  20. Jessica says:

    kevin u have a point alvy there done they arent getting back together end of story

  21. Kevin says:

    @Jessica: I don’t think I am one, but these people do. It’s because for a while, before JoeLupe snapped me out of it, I kept telling everyone I was a werewolf. But now I have to deal with the consequences.

  22. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    noo Evaluna don’t u guys can’t understand it. it’s just a missunderstand ing

  23. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    they really loves each other

  24. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    believe me she ll come back

  25. Jessica says:

    i doubt it 😛 shes clearly over him shes probably with someone else by now

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