“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Hellhound says:

    @Alvy Darkstorm: I guess so. Lol.

  2. Hellhound says:

    @Alvy Darkstorm: I guess so. Lol.

  3. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    haha i have a mate too

  4. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    hmmm i was thinking @Jessica will be ur mate & now she s . 😀 🙂

  5. Nightshade says:

    @hellhound my dreams usually do tell the future. And I am not the only one who has sean this in my little friend pack.

  6. Nightshade says:

    And I am not the only one who has these dreams that tell the future.

  7. crimsonmoonwolf says:

    @Hellhound, I’ve returned. I might not be on that much due to Moving preperations but anyways how is everyone

  8. crimsonmoonwolf says:


  9. Hellhound says:

    @Crimsonmoonwolf: Why… do you have the same pic as Alex?

    @Nightshade: Interesting..

  10. Hellhound says:

    Yeah you may be surprised but predictive dreams aren’t that rare..

  11. crimsonmoonwolf says:

    @Hellhound, 1st of all things.. This pic is mine not alex.. when alex joined in i told him to use my computer because the other was broken.. he said okay, Because he couldn’t change my pic (Because i told him not to) He changed his name and used it..

  12. Hellhound says:

    Hm.. ok. So do you allow him to use your computer all day some days? (Or at least while in school)

  13. crimsonmoonwolf says:

    @Hellhound, Well i don’t use the computer that much as you can see.. like im just getting on and its been like two or three weeks since i have been on.. so yes i let him use it in school if he wishes.. because they didn’t give him one yet.. because of something i forget. and im always occupied in getting the house so.. yes i yet him use it all day somedays

  14. Hellhound says:

    Hm… ok that’s interesting. Have you seen JoeLupe recently? He is seemingly only online nowadays to tell Evaluna he is here, otherwise he just… leaves.

  15. crimsonmoonwolf says:

    @Hellhound, My brother has been on more than me.. I couldn’t say that i know..

  16. Hellhound says:

    *sigh* this website has gone downhill since he has taken a break…

  17. Nightshade says:

    @ Eclipse hi mate.

  18. Nightshade says:

    @hel hound hi r u on yet i am in my first period class.

  19. Hellhound says:

    @Nightshade: I am in class right now actually. But yes I’m here lol

  20. Nightshade says:

    hi people

  21. Nightshade says:

    did it change it

  22. Hellhound says:

    Hello. Again. I think I accidentally just made it so that I must be a Hellhound. 🙁 I swore on my own blood that whoever can make me a Hellhound, I will serve them for 20 years, no more. Do you think this was a bad decision?

  23. Hellhound says:

    Does anyone even have any replies for this? I want to make sure it was the right decision.

  24. Hellhound says:

    Wow. What friends you are. No wonder JoeLupe left, you are there when others need you but when you need others, no one comes to help. -.- thus is the way the world works..

  25. crimsonmoonwolf says:

    @Hell hound, Mind letting someone finish typing.. before you say something like that

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