“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. crimsonmoonwolf says:

    @Hell hound, I think it may be a bad choice to do so.. What if the person you serve turns out to be a bad person.. and makes you do bad things.. in the very end.. the person that will get hurt will be you, I rather you do some good in your life even before becoming a hell hound because once you do your tied right to the devil’s lap.. to be pet and beat forever

  2. Nightshade says:

    I’m new anybody here?

  3. crimsonmoonwolf says:

    I’m here, Names Crimson.. how are you

  4. Nightshade says:

    i’m alright

  5. Nightshade says:

    can people not be taking my name plz?

  6. crimsonmoonwolf says:

    @Hell hound, I really didn’t approve of your words.. you said what type of friends are we? We help you when you need it.. but sometimes patients is a virtue, You mentioned lupe, but when he wants to speak and gives advice to us.. he usually says it in long paragraphs which i was about to do to you BUT you couldn’t wait.. what you said was rude. and if you would have let the person say what they had to say before saying that then you would have never said that.

  7. crimsonmoonwolf says:

    @Nightshade, She seems new.. i bet she didn’t know you had that name.

  8. Nightshade says:

    @ hell hound yes i think that was a bad desicion

  9. Nightshade says:

    oh i did not know

  10. crimsonmoonwolf says:

    @Nightshade, Its alright we all makes mistakes

  11. darkwolf says:

    sorry i’m new, i didn’t know that was your name

  12. crimsonmoonwolf says:

    @Darkwolf, Its fine, its fine guys

  13. eclipse says:

    Hey people i’m back

  14. Hellhound says:

    Apologies, I was just impatient. Perhaps I should learn patience? But your right I’ll listen to your advice, but what if one already made that decision, is it too late to turn back?

  15. Nightshade says:

    @eclipse my mate your on. (Yelping with exitment.)

  16. Rubi says:

    hi everyone it’s me Jessica except i changed my name to (my real actual name)

  17. Nightshade says:

    @Rubi i like it

  18. Jason says:

    Ok I’m going to change it to my real name.

  19. Jason says:

    And… silence.. 😉

  20. Liam says:

    Everyone is doing this shall i join in?

  21. Liam says:

    XD, Anyways No hell hound people makes promises and such even if it was bound in blood.. you can chose to go back, or you can stay as you are

  22. Jason says:

    Sure thing lol. But please be careful, and use common sense. Do not put your full real name on here.

  23. Liam says:

    @Jason, Of course i wont.. i’m smarter than that

  24. Jason says:

    So I will like to say, that no one can simply “become” a Hellhound, it is in fact something that can be summoned, however one can not become one. So with this knowledge, I told them the deal is off and now I’m just simply put.. human. Lol.

  25. Rubi says:

    oh ur Jason as in Jason the one with the chainsaw? lol jk

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