“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. wintereclipse says:

    they randomly showed up at my front door apparently they have student hunters now so watch your back

  2. Winterluna says:

    I thought you were

  3. Winterluna says:

    Who was the person that showed up at your door?

  4. Winterluna says:

    I miss you so much right now I can’t what for the morning the scedaul for tomorrow is 123456 so dont forget.

  5. Winterluna says:

    Plz talk less you are typing something long

  6. wintereclipse says:

    okay but it’s 123456A

  7. Winterluna says:

    Oh yeah I fogot about advisory

  8. wintereclipse says:

    and the person had a white mohawk

  9. wintereclipse says:

    if that rings a bell please tell me

  10. wintereclipse says:

    @winterluna Are you there?

  11. wintereclipse says:


  12. Winterluna says:

    Shit I have to watch babies not on my own free will. I hate my fister mom I think I am going to use your shoulder t ok cry on tomorrow morning in guitar

  13. Winterluna says:

    Sorry about my language I am just a little bit frustrated at this time

  14. wintereclipse says:

    oh it’s fine i’m just a bit on edge and i need to calm down

  15. ghost says:

    srry for laye response and no i wasnt recently bit

  16. Winterluna says:

    I have to take wuock shower but I cant still chat

  17. Winterluna says:

    Plz reply

  18. Rubi says:

    hi i’m here to ask if Hellhound has been on

  19. Winterluna says:

    Cut myselp on prurpose

  20. Winterluna says:

    @ghost no I am not okay I am all kinds of freaking suicidal

  21. ghost says:

    plz dont do that @Winterluna

  22. Winterluna says:

    @eclipse r u on yet plz

  23. ghost says:

    y does this happen to mostly werewolves

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