“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Lunar Apocalypse* ^Beta^ #Trainer# says:

    Same, I also can’t even begin to explain how my conditions are, XD so I will not even start, XD Well, I really am sorry I keep being late, I am usually busy….. I am about to go shower… So BRB? and TTYL..

  2. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    ok ttyl then i’ll probably be on here or the docs

  3. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    High rankings
    all of the wolf pack ranks are these:
    Alpha usually (1-2) there can be one of each gender usually they’re mated)
    Beta:(1-2) there can be one of each gender they can be mated) Gamma:The oldest and wisest in the pack their stories and such can entertain pups) Delta:they’re usually the pack messengers and they risk they risk they’re lives in doing so)
    Epsilon:(1-2) they are the guardians of the pack their job is to fight off intruders they’re responsible for the packs safety)
    Zeta:(1-3) they take direct orders from the Alpha in case of a war the Alpha maybe the one to declare war if he does the Zeta leads the army and plans the war plans they also train recruits for the position of Eta there can be as many as 3 Zeta’s)
    Eta:(2-8) there is at least two in a pack they’re lead by the Zeta or Epsilon they take orders from the Alpha or those of higher rank but mostly the Alpha)
    Theta:(1) They’re the pack medics)
    Lota:(1-2) They’re also medics but in the terms of herbology they know what types of plants and herbs can cure someone)
    Kappa:(1-2) they’re the lead hunters in a pack sometimes there is only one but it depends on how large or big the pack is they make sure the pack doesn’t starve and that they have a balanced diet
    Lambda:(unlimited) they are also hunters but they take quick and fast orders from the Alpha they have stealth and agility they take down bigger and heavier prey)
    Mid Rankings
    Mu:(1) Peace keeper of a pack they use meditation if one pack member is angry with another the Alpha may take them to speak with another pack when they make a treaty they might work with the Delta,Zeta or Upsilon
    Nu:(1-6)they’re in charge of finding the pack natural resources like dens caves etc
    Xi:(1-2) their job is to keep an eye on their resources like the water and potential den areas
    Omicorn:(1)they usually lead the Pi and see that each one of them is taking care fo the pack problems in a way that won’t harm anyone they get the Alpha’s permission on who will become the next Pi
    Pi:(1-4) they’re therapists within a pack they help those who come to them and advising them on what is best for them they aren’t always right but they are good listeners and helpers
    Rho:(1-2) they’re secretaries to a Pi they make sure they get breaks between appointments they also make sure the Pi’s go to the appointment
    Sigma:(1-2) they are tutors of a pack they know a lot about each thing they sometimes work with the Pi’s and they also teach pups they also help those who need help within the pack
    Tau:(1) is the lead scout or Upsilon they tell them who to spy on and or what packs to look at their direct orders come from the Alpha
    Upsilon:(1-4) they’re the scouts or spies of the pack they go into other packs territories and find out what’s going on after they do so they report to the Alpha what they have seen they also report to the Zeta if they were asked to find wolves of their own for a battle
    Lower Rankings
    Phi:(1) they’re the pup sitters and they teach the pups things they will need to know later on in the future if a pup gets lost or hurt they’re hold accountable if the pup was with them at the time of the incident
    Chi:(1)they are like the clowns of the pack they help others brighten up when things are or get stressful
    Psi:(unlimited) New members of the pack they prove themselves worth of a better rank or status they can also be yearling wolves
    Omega:(1)they’re often picked on by higher rank wolves and are the last to eat
    pup:(unlimited)they’re the newborns of pack members and are the first to eat

  4. I Went On A Mission With My Pack And I Am An Alpha . Sorry I Was’nt Here To Do My Job As Prince Of ILWW

  5. Alvy Darkstorm says:


  6. Nightshade says:

    Hello masked.
    @eclipse are you on yet?

  7. Nightshade says:

    @Law die in a hole you are not going to end the werewolf race for all I care I would die to protect it.

  8. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    actually i m sick so i can’t talk to u all guys now, so bye.
    so many thoughts forced me to fall in sick.

  9. The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Lunar Apocalypse* ^Beta^ #Trainer# says:

    I am back, but busy designing planes, so I will be on briefly every once in a while to check if someone is here.

  10. The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Lunar Apocalypse* ^Beta^ #Trainer# says:

    Hello, I am glad to see someone else is here for once, XD how are you?

  11. The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Lunar Apocalypse* ^Beta^ #Trainer# says:

    Good, I just worked on a plane with someone so it looks and works better, XD

  12. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    hey @Wolfie hru?

  13. Um I Am At My Werewolf Accossiation And I Am Having A Meeting With The Members And My Pack. But I Am An Alpha And I Am The Owner Of The Accossiation

  14. The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Lunar Apocalypse* ^Beta^ #Trainer# says:

    Wolfie? That the name of my Bomber series, XD and oh, I see Tri-brid..

  15. The Masked Warrior(Wolf Army) *Lunar Apocalypse* ^Beta^ #Trainer# says:


  16. Nothing Its Just The Meeting At The Accossiation

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