“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    10:47pm here i have to go to sleep soon

  2. Remus Lupin says:

    OK than see you on there

  3. Remus Lupin says:

    Go time

  4. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    ok where r u on there?

  5. Remus Lupin says:

    One sec, let me switch to my laptop

  6. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    ok tty on the doc

  7. Hey Guys I’m Off To School Byeee !

  8. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Wolfie ok bye it’s 11:54pm here buuut ook byyyyyyyeeeeee 🙂

  9. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    So, hellowww guys how r u all? I miss you all a lot. 🙂

  10. JoeLupe says:

    @Alvy no worries lol i am positive once i get my phone back peeps will be exploding the chatroom lol 😉

  11. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Hmmm so hi @Joelupe how r u today

  12. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Alvy hi i’m fine hbu?

  13. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Oh hi @Evaluna i m not happy now this day s

  14. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Alvy why? whats wrong? i’m in school so it might take me a while to reply back sorry

  15. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    I m hurting from peoples

  16. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Hmm School so good but now days i don’t like my School. I Want s to change. I don’t want to take care of anything but i can’t

  17. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    I want to take a rest from every thing like family, friend s etc. Want to leave every thing, I just want to leave alone where no one, want s to walking a green deep forset, stay with nature or if I get any good friend then i should stay with her or him

  18. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    I just want to be alone eeeeee. I ll never believe in any Human again.

  19. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Alvy you still there?

  20. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Alvy i understand how you feel i’ve gone through it myself but there is always hope in everything 😀 don’t give up on that just yet

  21. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Hmmm understand

  22. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Alvy good 😀 and as always i’ll be here to help you with whatever you need 🙂

  23. Remus Lupin says:


  24. Evaluna (Luna Of The Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    @Remus hiiii hru?

  25. JoeLupe says:

    To be completely honest, a part of me still wants to be a wolf, to howl at the moon, to become a werewolf.. I honestly feel as if I’m alone in this sense. People believe they are one/want to become one, but over time they prove to themselves that they are/aren’t and learn to accept. But me…. i keep moving on, howling at the moonlight (when i can) praying as much as possible that one day…. maybe i might become said thing. Even when certain things seem to disprove, and when i learn the obvious truth about them, why is it that after all that logic goes into play that i still… somehow manage to want this thing? I wish to come into terms with who i TRULY am on the inside but… i can’t… i don’t know who i am, what i am, all i know is THAT i am, and if i can learn, or even try, if i can step just one step closer to the truth i would be happier knowing what i was. Who i am. Everyone on here, i tell you that you are lucky, you should cherish who you are, because many reasons. There are people like me, or maybe even JUST me who has NO idea what i am. And those of you who are FAKE congrats, i hope you at least know who/what you truly are. As for me, i will continue to search, stressing myself, hoping, praying that maybe… one day i might… just a SLIVER of a chance, learn what i TRULY am, who i am. Otherwise I’m just…. another voice in the wind, carried past and drowned by the howls of the proud, waiting for a silent answer, a sliver of hope, a single light to learn what/who i truly am. Be glad in who you are, what you are, and don’t settle for less, don’t try to be more. Just enjoy you, for you are the best gift God can ever give you 🙂 Be glad for you actually know what/who you are.

    All hopes and prayers..

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