“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Fallenstar says:

    @Alvy, There is no being late here lol, But hello again!

  2. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    How you are going?

  3. Fallenstar says:

    I’m kinda not doing so well.. I lost my house keys.. And i feel like my brain wont fully function without them.. Weird lol!, But yea… I looked everywhere for two days… i guess i’ll be staying outside again…

  4. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Soooooooo now i am free. Who wants to talk with me

  5. Fallenstar says:

    At lunch srry can’t talk

  6. JoeLupe says:

    Hello peeps.. I’m kind of doing decently, while at the same time not so much… I don’t really want to talk about it though.

  7. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Hi @Joelupe 🙂

  8. Leo says:

    Hi I’m new here
    Wats this chat room for

  9. Fallenstar says:

    @Leo.Anyone willing to use it of course, lol. Some say its for supernatural people, some say its for humans. I mean its a chat room.

  10. Lune Marrok-cautus The Masked Warrior *Beta* (Lunar Apocylypse Pack) says:

    Hello, I am busy ATM but I have received word from Wolf, that someone from my end has been trying to steal information from docs, I have secured it by changing the passwords, and soon I will change all passwords, my information was compromised, so I will be off for a few hours….

  11. Fallenstar says:

    @Lune marrok, Very well, Hope you fix it

  12. Lune Marrok-cautus The Masked Warrior *Beta* (Lunar Apocylypse Pack) says:

    I’ve done what I can, but I have to go again, I won’t be back until Thursday…

  13. JoeLupe says:

    @All apologies for not being on much, I have school and all to attend to, plus I had been talking to Evaluna and I had developed a riddle as well. I hope you can solve it! ^.^ just make sure to read it thoroughly and don’t skip a second of it or you’ll be lost 😉

    Riddle: The riddle to the answer, and the answer to the riddle, is the riddle’s answer, and the answer’s riddle, and the riddle’s answer riddle, and the answer’s riddle answer, the riddle’s answer riddle answer, and the answer’s riddle answer riddle, and the riddle’s riddle riddle, and the answer’s answer answer, so my question to you, is what is the riddle?

  14. Masked Wolf says:

    The Riddle is the answer to the riddle to the answer of the riddle, it would appear, says Warrior.. I see he has been on recently… how are you Joe?

    • Masked Wolf says:

      He said CAN’T FORGET, the Riddle is the riddle to the answer as is the answer is the answer to the riddle..

  15. JoeLupe says:

    @M-wolf lol however I must apologize, but sorry, the answer to the question of what the riddle is, is not the riddle to the answer, even if the answer is the answer to the riddle.

  16. Masked Wolf says:

    XD I know, he just was tired…

  17. JoeLupe says:

    Lol ok 😉 try again 😀 I bet you that you can’t solve it! Lol!

  18. Hey guys my sister said that since this site is for werewolf fans i want to chat.Im 14.I really really love werewolfs.I want a hot werewolf not werewolf.I wish i was.If your werewolfs than your cool..

  19. Masked Wolf says:

    Sorry, my bro has a mate, whom he is VERY worried for, he hasn’t been able to speak with her in months… how are you?

    • Masked Wolf says:

      Oh, funny we are both 14 too, lol, Warrior is passed out in the woods currently… Boys… Am I right? 🙂 lol Joe go to docs for a sec, I’ll be back in a few, just need to go speak with Warrior…

    • Masked Wolf says:


  20. Evaluna says:

    @GirlWerewolfsforever there are many ways you can become a werewolf 😀

  21. JoeLupe says:

    Ok.. sorry but Evaluna’s cousin was possessed by Lucifer because of a spell Evaluna did to unlock her “inner demon” I couldn’t be on much but she is offline now I’m praying that she and her cousin are safe.. I need all of you to pray, for Evaluna, and for her cousin whom has the demon inside, that this demon might be sent back to hell and that her cousin will be safe in the light and power of Christ.. I need all of you to pray for Evaluna’s safety and safe passage.. but overall I pray that by some circumstance someone reads this and prays too. And if you read this sometime in the future, and think it’s too late, it’s never too late, if anyone reads this I pray that you pray too and encourage others to do the same… Plz God is our only hope let us not be drawn down because of a mere demon but allow us to free her cousin, and keep her cousin and Evaluna safe… plz..

  22. EmCWolf says:

    Welcome back, @GirlWerewolfsforever. Or should I say @Werewolfloveralways? The site assigns you an avatar that it pairs with your email address…same email, same avatar, same person. 😛 🙂

  23. JoeLupe says:

    @Eclipse @EmCWolf hello plz read what I said previously and how are all of you? lol!

  24. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    So, @Joelupe you want s to say that something is possessed in @Evaluna s cousin s body, right? And her cousin acting so weird. Right?

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