“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. @EVERY1, Heller?! What y’all doing

  2. JoeLupe says:

    @Shadow I’m not that comfortable giving info about myself out online.. I’m just trying to clean up my identity on here, before things get way out of hand, so I would prefer not to answer.. sorry

    @All please don’t go posting personal info about yourself, or you would end up like me in a terrible position..

    @All who have my watt pad account plz be respectful and don’t go posting my watt pad name online…

    I’m sorry but overall I would rather just leave my digital footprint as shallow as possible, so plz be respectful of my wishes… as I am for yours (with certain exceptions, like if you wish to die I will not respect that wish because your too special to kill your self)

  3. Remus Lupin says:

    hey Shad, I am being bored

  4. Remus Lupin says:

    @Joe what is your Watt pad name anyways?

  5. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    @Shad my wattpad account s name is


  6. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    What s yours ? @Shad

  7. JoeLupe says:

    @Remus I’m sad that they ended the “I’m just a High School Werewolf Alpha” Series, but I liked the ending.. and I’m glad that it (somehow) continues with Hiruko and Jojo in “I’m just a High School Time Traveler.” Lol ^.^ Little do any of them know, that these people are not only from another time, but are also (in a way) related to the monsters in high school lol! If anyone is wondering what I’m talking about, it’s a YouTube series made by “ArtisanCraft” on YouTube. Lol! ^.^ it’s very good.. I won’t spoil though. I will say though, to watch the series in this order:

    I’m just a high school werewolf

    I’m just a high school werewolf Alpha

    I’m just a high school time traveler

    Those series in that exact order, and also it’s a roleplay series on a game called “Minecraft.” Lol you should really check it out! ^.^

  8. Remus Lupin says:

    actually, they didn’t end it, Damien is just training for the final battle of which should happen as a movie.

  9. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Nice try @Joelupe

  10. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    @Remus do YOU have wattpad account

  11. JoeLupe says:

    ? But.. based on the way they ended it, it sounded like they said “this series is coming to a close, but we will continue with the I’m just a high school time traveler series” but if it is SOMEHOW continuing like that, and I somehow missed them saying that, then I apologize, but that is what I remember.. oh well lol it did seem a tad but incompleted with all that was left to cover in the series..

    @Alvy ? What do you mean by nice try? I wasn’t necessarily trying anything lol I was only stating something which, according to Remus is false..

    Yet I must wonder, @Remus how do you know this?

  12. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Aha! @Joelupe i was just kidding but you always let know peoples that they are lying or they are false . Thats good .!

  13. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    @Joelupe why you didn’t use a cover on Your story ?

  14. JoeLupe says:

    @Alvy I thought I had.. well before we jump to conclusions what happened so far in the story you are reading? Don’t worry about spoilers, I only have the exact beginning to the story, the prologue, so no harm done! Lol! So what happened so far?..

  15. Remus Lupin says:

    well, because I payed attention to the podcasts things

    • JoeLupe says:

      Oh you mean the parts at the beginning that announce things? Yeah for some reason my phone skips past a certain section of the beginning of YouTube vids, so I must have missed it because of my phone lol ^.^ well it appears to be a simple misunderstanding, that’s alright lol!

      @Alvy if I didn’t already have a cover, then how would one go about putting a cover on the story? (I forgot lol)

  16. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    If you use a cover , everyone will read Your story , like Your story . Everyone can understand Your story easily . Your story s lines are great . You should to use a cover . It will be great !

  17. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    @Joelupe you can use the app ” wattpad covers ” You can get this app from play store . Or you can download any type of image which will help understand Your story from Google or from anywhere .

  18. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    And the story s edit side where you write parts , the first and up , There is writing ” Edit story cover ” . Cleck it. Then you can understand it what you have to do next .

  19. JoeLupe says:

    @Alvy thank you so much! ^.^ ok I’ll work on improving the story, and adding an image to it lol 🙂 but again I must as for clarification, what is the story about so far, so we know we have the right story?

  20. JoeLupe says:

    Ok I decided to do something in the evening, but what would this evening thing be? Hm.. I thought about it and because it’s relevant to the topic on this website, I figured – why not do daily talks on werewolves/supernatural? Lol! Here is an excerpt I’m working on which talks about the topic of “supernatural vs science,” to hopefully help aid us in understanding the topic just a tad bit more… anyone willing to learn, feel free to TAKE NOTES on the informative things I post! Lol! ^.^

    Lesson 1:
    What is the supernatural? What is Science? The supernatural is (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. This being said, what can not be explained by science, can roughly be considered as “supernatural.” So what exactly is science? The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Thus being said, by using this definition of “science,” we can easily do research on the supernatural. The supernatural being what has not been explained by science, or at least science you know about as of that second. The lack of knowledge of “science” can indeed make one such thing considered “supernatural,” or unexplainable by current science. With this information, the highlight of the entire “Supernatural vs Science” Research would be indeed looking into life and conducting a scientific approach to learn more about the world through observation and experiment, thus looking into what is normally “unexplainable” like a werewolf or a vampire, and bigfoot even. Some topics we will discuss in here are bizarre and a few others a bit far fetched. However the scene for “supernatural vs science” remains the same.

  21. Porthe says:

    Suddenly pinnacles… and porthe

  22. Porthe says:

    Auto correct

  23. Porthe says:

    I,’ll be back when these comments become old.

  24. JoeLupe says:

    @Porthe ok lol however that depends on your definition of old… lol! ^.^

  25. Porthe says:

    Suddenly pineapples… and Porthe.

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