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  1. JoeLupe says:

    How does m-shift work? Well, if the CL was something of the brain, shouldn’t m-shifters just be people with advanced Clinical Lycanthropy? Well essentially… not really. So the brain has different wavelength that it runs on. You have one wavelength of brainwaves when your sleeping, and a different one when your awake. This is how music can make you tired and go to sleep. (If you ever can’t sleep, just listen to classical music, it really helps) what differs someone with CL, and an actual m-shifter, is the state of mind. M-shifters Have many ways to describe it as… a second half of them, their other side, their inner wolf, their wolf half… but it’s all the same, it’s all a state of mind, a state of brainwaves that only m-shifters are born with. Hold on stop right there. Didn’t I say that genetics plus werewolves don’t mix? Well actually, yes. They don’t. But when I say state of mind, I mean a state that the wavelengths go at in order to achieve m-shifting. Now where is this state of mind? Actually, many m-shifters essentially shift when they meditate. Typically m-shifters are psychologically more healthy and collected than others (normal humans, and etc.) due to the fact of their m-shifting State. To meditate, you must go down to Theta waves, which is close to the subconscious state of mind. In m-shifting werewolves, or m-wolves (mental wolves) I believe that their wolf state of mind, is somewhere inside of the Theta brainwaves. What separates their theta from other’s theta is that m-wolves have a separate wavelength that specified and unique to only m-wolves which I don’t think has a name yet, but we will call it W-waves or Wolfwaves. (See what I did there? Lol) anyways, all that being said, how come we call m-wolves WEREWOLVES? Well, m-wolves typically like to be called that, others just wolf, or Lupin, or etc… even garou. (Because in french werewolf is Lupe Garou) yet what about genetics??? Genetically speaking, in my eyes everyone is technically human, because no one can be genetically Werewolf. But mentally you can be. Yet remember, the difference between CL and m-wolves are the state of mind.

  2. JoeLupe says:

    Didn’t I say that there was also a p-shift? Yet if you can’t shift from genetics how CAN you p-shift?? Sometimes in some people, they are born with an inclination in certain parts of their body. Like some people are hairier than others (like myself) some people are shorter than others, (like myself), and some people even have different hair colors. It’s all in how they were born. For some people it’s impossible to become a werewolf because of how they were made. But for others, it’s like putting water in a sponge lol! It just soaks it up like you really need it. Wait but.. become a werewolf? How does one… become a werewolf, if by genetics you would die? Essentially, that’s by genetics. This is something about the mind. With werewolves, physical or mental it’s all mind over matter. You see, scientists look at details, but they fail to see how it CAN be possible, because usually by doing so, you find out that it is scientifically possible. Let’s begin talking about how you can p-shift…

  3. Tia says:

    Hey everyone, well my holiday went good. I think I saw Elliot at the creek but I stayed away from him. lol I still hate my friend’s boyfriend and my ex and me were getting along just fine. My ex is still random and hasn’t change at all. 🙂 Also, he kept on using the Alpha thing around his friends. Wouldn’t you just say friends? o.O And the other day, when he was driving, he said he heard something high pitch but I didn’t hear anything. Tell you one thing, that town has not change at all. It still has that weird feeling to it. :/

    • JoeLupe says:

      @Tia That weird feeling is likely your intuition and you should listen to it. But in the meantime if you wish to learn about werewolves, then do stay a bit to read some of my posts! 😀 also it’s been a while lol me and Evaluna are now informally engaged/married lol

  4. JoeLupe says:

    This will be a story, so hang tight I’ll get to my point soon… I used to wear braces. While I had them on, my parents will always explain to me that I must wear my retainer afterwards. I never even wanted them until later on I talked to my Aunt who is a dentist. I asked her why we need retainers, and she said that it is because our brain remembers where our teeth were, even if we don’t, our brain does. So while our braces are off, our brain will send signals to change it back. You see, the reason why we don’t remember everything is simple. We all have neurons, and we all are born with the same amount of neurons as in an adult head. (Because of concentration of them) but we have something Called MEMORY and subconscious memory. Our memory now recalls things from our subconscious memory, but takes only what we need at the time. Our subconscious memory documents every waking moment in your life, everything you did, said, learned, is in there. So even if we ourselves don’t remember where our teeth are, our brain does. Anyways, so I asked my Aunt, what would happen if we were to trick your brain into thinking that your teeth or bones were a certain way, would it work? And she told me, yes in fact that’s what your retainer is for. So… if we were to trick your brain into thinking that it’s original shape for teeth was, let’s say a bit more spread out than usual. Eventually if you do this, your teeth will spread out. How about pointed, canine like teeth? Theoretically, yes. Now how is this possible? How… HOW CAN ONE EVEN GO ABOUT DOING THIS????? Ha.. yeah this is where we get a tad bit into other topics, which are all interesting.

  5. Evaluna says:

    @Tia hey girl what up? long time no see

  6. JoeLupe says:

    Meditation. What is meditation? Essentially, meditation is where one calms themselves down and centers their energies (emotions) into one constant stream. Good meditators have learned how to successfully clear their minds. But question, how is it possible to calm down while meditating? Well, while meditating you practice going into deep Thetawaves, and if you wish to learn how, do research!! Anyways, so while meditating, one can reach that mental state of mind where one m-shifts right? Well, in this meditative State, you are susceptible to Have your mindset be altered when info is given. The more you repeat something to yourself, the more likely you’ll believe it. But it’s because of this that I normally am in Thetawaves while doing spells to have maximum power to it. Anyways, so if you can somehow convince yourself that the original shape of your body was that of a wolf, and continue doing so without believing or thinking your turning into a werewolf, then theoretically your mind will begin believing it, and if you just keep trying and trying and trying you will theoretically shift into a wolf. To be honest, the wolf in Teen Wolf seems much more scientifically possible at this rate, due to the lack of the majority of physical change to the body. Yes, there are some changes, but very few compared to that of twilight, which would require tremendous mental and physical labor, which could actually kill you. So while trying to shift into a “werewolf,” try the Teen Wolf werewolf.. but that’s not the only way to shift.

  7. JoeLupe says:

    By being bitten. How does this turn you into a werewolf? Answer: it can’t. The least it will do is give you CL, which in turn is where you believe your a werewolf. Plus, since the genetics, you really can’t be turned into one by being bitten, that is one thing Teen Wolf got wrong.. but a good name to call those who p-shift are Lycanthropes, who have Lycanthropy, or the ability to shift. A short name or nickname would be Lycans. Now, what about spells? Do they work? Actually, research on spells is exactly what we need to learn how to shift EASILY. Let’s side track a bit… one popular spell that was created is one where they say “By the light of the moon and our piercing howls, we are further transformed into cunning beasts. From the circle of life to the evolution of man, we shall reawaken as one with the land” saying 10 times under a clear full moon sky, is technically a REAL spell and there is a good reason why. But it doesn’t do what you think it does. Surprise! It doesn’t turn you into a werewolf. A spell, is a set of instructions designed to convey meaning and a purpose. Spells require belief to work. You must believe it works with all your heart. Doubt kills a spell. Also passion kindles the fire. Anyways, looking at this, it states literally by the light of the moon, meaning either full moon or all moons, and our piercing howls, Meaning two ingredients put together equals… we are further transformed into cunning beasts. That means the more you howl under the moonlight, the more this spell will take place or work. This spell is one of many that digs into subconscious thought. This spell takes place overnight. It says, from the circle of life, which is in reference to the cycle of the daylight nighttime cycle, to the evolution of man, meaning until people wake up at dawn, you shall be reawakened as one with the land, meaning during those times you believe and start acting like a werewolf. This… is… a scam. Here is why.. it makes you believe that during a set time you have shifted into a wolf, because it gives those times and a set instruction. But then, earlier we saw how every time you howl under moonlight the spell gets stronger and take place easier. That being said while you act like a wolf during that set time, you are slowly but surely trapping yourself in an endless spell that continues to make you believe your a werewolf and it just gets stronger and more powerful as time goes on. That’s why that’s a scam. It’s an insult to say that spell didn’t work. That it’s fake. Oh no, it’s real alright it does exactly as you said it should. But it’s just not as you think it is. It’s not that it’s fake, but you failed to actually look into the spell beforehand. Now how can one shift by spells?? Well, that spell did exactly as asked. It gave you a scam CL. But if a spell is instructions, you can actually make a spell do anything – within reason. Actually a spell done only affects mental things. So what if, we were to create a spell with instructions that tricked you into believing your original form was a wolf, or was a Lycan? Essentially, theoretically it could work, but if you try to make a spell that turns you into a Lycan, be careful about the instructions but don’t be overly specific. If you need a lot, try making it rhyme to remember better. Especially in your subconscious 😉 but be careful and don’t try something that could hurt you!

  8. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Thanks @Joelupe . For deatils . I will try to write a story in this month .

  9. JoeLupe says:

    @Alvy oh I’m not done yet I still have yet to talk about a few other subjects, but I hope you do enjoy the info ^.^ also what did you think about that?

  10. JoeLupe says:

    Aaaand continuation.. lol! So, the main reason why I think Crimson isn’t fake with his p-shifting methods is the way he does so. He has this method, to meditate and selectively choose a part of the body to trick your brain to believe that it was originally a wolf. You can do this for all kinds of creatures! But anyways, when one shifts physically into a wolf, how do they shift back? Well.. theoretically for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so if you can trick your brain to believe your body was originally a wolf’s and you actually shift, then your body still remembers being a human, although physically you changed into a wolf and tricked your mind into believing your original form was that of a wolf. But after your first shift, it will progressively become easier and easier to shift due to the fact that you’ve done it before and if you can learn to continue to change back and forth by will, then really you can shift easier and faster. But it takes time, so don’t break yourself. Now people say their eyes change color? Yeah well in a WAY that might be right, because of many reasons and variables (light difference, etc) like my eyes are typically a hazel color, but in direct sunlight they are goldish yellow. How is this? Because when your pupils shrink your irises stretch to help cover the pupil from the sunlight (else you would go blind), it would change color when hit with direct sunlight. Now, that must explain to Ohanze how your eyes change, because of this.

  11. Lucifer Dark Heaven says:

    How r u guys?

  12. Lucifer Dark Heaven says:

    Hey Alvy r u a writer?

  13. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    Yeah @Lucifer i m a writer on wattpad

  14. JoeLupe says:

    “And not only so, but we also rejoice in our tribulations: knowing that tribulation worketh stedfastness; and stedfastness, approvedness; and approvedness, hope:”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭5:3-4‬ ‭ASV‬‬

    English Lesson:

    Match: A contest in which people or teams compete against each other in a particular sport, or a short, thin piece of wood or cardboard used to light a fire, being tipped with a composition that ignites when rubbed against a rough surface.

    Has: Perform the action indicated by the noun specified (used especially in spoken English as an alternative to a more specific verb).

    Been: Past participle of be.

    Decided: (of a quality) definite; unquestionable, or come to a resolution in the mind as a result of consideration.

    Mid: Of or in the middle part or position of a range.

    Sixteenth (16th): Constituting number sixteen in a sequence; 16th.

    Denote: Be a sign of; indicate.

    Issue: Personal problems or difficulties.

    Incidental: Accompanying but not a major part of something.

    Matter: Be of importance; have significance.

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    ¡Hola! Buenos dias, ¿comó estan todos?

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    Hi! JoeLupe.

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    @Joelupe Hola!!! yo estoy muy bien and @Shad hey sis!!!

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