“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. JoeLupe says:

    @Informawolf well, that is where you are wrong. Werewolves do exist, just not like you think. And what I’m doing is using science to prove the existence of werewolves, to prove that it’s possible to certain uncertain individuals as yourself. You even saw how I proved them.. so why are you arguing that they aren’t real? Unless your just trying to incite drama, else if that’s the case plz stop. And about this werecreature thing, just because you haven’t seen me shift doesn’t mean I’m not a werewolf. If I could, I would show you my creature form, but as for now I acknowledge im human and state consistently that everyone here is technically human, just some are more inclined than others. I’ll explain to you offline at school or something why I think I am such a thing, but as for now just plz.. believe me on this. I’m not roleplaying I’m telling the truth. And if I could prove it to you, you’ll just think I’m insane.. so yeah. Plz don’t even try to argue with me let’s just have a good night ok?

  2. The Masked Warrior*Beta*(Lunar Apocalypse Pack) says:

    I am here Joe.

  3. JoeLupe says:

    @M-warrior thank you so much for being here, I need to talk to you… badly right now, likely on Docs.

  4. JoeLupe says:

    @Assassin a friend..

    So peeps I have something on my mind rn which is quite intense, I don’t understand it just yet but I’ll try to post it. Should I? It’s just something on my mind..

    I don’t think I’m that special at all. “Oh but your an Alpha!” Yeah? What if.. what if being Alpha isn’t everything great, that it comes with cost? What if only few can become true Alphas because of the extent to which it toils you? Not everyone is an Alpha.. and even fewer are true Alphas. Just because you state your an Alpha doesn’t make you really a great one.

    But me, being Alpha isn’t my biggest worry, in fact I’m a natural at it. The burden of an Alpha barely harms me at all. But.. my biggest problem is that I can’t see how I’m Special. I can’t see, how I’m anything great. Trust me, you people may think that your lives are all bad and depressing, but we all have hurt… some more than others. If you think that I don’t have that much hurt, try reading my entire mind. Try feeling my feelings. Try seeing my past, present, and future, then tell me that I don’t hurt… tell me, do you think your the only one to feel pain? We all feel pain.. so instead of struggling on your pain, try healing the wounds of others. Be considerate of other’s feelings and emotions.

    Tell me, if anyone knows. How can someone such as I, so remote and unknown, be special in anyway? In my mind I’m the least likely to do anything great, to be a hero. You think I’m wrong? Yeah.. haha think again. It kills me inside not to be certain what I am, yet do you see me sitting around giving up on it? No, so all of you, who have common sense.. if you have a dream don’t give up on it. Keep moving on, and I know you’ll make it 🙂

  5. JoeLupe says:

    @Assassin are you here? And that’s cool. Lol! (See what I did there) technically yes I know I’m human as is everyone else, but I just need help finding out what I truly am… am I a werewolf? Am I a vampire? No.. I don’t think I’m a vampire. Am I a werecoyote? How about werefox? What about wererabbit, werehog, werecow, wererooster (rooster because I’m male), weredog, or werecheetah? How about weredragon, werelion, wereleopard, weremouse, werefrog, weremoose, or werehorse? Or what if I’m just a werewolf? *sighs* unfortunately I doubt that there is anyone with the intelligence enough to tell me what I might be, to at least state the truth.. but hey who am I to say I told you so, when you learn the REAL truth behind the supernatural stuffs?

    • JoeLupe says:

      Ok I’m going to narrow it down to something canine, which leaves us with werewolf, werecoyote, werefox, and weredog.

    • JoeLupe says:

      Let’s see… if werewolves had a set mentality, I would think that their mentality is likely a certain way, and that mentality differs them from foxes, Coyotes, and dogs. I don’t think I would be a dog for obvious reasons. It just doesn’t seem right. Or would I? The closest to a dog I got was a Shepard’s dog but even then it just.. it made sense but didn’t feel right and I slowly went away from that thought. So now we are left with the dynamic trio of wolves, coyotes and foxes. Welp that helped me a bit. Now let’s observe the way they act in accordance to myself. And I’ll try to do as much observation of each of the three to find my answer.

  6. @JOE, A way that I told you before is to take the quote test. I took it 20 Times. (Literally) and I ALWAYS got werewolf with diffrent answers that describe meh. You should try it! And take it at least 5 Times to make sure you are what it said you were!

    (I’m an advice person to call! At {(913)-***-****}


  7. I-I think I eat to much food….to much food makes me hyper…(dont ask. Because, the answer is that I don’t know myself)……some how it does~~

  8. JoeLupe says:

    @Assassin actually you should never give your number online.. it’s dangerous. Just as you should never give your real name online. Also, I have tried that and because my personality is so complicated and not well predictable it was a cluster of werewolf, human, and vampire.

  9. Porthe says:

    Hey it’s vsauce Porthe here.

  10. @JOE, meh know I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon~

  11. Porthe says:

    Oh um, should I just read the posts and ignore this or…

    • JoeLupe says:

      That’s your choice tbh lol ^.^ im researching things about wolves, then I’ll move onto coyotes and afterwards foxes.

  12. JoeLupe says:

    @Assassin lol good idea..

    @Porthe suddenly, porthe! Lol! ^.^

  13. Porthe says:

    Hey Joel, do you know good places to get samples of werewolf cells that fall of the body while they’re running around?

  14. JoeLupe says:

    @Porthe hm.. well thinking about genetics and biology try using a microscope to find skin cells. I mean, technically a werewolf is human, it’s not a genetic thing.. in reality it’s more of “in the mind.” Even if I explained to you how p-shifting works, technically it’s still *gasp* the mind!

  15. Porthe says:

    So Joel what do you do for researching werewolves?

  16. JoeLupe says:

    @Porthe to research werewolves, I would not only learn about common facts such as there being an Alpha, and the state of shifting, but I’d research information from a multitude of websites and attempt to pick out the truth from the lies, fact vs myth, and use that to conclude my research. It’s not that hard really, especially with something called COMMON SENSE but hey… lol! ^.^ trust me it took me a while to get to where I am in knowledge and I’m not stopping anytime soon! Buuuuuut I would like for you to know, that if your trying to search nightly for a werewolf, it’s likely that you’ll have a tough time.. in fact even if you find it, it’s near impossible. (I wonder why)

    • JoeLupe says:

      Hey, is any1 online? Also, I’ve finished my research about wolves, and now I’m moving onto coyotes. Now that I think about it, in all technicality it’s not a certain set of personality traits that show if one is a werecreature, but their mindset which is sometimes obvious.

  17. Porthe says:

    Well now I’m debating if I should go through the lengthy process of becoming bitten and become my own psychologist which would probably ruin my life, steal the research of some other researcher and take credit for it thusly ruining the little reputation I have or not answering the question and going made with curiosity.

  18. Porthe says:

    Then again I could just keep looking for werewolves. Which would be a lot less likely to ruin my life.

    • JoeLupe says:

      Well, depends on if said researcher would come on here, thusly it’s likely I would find them whoever it is and bring them onto here, as you just did what every villain makes as they tell us their plan, so as so, you just ruined your chance of sabotaging information and calling it your own, therefore it’s likely that the latter choice is best for you, unfortunately I must warn you that your search may end in failure. Just saying. Lol! ^.^

  19. Hey Guys I Agree With What Joelupe Said So Which Means I As A True Alpha Has A Lot Of Potential And Responsibility. Also As A True Alpha With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.True Alphas Have Great Power , Skill And Potential But We Have To Master Them And Harness The Power To Shape It Into A Ball Which Holds Darkness And Light Use It Wisely And We Will See What Will Unfold

  20. When Power Comes Use It Wisely And Not For Destruction And See The Potential And Skill You Will Gain – Wolfie And His Pack

  21. Porthe says:

    I didn’t tell you I want going to do it.

  22. Porthe says:

    Oops device didn’t update.

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