“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Blink 182 says:

    Lol i missed alot

  2. KitchiLupe says:

    @Blink yeah… You missed much more than you realize. Lol

  3. Evaluna says:

    Monster? Wym? I’m legit confused RN and ur one if the most nicest people I know and everyone here can say the same stop putting yourself below everyone your better than that and me of all people know

  4. KitchiLupe says:

    BTW tomm at 10 pm site time I’m having my first class, as a reminder to few who may want to attend 🙂

  5. Blink 182 says:

    Anyone on?

  6. KitchiLupe says:

    @Evaluna you have no idea.. Over time I couldn’t see it, but now I do. I’m a monster, and thusly you shouldn’t be my mate, for your own safety.

  7. Blink 182 says:

    Nevermind my phones just slow

  8. KitchiLupe says:

    @Blink does it look as so? BTW you have to refresh it constantly to see recent comments. Its not an instant messenger, its a chat on a website lol

  9. Evaluna says:

    I don’t get it…I’m confuzzeld

  10. Blink 182 says:

    Hey man its all good I’m a creep in the wourld this is were creeps and monster’s come to meet there kind the misfits and if this comment is way behind blame my phone

  11. KitchiLupe says:

    @Evaluna you’ll get it in time.. Hopefully you’ll see I was doing you a favor by doing this. If I were to stay, I’d cause you a lot of emotional pain… Im the one who got you in trouble, costing you your chromebook and sending you down a depressing road, it was me, who led you to despise your best friend and cause them to cry. It was me who convinced you to be back with me after we broke up a 4th time. Plz. Stop this Luna and protect yourself, from the monster I’ve become.

  12. KitchiLupe says:

    @Blink but you’ve never met a monster like me before.

    Why? Have you ever wondered, why did the people on here come on here, all at a specific spot in time? Its all too planned, all too much like a story. Its all… Mechanical.

  13. Blink 182 says:

    Please you a monster? I dont know who you are or what you hold on to but i can tell you ove done some bad shit

  14. Blink 182 says:

    Trust me the worst thing to do to yourself is to stay in the past and not fix anything in the now

  15. KitchiLupe says:

    @Blink I have done some worse things. And don’t you dare ever paint me a higher and better picture than yourself. We’ve all done bad things. So if that is the case, why do we focus so much on the bad? Believe it of not, people will be more likely to believe the bad stuff about a person than the good.. Because we are judgemental and focus so much on the outside that we can’t see the good inside. So the actions you do might be worse, but me, I’m a monster.

  16. KitchiLupe says:

    I’m fixing the issue of me hurting Evaluna in spite of what happened, so that i dont risk hurting her heart more than I already have.

  17. Evaluna says:

    Well…I’m going to go everyone plz give me a moment…

  18. KitchiLupe says:

    @Evaluna alright lol ^.^

  19. Blink 182 says:

    Ok man I get it partly I would stop dateing my girlfriend if i was hurting her. Just do what you think is right

  20. KitchiLupe says:

    @Blink yeah… Because nothing is worse than hurting the one you love, and loosing them because of it.

  21. Evaluna says:

    Just make sure you know what your doing is in fact the right choice….well GN everyone (ps I’m dying inside but I’m sure I can go through it alone)

  22. KitchiLupe says:

    @Evaluna no. Don’t ever go through life alone. Find someone but by all means never be alone. And yes, I know it is the right choice lol that is why Im making this here decision, to protect you from myself.

  23. Blink 182 says:

    Anyone want to talk

  24. Blink 182 says:

    Anyone on

  25. KitchiLupe says:

    @blink nope lol not anymore ^.^

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