“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  2. WAF General(Insignia of 1st. Infantry) says:

    I am back, Kitchi, it’s Wolf-Armed-Forces, also WE, have a google docs, I’m pretty sure you know who I am now. 🙂 XD

  3. WAF General(Insignia of 1st. Infantry) says:

    Affirmative! How are you?

  4. KitchiLupe says:

    “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes; But Jehovah weigheth the hearts.”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭21:2‬ ‭ASV

  5. KitchiLupe says:


    Be verbs are a more specific type of verb which indicates the noun having a state of being (something). Be verbs are verbs such as “is, are, am, be, will, was, and were.” When indicating that something isn’t in that state of being, put “not,” after the be verb. When asking questions using this verb, the verb would typically come first. “Are you going to dinner with me?” “Are you not going to dinner with me?” In the question sense, the negative “not” to indicate something not being such, would go after the noun or pronoun. “Isn’t” is a conjunction between “is” and “not” to shorten the sentence and make it easier to read. “Aren’t” is a conjunction of “Are” and “not,” to shorten the sentence as well.

  6. KitchiLupe says:

    @Moonspoon hello. I fail to see what is funny.

  7. KitchiLupe says:

    As a reminder, my class will begin at 10 pm site time. Again, that is SITE TIME or the time you see on this website, displayed above our text and below our name!

  8. KitchiLupe says:

    “My Dad tells me to live in the world that is, not the world we want it to be. Well if that is the case, then I’ll show him how grand life can be.”


  9. KitchiLupe says:

    Life isn’t about living in the world Of now, because if we do so we have no room for the possibility of the future. Every decision we make impacts the future, so a well thought out decision to get to where you want to be, is not possible if you only focus on what the world is now. Apple wasn’t created by seeing box phones, apple was created via a vision – as all inventions.”

    “Through the eyes of man we see the world, through the eyes of the devil we make it bad, and corrupt it with the evil that is already there. But through the eyes of God we see hope for a better, brighter future.”

    “The mind of success is like the mind of a child, filled with imagination and a dream. The mind of failure is like the mind of an adult, filled with reality and corruption”

    “When I learn the soul crushing truth, I am reminded of possibility for the future – that dream to learn the truth brought me to learn the truth, therefore the dream for inner and outer change will bring me to my destiny.”

    “Ya know, yeah. The world is evil. But while looking at the truth of this world, don’t forget the good that it still has, don’t forget the other side of truth.”


  10. KitchiLupe says:

    “Man cannot Create Evil – only the devil can do that. Man can only take the evil that was already there, and harvest it into the corruption of the heart. But it is only through God, and God Alone that we will be saved from our corruption.”


  11. Blink 182 says:

    Anyone on or is it just me again

  12. Blink 182 says:

    OK when someone gets on tell me how to make an account I’ve looked all over the sight and can’t find a way to make a account

  13. Blink 182 says:

    I’m not sick but I’m not well
    And I’m so hot cause I’m in hell
    I’m not sick but I’m not well
    And it’s a sin to live so well
    Harvey Danger

  14. KitchiLupe says:

    @Blink that’s a deep poem or something. Lol! And you cant create an account on here. You can subscribe, but use a gmail or an email account you’d normally use on here as your email. To get a pic or gravatar, just go to gravatar(dot)com and create an account on there, using the email you use on here, and just set a pic on there and you’d be good to go lol

  15. Hello! For the REALLY late reply i am going to the store to get food for my pets! Also I was working out with my stepmom then I’m going to be making “Mole”. My grandmother is teaching me how to make it!

  16. Blink 182 says:

    I’m back for a few I’ll be one around 11 to whenever lol I don’t really sleep and thanks kitchylupe

  17. Blink 182 says:

    What’s up

  18. WAF General(Insignia of 1st. Infantry) says:

    Hello, how are you?

    • WAF General(Insignia of 1st. Infantry) says:

      Since I appear to make everyone leave, and I have other things to do, I will go, and won’t be back for a while, and RJ if you are indeed here, I would assume you’re Blink182, but that’d make an a** out of you and me, XD but, until next time.

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