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  1. KitchiLupe says:

    I’m craving meat (another apparent symptom of “werewolves” or “werecreatures” in general) rn so I’m about to eat another high meat meal. (Or protein but meat is recommended)

    My one theory: The reason one would crave meat is because there is something in meat their body lacks. This can typically be protein. That is why you can still technically eat other things like beans or whatnot when you crave meat because beans also have protein.

    Follow up theory: P-shifting werewolves require a lot of protein due to the amount of energy it takes for them to actually “shift.” This is likely due to muscle movement or something. Muscles require protein to actually work, therefore for a werewolf they need a lot of protein to shift.

    Questions on this to ask: if your truly a p-shifting wolf and you crave meat even after you eat a load, how much meat should you eat?

    Perhaps if you eat a ton of protein and you still crave meat, perhaps there is something else your body lacks?

    Issue: If I myself were a werecreature (unlikely) yet I crave tons of meat, and haven’t p-shifted, wouldn’t that mean to p-shift I’d need to eat plenty of protein to help with it? But problem – is finances.

    Is this why werewolves (or werecreatures that p-shift) would go out to hunt meat themselves?

    • KitchiLupe says:

      But follow up issue: I cannot Hunt myself due to the fact that I am in an area where it’s not allowed and it’s urban enough that people would see me casually hunting.

      If I were a werecreature, technically I could learn to shift at any time. Why? Heres the reason:

      I do not (myself) believe that one can simply “become” a werecreature, if they were one they’d be one their whole lives. M-shifting werewolves or “beast bloods” to be more exact have been that their whole lives, and no one can become a true real m-shifter if they themselves were not one before. But, m-shifters could (theoretically) p-shift into the creature they mentally shift into, because their brain already has the wiring to have the mindset. The problem is genetics.

      One cannot “become” a werecreature via bite or scratch because even if it would work, you’d die long before you could p-shift. You would need the genetic coding in your dna already there in order to casually shift – because you need the written dna in your dna in order for your body to thusly shift.

      But, like how dogs can be breeded for specific purposes, humans breed too, and believe it or not, hm.. come to think about it, it COULD be genetic in a way, just not passed down like we think.

      New theory: Let’s say a human and a human both believe they are humans and mate. Then, they teach their child that they are werewolves. The action and belief would be passed down to their child. Then their child mates with one who doesn’t believe in the supernatural and keeps it from their child. But because due to an over time continuous pattern, the dna coding has been passed down to their child to thusly act like a werewolf. Then when they learn what a werewolf is they believe it. This continues for generations to come. Eventually people will begin experiencing “symptoms” of werewolves and as it’s told throughout the centuries about said symptoms that will appear. Then, wouldn’t it become natural for the dna to remember that and show said symptoms to their children? Then somehow they figured out how to shift some time in the timeline. P-shift. Slowly through the generations they learn to p-shift and it gets easier for their family.

      (Digression for a moment; just hold on) I’m not trying to be racist here, but you know how Africans have much darker skins than Europeans? That is because an eventual development of their geological difference changed their skin color. Now, when two African Americans in Michigan mate, their child won’t be the same color as a Mexican. It would be darker.

      (Redigression) If That is the case, over time couldn’t it slowly develop from actual typical humans who believe they are werewolves to actual m-shifting werewolves? Because of the genetic coding in their body telling them to have those instincts?

      Added to such, because of what I had said previously, wouldn’t that make it so that they would be able to p-shift? Hm…

      Thinking about things, if those are the case, wouldn’t that make it so that everyone could become a werewolf or werecreature in time?

      Answer not really, because if you don’t currently m-shift YOU will not m-shift. But it’s likely due to this theory that someone in the past and over a period of time have developed the mentality.

      But how come your parents don’t have this? Perhaps somehow for generations and generations to come the genetic code was dormant or just took time to develop into an actual coding?

      If someone has any thoughts to add to this, plz do help and inform me, for I am thinking highly on this theory. Plz contribute. I’ll be back after I eat a ton of meat, but I will return.

  2. KitchiLupe says:

    [In my class]

    Today Doe Zantamata is visiting again, and she has a bit more to tell us.

    Ms Zantamata: One day, you’ll look back on your life, and you will see what you’ve built, where you spent your time, and who you gave your love to. Today is one of those days you’ll look back on. Build, spend, and love well. Here is a list of 10 new year resolutions you should try to keep to.

    1. Dream a little bigger, laugh a little louder, take seriously what needs to be taken seriously and shrug off what doesn’t.

    2. Make great memories, savor amazing moments (especially the small ones), ignite the love in your heart and take it with you wherever you go.

    3. Stretch physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    4. Believe in good things and that those good things can happen to you.

    5. Receive them with gratitude when they do.

    6. Give each day your best and know that even when things are rough, you can find peace within the silence of your mind.

    7. Make time for you.

    8. Become your biggest champion.

    9. Make sure everyone you love knows exactly how much in both words and actions.

    10. Hug a little longer, breathe a little deeper, and know that this truly is your year.

    (This was again, by Doe Zantamata, so credit goes to them)

  3. DeLirIousRIOLU says:

    What’s up

  4. DeLirIousRIOLU says:

    How does one change their profile picture on here?

  5. KitchiLupe says:

    @Delirious you go to a website called Gravatar, and use the same email you use on this site on there while creating a gravatar account. (The rest is self explanatory)

  6. Blink 182 says:

    Well I never really needed to m shift I act a lot like a wolf which is really weird. I know I’m not going to turn on my birthday by to just don’t have a lot to look forward to so

  7. KitchiLupe says:

    @Blink hm.. I guess you don’t have to m-shift to act like a wolf, but m-shifting is more than just acting like a wolf. And ya know what? Even if you don’t get a present on your birthday, the gift of life, is a present within itself. The past is history, the future is a mystery, but the present is a gift. That is why it’s called a present. 🙂 just know, that every day your alive, every second of every day is just one more reminder that your destiny hasn’t yet been fulfilled, else God (or whomever) would have no purpose of you being here. Your still here. So on your birthday, cherish that you have one more year of life, 365 more days filled with chances to fulfill your ultimate destiny. 365 more days to smile, to laugh, to be generous, to be kind; 365 more days for change, improvement, joy, success (if your really into it); 365 more days to be a blessing, to forgive, to learn, to grow. People may not see the true importance of a birthday, but your birthday is THE most special day of your life.

    That is like a lot of things in life. People just go through, in this circulatory society, never really thinking of why they are being forced to do this. But even in your hell, To appreciate the pain is like learning to dance in the rain of your life. Every singe of pain may feel like hell, but it’s just another reminder that your still alive, and every day your alive… is special. So through the pain of your life, never give up and learn to dance in your rain, in your hell, for you still got a chance.

    Stay cool my friend(s). Lol! ^.^

  8. KitchiLupe says:

    “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.”
    ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:2‬ ‭ASV‬‬

  9. WAF General(Insignia of 1st. Infantry) says:

    Interesting, I can’t stay long, but came to check in, also, I am making a bow(due to growing threats in my region), damn it, speaking of, I have to go…..

  10. KitchiLupe says:

    @Waf threats? Um.. ok stay safe then.. and I hope your bow does great ^.^

  11. KitchiLupe says:

    Heyo peoples! ^.^ is any1 online? We have a tad bit of time until my lesson tonight.

  12. Fallenstar says:

    @Lupe, Notes taken.

  13. Blink 182 says:

    Thanks kitchlupe what you said is true and you right u don’t have to have a million dollar birthday but you need to realise how great you life is after reading that realised that. Also WAF good luck with that man I would where eye or face protection I’ve had a homemade bow splinter in my face when shooting it before it’s not fun

  14. Blink 182 says:

    I can’t stay but I will be on later and I still read them if I’m late

  15. KitchiLupe says:

    Dang it. It’s continuing to casually moderate.

  16. KitchiLupe says:

    So. Last night we talked about the beginning of the world, how it was created. (According to the Bible) you see, God created all living things.. that is all at the time. God didn’t make werewolves. Werewolves sprouted, or the idea moreof, in the Middle Ages, likely sometime before that. Werewolves k***** thousands, maybe millions. They were a thing of the devil. Even Vampires are the same. In fact, God didn’t create all of these supernatural things. The devil did. But… here is the thing which I don’t get.

    God is not a God of war, he is a God of peace. Those who live by the sword, d** by the sword, but those who live by God live forever. God did not intend us to be k******, but peacekeepers. God intended greatness for us. But God did not intend wrong. Love thine enemies. If we must love our enemies, why do we put so much hatred toward one another? What is the purpose? God is a God of peace, not of war. God created you, for a purpose. Don’t k***. Love your enemies. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” Is a quote I heard once. But… if the devil is the enemy of God, and werewolves, and all of these creatures are of the devil (some believe they are of God, others Of Gods) then why do we do something called “hunting” them? For moral justice? God did not intend us to be war starters, but peacekeepers.

    This class, you will learn the importance, and what it means to truly be a peacekeeper. That of which i might as well become.

  17. KitchiLupe says:

    YES it posted lol ^.^

    The first rule of a peacekeeper. We are peacekeepers, we keep peace. We do not fight. We keep peace. What people typically have a problem with is that while keeping peace, they end up enforcing it using violence. Violence is not a way of God, but of the devil. “Fighting only adds to the bad in this world, it’s not worth killing if it only leads to more death.” -KitchiLupe. Don’t add to the bad in this world. Be the good and do not fight. Do you want a heads up on something? Arguing. Inciting drama. Fighting. This does not mean you can’t disagree. But fighting is not the way of the Lord. To argue is a way of communication, designed to overpower someone in a convo, or in this case a verbal fight. To Disagree is to voice your opinion and why. If others end up getting offended by you disagreeing, then tough. That is your opinion, and remind them that as they do openly express their own opinions, you have the same entitlement. We all can speak our minds and shouldn’t be afraid to disagree. But by all means, do not add to the bad in this world, and on this website. If someone disagrees with you, don’t lash back at them. That only sparks fights, which no one needs, and which is not the way of the Lord. Try to instead find why they disagree, and see the truth in their words. If their point of view is bs, then go ahead and voice your opinion, and explain with the truth how what you said was true. But by all means do not argue, for arguing is the way of Lucifer. But… here is the thing. When people on here end up disproving another, they are not using bs. They might have actual reason behind it. So listen to their point of view.

  18. KitchiLupe says:

    The second rule of the peacekeeper is to protect wolves. But I’d like to expand it, to not JUST wolves, but anyone. Protect the innocent, those who cannot protect themselves. But be not blinded by your emotion. You are allowed to feel emotions, but don’t let emotions cloud your judgement. It’s happened all too many times to me. When you let your emotions cloud your judgement, you begin to do things you’d never thought you would do, ruin your life, and eventually you will find that you are disobeying God. You would be doing things the way the Devil wants you to. Fighting is bad. It’s like fire. It only creates more fire. Even putting fire on fire might snuff out the bottom fire but now you have the top fire to deal with. But water.. is like the way of the Lord. Water is like peace, yet fury at the same time. Water erodes the stone slowly and surely. Patience is definently a virtue. Water can take out fire. To just let the fire burn you find destruction where there wouldn’t have been had you not done anything. But things in this world, you need to let the waters of the Lord, the waters of peace flow into your lives. Be not temptated to fight one another, but build upon each other to grow and learn. As iron sharpens iron, friend sharpens friend.

    But back to the protecting creatures, specifically the innocent, God rewards those who are on the side of peace, who keep peace. (I think God blesses those who save the innocent) When someone is being bullied, the way of the devil is what the bully does. The way of God is the person protecting the bully. But why, if God wants us to protect the innocent, should we protect the supernatural? Well, God sent us on this world, to have dominion. The way of the devil will be to kill off the supernatural. But God has a purpose, else he wouldn’t have let Lucifer create those beings. (God is super omnipotent, sometimes I feel as if he’s just toying with Lucifer’s sanity) Love thine enemies. In my eyes, the person isn’t the enemy, but the action they do. The sin is the enemy. Therefore, to be a peacekeeper, keep peace between packs, to protect them from themselves. We were sent with dominion over this Earth, do not abuse your power. Use it the way God intended, use it wisely.

  19. KitchiLupe says:

    To truly become a peacekeeper, get the f mindset of enemies and allies out of your mind. The idea of enemies is based on violence, and allies stereotypes them away from the enemies. But really, we are all human, are all good and bad. We all have scars, we all have background. Some worse than others, but some have enough good in their life they spread it around. In our own perception, we see ourselves as the “good guy,” The “hero.” But the thing is, again we are all humans. There is no good guy or bad guy in the end. There might be a BETTER guy and a WORSE guy, but to be a peacekeeper, you need to learn, that everyone, even your so called enemies, are just friends blinded by their perception of reality. The Bible says “forgive your enemies, for they know not what they do.” Yet if they do it and you see it as wrong, why would you go and do it yourself? Vengeance is a thing of the devil, and vengeance plus perception equals The action of perceiving someone as the enemy. But learn to forgive, and you will find that as it’s a cruel world out there, it doesn’t have to be all that bad. Forgiveness is a thing of God, The Bible talks so much of our forgiveness. So, why do we end up not forgiving? Because we are afraid – afraid to see a different side, afraid to see that maybe there might be a better reason to what they do.

    In this series called Shadow Hunters, Valentine is depicted as the enemy. Yet when time goes on you learn that he was trying to do what he felt was right. He fought for his world, he voiced his opinion and did what was right. And yet, so did the others who opposed him. So why, if you get to voice your opinion, don’t they? True, it may be that what they say is false. But still, you shouldn’t berate them for voicing their own opinion, you should let them speak your mind. Then be reasonable and don’t lash back, but speak your mind too in a calm manner.

    “It’s easy to respond to someone who is a loudmouth, but hard to notice one who doesn’t talk.”


  20. KitchiLupe says:

    Now, what does that mean for you? Could you become a peacekeeper yourself? To be honest, I would personally love to be a peacekeeper. Not because I get to stop fights between packs, but because as a human, it’d really give me a sense of purpose. No one is really evil, it’s their actions. So don’t judge a werewolf because he’s a werewolf. Judge his actions not him. And when his actions are violent, do not attempt to hunt the werewolf, for that isn’t the way of the Lord. But by all means make it so the werewolf doesn’t be violent. Keep peace. Because, less werewolves are violent, less need for hunters, werewolves are safe and thusly peacekeepers have kept peace. Do not stop.

    But there is a problem. Werewolf hunters… do not exist. But the thing is, the mindset of one does. Trust me, if people in the world found out about the supernatural, who is to say they won’t go hunting them down, researching on them, treating them as a science project? The supernatural are not science projects. But unfortunately as actual werewolf hunters don’t exist (well technically I’d say the government and population in Middle Ages were “werewolf hunters” but anyways) The mindset does. So it’s the job of the peacekeeper, to protect them. It’s not about rules, regulations, or whatnot. It’s not about containment, else you’d be the same as them. This, is about protecting the innocent, and loving one another. This is about doing what is right. So, those online and across the globe, I call you to do what is right and be peacekeepers. For yourself, your friends, family, God, and the supernatural. For God is a God of peace, not of war. But peacekeepers aren’t JUST humans, there have been peacewolves, and peacevamps. It all depends on who is willing to actually take a stand against the devil’s works and do what is right. So, (yes it’s seemingly an initiation. In that case, you are mostly right, it’s more of a suggestion) if anyone is willing enough to do what is right, step up and become a true peacekeeper.

  21. KitchiLupe says:

    To be honest, peacekeepers are not a species, and you don’t need a fire angel to see if you can be one. That might be how Danny did things, but here is the thing. Anyone can become a peacekeeper, we just need to try. But unfortunately, not everyone in fact rarely anyone has the mindset open enough to truly change. Me, I will be a peacekeeper myself. Technically, I’d be a higher rank because Alpha stuffs but in actuality we are all equal in the eyes of God.

  22. KitchiLupe says:

    “The name of Jehovah is a strong tower; The righteous runneth into it, and is safe.”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭18:10‬ ‭ASV‬‬

    Right I almost forgot. You know how I said fighting is evil? Well, what if you were fighting for what is good? Would it still be evil if you had good intentions? Well the actual idea of fighting is evil. But the intentions of fighting are a whole separate ballpark. When you are in a battle, go to God. Have faith in him. God is the God that is, was, and will come to pass. Trust in him, for he knows how the outcome will be and if you survive another day, those are – again more chances for improvement. God is strong. Go to him. Not much to it besides “God gots this.”

  23. blink 182 says:

    anyone still on? or is it just me

  24. blink 182 says:

    well night guys be on sometime tommorow

  25. Blink 182 says:

    Am I still the only one on lol

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