“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Fallenstar says:

    @Shadow, Hello shadow.

  2. @Fallestar~Kun, How is Fallenstar~Kun doing?

  3. Fallenstar says:

    @Shadow, I’m doing fine, I just got done a test. 85% sadly >-< Anyways its passing… Still though enough about me hbu.

  4. @Fallenstar~Kun, Shadow~Sama is doing just fine! What day is it where Fallenstar~Kun is? It’s Friday over where Shadow~Sama is!

  5. Fallenstar says:

    @Shadow, Friday with me too. Happily.

  6. @Fallenstar~Kun, Cool! Shadow~Sama will be on here AAAAALLL week so yah!

  7. @Fallenstar~Kun what should we talk about?

  8. KitchiLupe says:

    As a reminder, today is Fallenstar’s teaching day, and I believe today is Friday, so tomm May be my teaching day. Lol! Idek what I’m going to teach! Lol! But I’m almost done with my classes!! 😀 I passed almost all of them, now I have to put some effort into my final class (hopefully I pass) and I’ll be FINALLY FINISHED!!!! 😀

    Anyways, so about things posted in past comments, apologies if I don’t respond to what is posted, I don’t have the mental capacity to care rn so I’ll try at some point to read it but for now I hope you all have a great day!! 😀 and I personally hope to finish my Spanish vocabulary sometime next semester, that way – when it’s time, I can begin the French section! ^.^

  9. Fallenstar says:

    @Lupe, Correct it is your teaching day.. Also I am sorry for me not teaching all week or i think the week before that too.. I had planning and lots of things to do like rn how im about to go away from the site again, Lupe If you do teach I will be taking notes even if it seems as if I am not here.

  10. @Kitchi~Kun, Shadow~Sama too! Shadow~Sama Will ALWAYS be taking notes and sometimes commenting!

  11. @Blink~Kun, Shadow~Sama has a question for You! How old is Blink~Kun.

  12. KitchiLupe says:

    Hello. I’m a tad bit angry but I think that is just an affect from reading past comments and dealing with bs.

    • KitchiLupe says:

      Tbh I feel like.. Idk I just feel I can relate to foxes, for some reason it feels familiar to me, like I know the fox from somewhere but I can’t recall. But no, that does not mean I’m a werefox, that just means that I can relate better or best with foxes. Its just… Something about them. Hm.. I have been having memory issues because one of my friends keeps slapping my for head. 🙁 idk why he does it, but I never really asked him to stop anyways. Not because Im a wimp or anything but because Im kind. He finds joy in it and I don’t want to take his joy, its heartless to do so. Of course he moved from slapping to actually hitting my forehead and I had to give him a speech about it. My bus driver hates the sound of him slapping my forehead so I hope it stops soon… I need my f*****g brain cells.

  13. @Kitchi~Kun, Shadow~Sama hopes that Kitchi~Kun doesn’t get mad in the future! How is Kitchi~Kun doing?

  14. KitchiLupe says:

    @Assassin co-hi (I think that’s how you spell it; just say it and I hope you know what I mean)

    • KitchiLupe says:

      I’m doing decent rn… I just can’t center my mind and every day my mind keeps drifting back to the “supernatural” and thinking… Am I one? I just had to convince myself my delirium has gone far enough as I began thinking I was a vampire again, then I got a new recent thought of me being an Angel of sorts, but I quickly disproved that using the bible. Yet…. How come my mind is so different than others? The bible says that those of Christ are a new creature altogether, yet even those of God have similarities to typical humans.. If they weren’t typical themselves. Me.. My mind is so convoluted that I have such a different mindset… I might as well be an alien.

  15. @Kitchi~Kun, Shadow~Sama hopes that Kitchi~Kun has enough brain cells to finish the rest of the school year! :V XP :3

  16. @Kitchi~Kun, ?? Shadow~Sama is Sorry she doesn’t know what it means! ;c

  17. KitchiLupe says:

    Oh.. I think its cohai and it is a term an older person or person of higher rank, grade, or age calls their lower counterparts. Senpai is the exact opposite.

  18. @Kitchi~Kun, Oh ok! So I call you Kitchi~Senpai? WHAAAAAAAT!?

  19. Also Kitchi, it’s spelled ‘Kohai’ :3

  20. KitchiLupe says:

    Idk lol I presume so.. tbh I know this is a little sensitive and “extreme” topic, but people find that things such as s** and.. *ahem* other things which I won’t mention are pleasureable. Me… I just.. don’t. It doesn’t feel worth it, it just feels.. extra. But s** for survival, not for pleasure or to have children, but survival of our species, I can do. With me, it’s less about the pleasure and more about what we truly need.

  21. @Kitchi~Senpai, you are right. People should use women as toys. People should be respected cause we are all created equal. I just hope that someday the world will come out of that misery we are in. *Sigh*

    • KitchiLupe says:

      Correction: People should NOT use women as toys. But believe it or not, what ticks me off the most is this..

      Men are treated as toys a lot.. not only that, but are painted in a selfish image. Wanna hear something? My teacher told our class that you should never talk to a guy about something important while he has a boner. Because the guy isn’t thinking about that, he’s thinking about s**. But… that just ticked me off. Because as honest as I can be, when I do get boners, I DO want to listen and talk about what they want to say. Because in my mind, it’s their opinion that matters more than whatever s**ual thing I might be thinking of. Just because I might have a boner, does NOT mean I don’t want to listen. Yes, it made sense when they say that blood rushes from your brain to your *ahem* Causing it To *ahem.* that causes men to not think straight and if it goes on for too long, you could have permanent brain damage. But the thing is.. even a drunk guy could want to listen to you. What ticked me off, is how much of a dog they made men seem like… that ticked me off as hell.

  22. KitchiLupe says:

    “Survival of the fittest.” Survival of the fittest? Where did that come from, Charles Darwin? Yeah um I think it actually did. But that exact mindset is why we have people judging other’s s**uality and stuff.. how people can’t just accept themselves. Then it’s because we subconsciously strive to improve that we see that as not exactly a good thing. Because were is the kindness? How about some selflessness Huh? Are you just going to eat your whole loaf of bread in front of starving children because of “survival of the fittest?” “But Lupe, that isn’t what that means?” Oh but it is. We deem and thrive to be more fit than others, therefore those who are weak cannot defend themselves and we leave them defenseless so we can survive. Survival of the fittest. You tell me, “but Lupe, it’s natural for humans to act this way” yeah from countless years we have gained instincts of survival, survival instincts. But you forget we have something called “compassion.” You take out that, we are left with.. corruption. For in this world, the hearts of men are failing. You may not see it, but trust me, there are true a**holes out there. Who couldn’t give a damn about your weakness, they only care about themselves. Survival of the fittest. You think the world is going to care about your “power” you think you have? Power is just a way for us to feel better about ourselves and the situation, to seem more in control. A true leader, a true Alpha does not care about power, but a true Alpha cares about their pack. Ha.. we do have that selfish mindset, but it’s because of how we grew up. It’s because of our instincts to stay alive. But.. while the world is turning, would you ever think to help a friend? Try telling someone that, who believes in “survival of the fittest.” Trying to seem better, stronger, more powerful. Yet they are weak, insecure. That is the worst mistake anyone could make. I don’t want power. I need love. Compassion. I need honesty, trustworthiness, reliability. We all need someone to cry on.. but how could we have that person with survival of the fittest? To judge someone based on their image, is like throwing a doughnut into a fire. You judged it because it’s fattening. But… that doughnut was made for you.. it was made with love. Yet you throw it away and go for the salad because it’s healthier. The person you judged.. seemed like a fat a** person, but you missed the true soul, the treasure from within. What if life, survival, isn’t about us trying to be braver, smarter, wiser, stronger, better, more powerful, more compassionate, and even more so bolder… but what if survival is to teach us life, to teach us how to trust ourselves, and trust others, to know who to trust and at what times… to learn to grow, to fight, to… survive. Survival is less of the fittest and more of the continual fight for life. You don’t get anything for free in life you know? Even life itself… everything has a price. Survival is our body’s way of making sure we work for our life. Not of being the most fit, but being fit enough to at least survive. And while so, bring a friend or two along, and learn to trust, to grow in each other. For two minds are better than one. To hearts are stronger than one. And two souls are much brighter than a single selfish soul. You can’t live through life alone, so why not live it with someone you can trust?

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