“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Lupe says:

    “I find that for some days, are days where one would (or should) learn wisdom, and other days are days where we use that wisdom to help us. Unfortunately, we can be so prideful as to not listen to sound wisdom when given, that we don’t feel it is necessary to practice the wisdom on the days you need it.”

    “Greater are the days of accomplishment from completing a set goal, than the days of submitting to a more pleasurable setback.”

    “Although your life may seemingly suck, be glad that at least you HAVE a life.”

    “Love is accepting one another and loving every portion of one, not because you must, but because you do. Love is seeing everything about the person, the bad and the good, and deciding past everything that no matter what you will love them.”

    “Your subconscious thought drives your conscious action.”

    “No matter what we are, who we are, or where we came from, we always want more than what we have.”

    “People would rather have sugar coated opinions to suit their own rather than the actual truth.”

    “If emotions makes one human, then I guess I am very human, because I am filled with happiness!”

    “With God, I KNOW that tomorrow will be great, one way or another!”

    “Being human is not hard to the one who is human.”

    “Do not let an inconvenience turn into a nuisance, a good thing turn stale, and a pleasure in life become an addiction.”

    “Better it is to be of good heart, soul, and mind, than to be more accurate than the person next to you.”

    “I find that the less I am online, the less being online matters, and the more grand the world around me seems.”

    “Peace of mind is like heaven on Earth, just wrapped in a noggin that, after years of turmoil and war.. can finally rest in peace.”

    “Once that war inside has been fought, there is so much more that you can do!”

    “Do not give up once you reach the finish line, for there is still more road to walk.”

    “Some things are impossible, and cannot ever happen.. oh but the possibility of what can is extraordinary!”

    “I may not be able to do it, but I know God can!”

    “Love others as you would yourself. Those who love themselves, but not others, are the same as a thief of happiness, and a blockade of joy. But those who love others, just as they love themselves, are found to be very delightful people to be around, and generate more happiness than the former.”

    “Work what needs to be done, first before you do what you want to do. But make sure that once your done, you can get rest enough to have the energy to move on further to greatness than you were before.”

    “Oh, to be of Christ is a peaceful life, filled with happiness, joy, and love.”

    “Don’t they know that there is still a hope, still a chance to turn things around for the better – that there is still a chance to be saved?”

    “When I say, find the light in the darkness, I do not mean find yet another reason, find another way to be something you are not, to prove a point which has already been proven as false. To find the light is to find the truth and learn to accept when you are wrong, even if it’s years and centuries worth of work, and to find a light, a joy or happiness in the curse.”

    “Yes, you are cursed, we all are cursed. But learn to accept your curse and appreciate being yourself, while at the same time finding a light to your darkness, your curse, to see a better day and a better life.”

    “How can you be the Shepard dog, if you cannot learn to protect the sheep?”

    “If you want to be something, hope is only one step; trying is the second step, and the third is to just never give up until you are that thing.”

    “One can be like a wild, untrained dog, willing to fight, yet unable to take orders.”

    “A diamond is only formed through heat and pressure. The first step could end in failure, but by all means keep trying until you get it.”

    “I find that the more I do things for the Lord, the more I want to do things for the Lord.”

    “I was given wisdom, so I might as well use it to help shine a light in the darkness of people’s lives.”

    “I think we all need help at some point.”


    • Wolfy (Lacan) says:

      Hey Lupe I have news. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but I need to tell someone. And I think someone broke into my house. I mean I locked the door and I never leave the windo opend…so why is my ring gone,,,,I don’t know,.

  2. Nightshade says:

    Hi @Lupe

  3. Nightshade says:

    @encwolf that’s because some of us are more experienced or have already asked the questions my main question is I am part wolf and part vampire because I got bit when I was younger and I did change a lot but why dont I phase completely?

  4. Blink 182 says:

    Anyone still on? I haven’t had much to talk about lately

  5. Nightshade says:

    Dont you hate it when you get pissed really easily because this morning I found out that my best friend is moving this coming saturday. And I was so mad that I thought I might have actually killed someone.

  6. Blink 182 says:

    Ya I know what you meen when you want to kill someone but that sucks man I’ve had more than a few times I wanted to kill someone because I was so mad but I’m sorry your friend is moving that sucks

  7. Blink 182 says:

    I’ve been pissed by someone saying a word. I don’t hate it but anger can be hard to control sometimes

  8. Nightshade says:

    Yes I know the feeling I had to live with it with my biological father who is a sack of dog crap I have worse words but I shall not say them.

  9. Nightshade says:

    I am going to bed now

  10. Wolfy (Lycan) says:

    I have news it can be good but also bad…I don’t know how to feel anymore..

  11. Wolfy (Lycan) says:

    Hey , I have news it can be good but also bad…I don’t know how to feel anymore..

  12. Wolfy (Lycan) says:

    Hello , I have news it can be good but also bad…I don’t know how to feel anymore..

  13. Fallenstar says:

    @EmcWolf, Ha get it Fallen apart… But let me get serious.. I actually agree.. Chats are slow and people start to fake what they are to people whom they do not know.. Which makes no sense.. Why? Why fake it.. Why put on and accept a curse in which isn’t truly yours to keep.. Why not be thankful and just leave it be.. I guess its like lupe said.. Its humans way to at least try to fit in.. But why to outcasts who can’t..? Idk.. I don’t understand.

  14. EmCWolf says:

    @Nightshade I’m well aware some have already asked their questions. I’ve been around this site, off and on, since 2011. It’s just a shame that hardly anyone is even having meaningful conversations anymore. I mean, sure, some of you do, and I appreciate that. But things used to be a lot more active and informative – we’ve lost focus.

    To address your question, you don’t turn into a wolf from being bitten. You’re either born, or perform a ritual (and finding one that truly works is difficult, there are so many fake ones). Vampires exist as sanguine (feed on blood), energy (feed on others’ emotions), or a hybrid of the two. There is no such thing as a wolf/vampire hybrid.

    @WAF Long time no see there, my friend.

    @Wolfy What’s your news?

  15. Nightshade says:

    @emcwolf I was born a hybrid werewolf but I was bit by a vamp when I was younger.

    • Lupe says:

      Oh and sorry to burst your psychological bubble but.. no. You were born with a curse, and no matter how much you try to change it, those born of the dust shall die of the dust later on. Those born human will die human.. those born werewolf will die werewolf.. those born vampire will die vampire… and heck, those born Phoenix will die Phoenix! You cannot just.. change that, or else you will be literally putting an extra curse upon yourself that is not yours to hold, and you will shortly fall. EmCWolf is not wrong, she is very right. And by all means, so is Fallenstar. So am I. You cannot just be BITTEN and turned into a vampire. If you were born a werewolf you will die a werewolf. By all means, there is a MENTAL DISORDER where one believes they are a vampire yet really aren’t, just as with werewolves. Perhaps, for your own sake, you have that former mental disorder? If not, and as you say you really DID get bitten and turned, I must regretfully say bs and fake… if not dillusional and highly likely of that mental disorder. Yes, dillusional. -.-

  16. Nightshade says:

    There is a such thing a met two of them but they were created by a human

  17. Nightshade says:

    @fallen star I totally agree with you but I think of the curse as a gift because it gets my adrenaline pumping in a time of need and in can be really useful when you need to look for a kind outside so you need to be able to find them if they are a ling distance away.

  18. Lupe says:

    Lol.. at least I removed the drama from this website. ^.^ I mean, that was one thing that stopped people from learning the truth, from actually listening to reason. But now that that is gone, we are delving into plain psychology. It is human nature to try to fit in. But as you ask, why do we try to fit in, by being something we are not? I think it is because we cannot accept what we are, therefore we feel that due to that, others wouldn’t accept us for our true nature therefore we end up fitting in to BE LIKE THEM. Then, we get so used to that mentality, we do not learn to accept if one even IS different. How about instead, show them how different you are and be yourself… how about instead fit in by not painting your foot like the other beside you, but instead taking your OWN foot, your own true nature, who you truly are, what you truly are… taking that and putting it in the goddamn shoe of society?

    Yes, beast bloods (aka werecreatures) are cursed. So are humans. We are all cursed. But perhaps for our own sake, we should own up to our curse and accept it, for we were given that curse for a reason. Perhaps instead of trying to be something you are not, accept your curse, and just be yourself. If we were to take on a curse that is not our own, do you know what would happen? We would be taking on something that is not our own to take on. Just as in Lord of the Rings, Frodo had the ring to carry, and Sam could not, or else he would be easily tempted. Perhaps we all should learn to accept our curse… perhaps we should remain cursed for our own sakes. But as Sam said himself, “I cannot carry your burden, but I can carry you.”

    Perhaps when we are finding the light in the darkness, it is less of finding a reason around trying to change yourself, to get a curse on yourself that is not your own.. but perhaps it is finding a light in your curse, learning to accept it, and finding a good in that curse? Taking that curse, and turning it into a blessing for others, so that they might see the light of God in you, so that they might see a better life, feel actual hope, because of you, because of your curse? Do not try to be something your not, nor try to take on a curse that is your own. Instead take the curse you already have and turn it into a blessing for others so that they might see light. As I told Fallenstar, I have been given wisdom, and therefore due to the light of God in me, I feel like I am set apart from society, like I do not belong, like I really, honestly shouldn’t be here. But because of this wisdom I have, I should use it to shine a light in the darkness of people’s lives, to give them hope.. truth… and most importantly take the curse of having to deal with never Belonging, to find a reason to be here, even if I do not belong here.. to at least learn to dance in the rain of my life, and shine brightly so that there is an overall joy and light in everyone’s lives because of my actions due to the wisdom I gained from experience of dealing with.. well things, FROM the feeling that I need to belong, originating from the knowledge that I do not belong, because I belong rather in heaven, with God. Do you see what I am doing? I am not finding another reason to be something I am not, I am finding that, through what I am, a light can shine through the darkness, so long as you let it.

  19. EasTheElf says:

    Wow these werewolf people are so rude. I can’t even deal with you people. Why does this website even exist??

  20. EasTheElf says:

    Like who wastes everyday on some dumb website about dogs that don’t even exist. How old are you people 12? Maybe you should get a life, I’m sure most of you are over 20 years old. Do you not know what a job is? How about the fact that this stuff on this website is disgusting. Who gets up at 5 in the morning to talk about being something that is not even real…Pathetic!!! I’m just saying you people are sick and I hope that this offends every single one of you. And @Evaluna I hope you get cursed because you waste most of your time on this disgusting website. @Lupe you are just as bad honey… @FallenStar I don’t care if calling you a dog is rude, it’s not rude if it’s true. I honestly hope that none of you actually believe that “werewolves” are real.

    • Lupe says:

      Actually, you are wasting your time so much more than anyone on here, coming on here to say that. It does not offend me, but it just disappoints me that people like you still come on here. You are one to talk about wasting time on a website, when you have literally come on here to offend people. Is that it? Pathetic… and the excuse of saying that we’re creatures do not exist.. is just hypocritical, as you were previously explaining to everyone that you are an elf, much more a HIGH elf. Elves are things of fiction, but even if you do not think so, there is at least a hint of truth on this website. And to come on here much more, to cause drama is much more a waste of time than those who spend time on here stating that they are something they are not. In fact, just as you choose to not believe in werecreatures, same as we at least consider it. Do not casually berate someone for their beliefs. Honestly, all I see in the words you speak are just empty attempts to make us feel bad, when in actuality, you yourself are so much worse for doing what you do. If you really want an elven website, don’t question this website, why are you even here? If you search for an elven website, why are you wasting time on here, casually making us feel bad? And what is worse is that you berate a group of people who come on here, yet the sad part is those you berated barely even come on anyways. Seriously, how much more generic can your bullying get? This is honestly a waste of my time, to post this because I shouldn’t even have to say it. If you don’t want to be here, then DON’T be here! But allow us to believe what we ever so choose..

    • EasTheElf says:

      @Lupe, you actually wasted your time typing that paragraph out because I don’t even care Hahahahahaha!!!

    • Shepard says:

      And you wasting your time giving us lectures about how much of a waste this is, is far more a waste anyways than what we are doing. Why are you even here, aside from just being a troll?

  21. EmCWolf says:

    @EasTheElf Think what you like about us. I have a job and three degrees and I’m working on a fourth. I’m content with my life and strong in my beliefs. Also, time zones exist, so it’s most likely daytime where the people are that are posting at what seems to be a very early/late time. What’s actually pathetic and rude is coming here only to attempt to insult us, without trying to learn or find the truth.

    @Lupe I’ve had the same username, though I didn’t post often in my early days as I was still trying to figure out what my beliefs were before I jumped into the discussion.

    @FallenStar Thanks for the response. I agree that humans (and all of us, really) feel a need to fit in and belong somewhere, even if it’s not the best place to be or group to be a part of. Some people just get lonely and they eventually can’t stand it anymore, so they do things to try and be “cool” and gain approval/acceptance without thinking about the repercussions.

  22. WAF General(Insignia of 1st. Infantry) says:

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    There is a space between . and com.

  23. Evaluna says:

    hi everyone!! 😀

  24. Fallenstar says:

    @Nightshade, Not to be rude but there is no.. Being “Bit” To be turned, Like you said. You are either born with the so called “Gift” Or not.

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