“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. wolfie says:

    Did i say something wrong? And dont worry take your time.

    • Shepard says:

      HEEEEEELLLLLLLL NAAAAAHHHH you didn’t say anything BAD necessarily.. not wrong in any sense. It was moreof the mindset I was worried about, your good though lol

  2. Shepard says:

    Tbh i dont think being a were would be a burden. [being a were as you call it would be a burden. Believe it or not, werewolves are cursed. But you know what? So are humans] trust me.. [ive said that too many times, I cannot count lol] just being a boring human and a normal boring old life.. [i completely understand as I have that too.. but for someone who has had his fair share of werewolf lycanthropy I do not think that you would want to pursue.] i would rather be something else. [so would I, but you know what? We always want to be something we are not, because we always envy what others are. What if instead, you could find some light in what you are, and be happy in yourself?] but i guess its just if us are something we want to be something else i guess.

    That last sentence made no sense to me, I’m sorry lol

    But anyways, be not ashamed of your own self. You were made as human, and by all means I trust you more than half of the people on here for at least admitting that. But being human is not necessarily a bad thing! One who is born of the dust though, will surely die of the dust later on. You were born as human you cannot change it. But what you can do is make sure to instead of cry about being stuck as a human, take what you are and use it to your best ability. You are human, and that’s not a bad thing! That’s a good thing, that at least you are able to see that!

    But I would say, stop in this corruptive way, you are only going to lead to downfall if you try to become something you are not. Stop this worldly act and please do not continue trying to be a werewolf, but try to instead find light in being a human. Yes, you are human with a mundane, boring old life. But you know what? That is far better than having all of this power, and using it for selfish gain. Instead, try using what you already have been given and use it to honor God, use it to shed light into the lives of others. Why do you want to be a werewolf, because of the mundane things in life? Perhaps your life is boring only because you won’t allow yourself to see past your insecurities? Maybe it’s like that because you won’t allow yourself to NOT have a mundane life? Instead, look past your envies and instead look at what you have. You can be great, you can be better, just so long as you stop looking and being envy at what everyone else has, and instead taking what YOU have at this time and turning it into something great to benefit others, and shed light into their lives in the future!

    These are words of wisdom, inspired by God, written by a Shepard of the Sheep.

    • wolfie says:

      wow thats what you were writeing and trust me your not the first to say i need to be happy with what ive got being human and use it to the best of my ability but i will never change my mind on trying to become something that may never happen but that doesnt mean i will give up. Through many years i have looked and you maybe right i may envy others being what like i said may not happen but thats an emotion all species have no matter what they are. I am doing more in my life then what i have been doing in my youngers and i have gorwn in my self in many different ways but trust me when i say this is defo what i want. I would be more then willing to become a werewolf. you dont know how for i long to become. and youve more likely heard of that plenty of times. but with me i mean every word. we all have our secrects we all have our ways but each of us live with them in different ways.

    • Shepard says:

      And yes, that is what I was writeing lol and trust me is an overused cliché.. we should really refrain from saying that lol ^.^

  3. Shepard says:

    Do ya wanna know a litta secret? *looks at you weirdly* you have no friggen idea how much I wanted to be a werewolf, I literally went to HELL AND BACK for that.. but I learned that what you want isn’t always what you really need, and I learned that I shouldn’t just diss what I am, that I should DEFO accept what I am. And DEFO is my thang do not take it and use it!! Jk lol but anyways defo really is my thang tho…

    I’m not the first to say it and I certainly will NOT be the last. Don’t throw away your life for something, do not just ignore wisdom and reason when given! Please, for your own sake! It’s as if one is speaking to a dog who is untrained… you can be willing to fight yet you can’t take orders. The mouth of the sword is as death to the weilder. But those closer to death are those possessed by the angel of Death and unable to listen to reason when given. You have been told many times, not to try to become a werewolf. How many times, might I ask? I wonder why… and for someone who has made a contract with Lucifer at one point, for someone who has done 44 werewolf spells, for someone who has hypnotized himself, has called out to spirits, talked to wolf spirits, prayed to God, had spells done upon him even.. for one who has convinced his friend, ruined a reputation, being seen as a loser, and worse yet a liar and fake.. for one who has seen things that should never be seen and for one who has literally came close to death SO MANY TIMES I must say unto you for the last time. Listen to reason, do not disregard it. You can be great if you let yourself be great, but if you put the curse of the werewolf upon you it will be too great a burden to bear! That curse is not your own to bear. You were given a curse, the curse of the human. To casually flail and complain about it is like trying to escape a prison after you did something wrong.. not only is it foolish, but it shows a lack of character. Yes, the word of the wise is more silent than talkative, but the mouth of the foolish remains silent when wisdom is to be given. When I say a lack of character, I mean.. a lack of strength, of sense of self, of love of self, Of reason and logic.. a lack of self control.

  4. wolfie says:

    I see.. for you to go through all that and still try again and again. you must see reason for yourself but for one who also has seen seen things that shouldnt been seen or even go through. for one who has been bullied and also called a liar .. and much more .. i may of not called or even contacted the devil but it sure felt like i went through hell and back. And for one who has done every spell i have come across more then i can remember my belivement and my will to wanting the curse pushing me through. It may seem strange or even be seen as stupid to want the werewolf curse and dont get me wrong i take the warnings and discouragments to heart but you dont understand ive wanted this so much. but yet you and others will try to diture me and others like me but im no fake im not some one who just want attentions like some have mentioned, i want this for real. How is that so wrong. to want something so much to go through so much to want it. ..

    • Shepard says:

      Do you even know what a curse actually is? Are you even aware of the reasons that people are telling you not to? I wouldn’t say it is stupid nor strange, it is just plain foolish.. and to believe that through all of the wisdom I had spoken, you must truly be possessed by the angel of Death. Reason paseth as clattering noise to you, all you see is your obsession.. I have been there before, and would you like to know where it brought me? Pain and misery for me, a loss of friendship, destruction of a pack that I so longed to be a part of (even as I was the Alpha of the pack), and I was so obsessed that I hadn’t even realized that I was killing my self over a period of time. But one thing led to another, I began breaking the glass of my life further and further until one fateful day someone came and told me to stop breaking the glass, to instead try to mend it, for while there is glass remaining there is hope. No, you should certainly not be like everyone else and you should not just bend to their pressure. But does that really mean you need to be a werewolf? Or does that mean that, despite being human, that you could find an actual way to do something, be something that actually makes a difference, that actually sets you apart from everyone else? You know, we all want to be something different. But what if, To truly be different, we would instead try to be the same? Sometimes, being different does not mean becoming a supernatural creature, as you might call it.. but sometimes being different is accepting you are the same, accepting you are human, accepting you are what you are, who you are… and taking THAT and turning it into light to shine light for others, but not only that be different by actually shining light, by actually accepting yourself and NOT envying others. You have a lot of strength and a lot of willpower but I fear you are using it for the wrong thing. Stop this worldly act and instead just please, for your own sake.. accept yourself as you are.

  5. Moonlight says:

    Hi again. I have lately been very confused on what I am. Am I a werewolf, vampire, fairy XD, or human. I feel connected to wolves in a wat that is unbelievable, but idk. Just want to make sure ._.

  6. Shepard says:

    My friends, a curse is not a good thing, a curse is a bad thing.

    @Moonlight I would argue due to the relevance of that question to the current topic of debate, however I think a safe place to start is human.. just to make sure lol first observe your actions vs others and be honest, and natural with your actions. Then, explain to me (or someone on here with a magical thing called common sense) your “difference.”

  7. wolfie says:

    Yes i do know what a curse is, and if curseing myself means i can be what i trully want to be then so be it. but unlike some i know when to stop. i know when its time to drop the suject and trully know when to belive that its not possible but to be told that i simplely can not become what i trully desire because i should just accept at what i am, a human then thats not a reason im going to accept. i am trully sorry for what you went through and the desetruction of something you trully fought to find. But even if it doesnt sound it i know im human an i do accept what i was born as. ive done plenty of things within my life that could be counted as helping others and even helping myself. But wanting something, something just out of reach i trully have left it far to long. Im hearing your words i trully am, but that still doesnt mean im going to stop but like i said i know when to give up. but like i said is it so wrong to be part of something, something i find extraordinary and rare. something i find exciting and yet different. You might of guessed it im no normal human because i mean what normal human would try to find a way to change there way of life is like this. But no matter what people try to tell me or try to convince me, i will always try to find a way. i belive in myself that i will.

  8. blink 182 says:

    every time I’m at friends and don’t have wifi this chat goes crazy lol monnlight i have the same thing also if anyones on whats up>

  9. wolfie says:

    @blink 182 hello there

  10. Blink 182 says:

    Hey what’s upwolfie

  11. wolfie says:

    Not much, just curious on somethings. You?

  12. Blink 182 says:

    Nothing what are you curious about

  13. Evaluna says:

    hi everyone!!! 😀

  14. Moonlight says:

    @shepard I have been noticing my actions for a long time because I have pondered this quwstion for a long time. I have noticed that I feel a lot more connected with animals(wolves) and nature than humans which leads me to go out side ALOT XD. Also I knoq I have some type of connection with the moon but it’s different from a werewolf…I think. I feel most energetic and most “werewolf”on an old moon which is the last quarter before a new moon and on full moons I actually get quite tired. I LOVE meat and so does my family, but doesn’t everyone lol. I might have mentioned this before but all my family eat is meat XD. LITERALLY. Well at least for dinner. We have either stake, ribs, pork, or something else. We ALWAYS have meat for dinner. I think it’s a bit unhealthy without the fruits or vegetables but it’s so good lol. With dogs I either get ilmg great with them or they are scared of me. I can run really fast and I have these races with my dogs and I always win XD. These are a few things that I have noticed in the past few months soo ya

  15. Moonlight says:

    So many spelling mistakes XD

  16. Wolfiee says:

    Anyone online?

  17. Shepard says:

    I guess people would be so blinded by their feeling of entitlement, that they miss the fact that a curse is a CURSE and that they would literally ruining their lives with a curse that is not their own to hold.. not to mention, even if one would BECOME a werewolf by some “magical” way, they wouldn’t REALLY be a werewolf, only a mock version anyways. I think it is far better to be fully human than halfway werewolf. And what is with this mindset where people feel so entitled to believe they could be something? Don’t they know that it will lead to death, and it will end in bad? Don’t they know that they are sabotaging themselves in this way?

    @Moonlight the eating meat every dinner does not correlate to being a werewolf. And it’s alright, we all make spelling mistakes sometimes lol ^.^ but I have a preposition that perhaps you’ve been thinking about werewolves/wolves for far too long, causing these “symptoms” you feel to occur? As someone (aka Verumiel) pointed out at one point, one would think about wolves so much, that it begins to affect them, then as it affects them they think about wolves even more, and as they think about wolves even more, it affects them thus more… it is a deadly circle, that of which I’m attempting to break myself out of. You might feel connected, because it’s your spirit animal? Either that, or that might correlate to m-shifting. However, given your truthful and honest list, I might assume otherwise.. there is no “connection” to the moon that werewolves have, aside from maybe instinctual nature, or just the casual staring at the moon lol

    That FEELING of “being werewolf” or “werewolf” is not in relation to real life werewolves, that could correlate more to something called Clinical Lycanthropy or CL. The love of meat I know as a fact is not a werewolf thing.. although werewolves could love meat, like every other human, they certainly don’t have to.. in fact I’m certain that somewhere in the world there is a vegetarian werewolf. And the dog thing, dogs are a man’s best friend.. and I beat my dogs too while racing that doesn’t mean I’m a werewolf, that just means I’m fast. Speed.. is not a werewolf thing, sorry to inform you of that.

  18. Wolfiee says:

    hello shepard

  19. Wolfiee says:

    Evening everyone.

  20. Fallenstar says:

    Sorry for my late return.. Sickness is still bothering me, Its been more than 18 days now too, What a shame.. Anyways. I see that there is a new lupe in town? A “Shepard” It seems? Or is this Shepard lupe? Idk.. Like I said, “Late return” I’ve missed a lot.

  21. Wolfiee says:

    Hello there.

  22. Fallenstar says:

    @Wolfiee; Greetings.

  23. Wolfiee says:

    And im sure its the same lupe seeing he mentioned something about changing his name… but yet i could possibly be wrong. Anyways Im new to this site, its nice to talk to you.

  24. Fallenstar says:

    @Wolfiee, Very well.. Its nice to speak with you as well.

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