“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Lucious says:

    Someone or anyone that is me I ohanzee I changed my name again

  2. Evaluna says:

    @Lucious wdym by dat? iam the real Luna

  3. Eclipse says:

    Hey anyone on? I’ve been afk for a couple months now

  4. Lucious says:

    And been a while
    Been needing to try diff things

  5. Lucious says:

    Hey edlipse nice too c u
    But I have been gone for few months also

  6. Eclipse says:

    Hi lucious has the site gotten better or worse from the last time I got on

  7. Lucious says:

    U thier eclipse xd

  8. Lucious says:

    Rlly don’t know haven’t been on in longer then u I think srry

  9. Eclipse says:

    Its fine I’ll just have too read back on stuff to catch up

  10. Lucious says:

    Alright c ya I gtg drill practice for njrotc xd

  11. Eclipse says:

    OK cya

  12. Lucious says:

    Good morning everyone
    How r yous

  13. Nightshade says:

    hey eclipse are you the same eclipse that I know?

  14. Lucious says:

    Wat happened too eveeyone the use to b on this

  15. Lucious says:

    Beside that how r u

  16. Nightshade says:

    I am good a little tired and hungry. I miss the people that used to be on here, but I don’t think that they will be on till later.

  17. Nightshade says:

    I am happy cause its almost lunch time for me.

  18. Lucious says:

    When u get on xd send me invoice on Google docs plz

  19. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    i m just busy @Evaluna

  20. KHWolf says:

    hi im back

  21. Supernatural Peeps Chatroom Notification says:

    Hey! Anyone who would like to join the Supernatural Peeps Chatroom, email Shepard/Lupe at lolzgamereapers @gmail .com without the spaces! He will email you whenever he can! But act quick, there are 3 spots open and there will not be any more open until next month!

    @Fallenstar @Eclipse you two have been added to the Supernatural Peeps Chatroom, check your emails and go onto Docs, if Docs is available to you. If not, email Lupe at his respective email and let him know, and he can remove your name from the list!

    @Verumiel if you ever do come online, the Supernatural Peeps Chatroom will be a little bit more active from now on, so if you cannot find Lupe at Torch Mountain, make sure to check at the Supernatural Peeps Chatroom! Thank you!

    • Supernatural Peeps Chatroom Notification says:

      To add to this, the first 3 to email will get the spot! So act quick!

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