“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Luna says:

    I have to go my pack needs me be back later today.

  2. Evaluna says:

    for ur info yes i do know what a werewolf is

  3. HumanBeyond says:

    Wow so much lunas y den if u now wat a werwolf is u now dat it is not a physcal shift wolf?

  4. Lupe says:

    Mleh drama. -.- I do not like this. I would like to say 1: learn how to speak. 2: do not berate others for them believing they are certain things it’s for them to choose not you. 3: that is an ignorant statement to overlook the possibilities that it could be true.

    • HumanBeyond says:

      Lup u r wrong. Well u r rite y wrong. Just bcause it is possble dat dosnt mean it is tru.

  5. Evaluna says:

    yes it does there are many types of shifts m-shift p-shift and another one i can’t remember

  6. HumanBeyond says:

    Noooo u r wrong physcal shift is not tru

  7. Evaluna says:

    it is btw who told u physical shifting isn’t true????

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well, the bad thing is, I have no place to hide that can’t be broken out of. I could try controlling my wolf form, but that will take months to do.

  9. HumanBeyond says:

    My werwolf frend told me. ^.^ he nows about werwolves y told me dat physcal shift is not tru. He told me dat any1 who believes they can physcal shift r both physcal unaware y mental insan.

  10. Evaluna says:

    insane???? u rlly believe that? it’s not true werewolves can p shift thats what makes them werewolves and a person who believes he/she is a werewolf mentally thats insane and they act like one? yup thats what’s rlly insane

  11. Luna says:

    Um actually werewolf’s can shift. I believe that my father was able to shitt. But I can’t really remember he died when I was 6.

  12. Luna says:

    Sorry I should’ve been silent about my father. But if things happen to you it can actually prevent you from shifting.

  13. Luna says:

    I know because that happened to me I haven’t been able to shift in 3 years. It’s odd I know I can or at least I used to. I really gotta go before I tell you all everything that happened to make me not shift so bye.

  14. Lupe says:

    I honestly cannot help but say this is serious deja vu, people need to really move from their mindsets and either improve or let things be..

  15. Fallenstar says:

    @Humanprop, I mean yea we can go off of that. Yes, You could say its blowing up on media buts its also been a myth since the 1600’s. So debate with time before or time now. Though honestly we still wouldn’t know if things are true or false because this world is a good hide and seek player who is currently playing hide while the world itself can not seek.

  16. Fallenstar says:

    @Anon, Nor can I say your shift can so called “Kill” Anyone.. . Idk anymore my brain is all mixed up.

  17. Lupe says:

    @Fallenstar I should not be online right now, but here is some advice anyways..

    I see that there has been a dispute on here and I wish it to cease. But aside from that, Speak not for disproval Of others but seeva truth in what they say, then show them your truth. But if you think about it, look at what I have taught on here… don’t focus everything on speculation.

    Here is my spin on this drama, which I think will cost me a ton. There have been hundreds on here of whom have indeed claimed to be, or really were a werewolf – it’s all speculation and it’s all based on current stereotype of what a werewolf is. Yet then I see people coming and saying the speculation is proof of what is seemingly true – again based on current stereotype. A werewolf is not a werewolf for their shift; and for any other beast blood for that matter; a werewolf is a werewolf for the wolf inside.. not just inside but they are the wolf. It’s who they are, what they are, and integrated into them. A wolf isn’t all of this power, a wolf isn’t all of these methods and speculative theorems and all of these insane ideas which pop up out of nowhere. A wolf is a wolf.

    Heh.. sure there is m-shifting. That is a thing, which I have proved. There is astral shifting which I have yet to prove. There is Spirit shifting which I also have yet to prove. But by all means physical shifting seems to bring up the #1 most topic of debate. And honestly, I think that Human Beyond might have a point. “Just because it is possible, that doesn’t make it true.” Just because it is integrated into culture since so and so time, that doesn’t necessarily mean that YES werewolves can p-shift. What they teach in school is that people (aka the government) found another way to kill off their people and create tension, stating that there were humans which could turn into wolves – WEREWOLVES – “let’s go after them!” But further research concludes that even before that, depictions of men turning into beasts have haunted culture – including a Mongolian empire, which was around I believe before the medieval era. The mongols (based on research) believed they all descended from wolves, therefore they have the ability to shift into a wolf. Then, as they came to the Americas, the same cultural type followed the Quileute tribe, who ALSO believed they descended from wolves. In fact, all throughout Native American folklore, there are plenty of accounts of animals, and the relationship between animal and man. Does this make it false? Well.. it certainly doesn’t make them liers if that is what your asking. But the false part would have to be traced even further.. based on further research we have tribes literally worshiping wolves, as a sort of God. (Or Gods) In my opinion (to say the least) I believe that the idea of werewolves really originated from Ancient Rome, or Mongolia. (Thinking about it, Mongolian culture could have influenced Roman Culture as the romans like to steal culture lol) so does that mean what I’m saying is lies? Well.. I’m not certain exactly, that all depends on how much you are willing to listen to this paragraph and actually care about what it’s saying.

    “Just because it’s possible, that doesn’t make it true.” Hm.. based on this statement, from what I said earlier (and Human Beyond before that) we can conclude safely that it’s possible that the Romans influenced Mongolian culture or maybe their cultures each respectfully had their own spin on it. But with this said, the possibilities vs what is true there is so much speculation on here on what is actually real or not, that the fight for the truth continues even now! With all of this half hearted “well it could be..” speculation, the “well it is” is never truly coming out! Stop being half hearted and hold to a truth. Even if your truth is a lie, at least pick a side. This half heartedness will not get anyone any closer to answering questions and will only create more drama and strife. And confusion. Please, for the sake of this website, cease with the confusion and just choose a side! Can werewolves p-shift or not? I have not seen any physical shifting where I live so I cannot say myself. But I will not base my information on the information of others, what I think myself, is that.. no I choose no personally I do not think it is possible. Does that make me a lier, and more or less morally wrong? No, in fact what is more morally wrong is not picking a side and sticking with half-hearted opinions! The only way we can have the truth come out, the real and actual truth is if we stop confusing each other and begin TALKING to each other with actual truth, and if not the truth at the time, our own personal truth! Ya know what? I know there will be a multitude who will be mad at me for this paragraph and be offended, but people should really stop being so soft hearted and just accept not only criticism when it comes, but accept that there will be someone who disagrees with you!

    And about other things, it’s not that I’m upset there is no drama.. I do not like nor enjoy in the slightest the drama that unfolds. I am upset at this website and the people on here for not having intelligent debates and not actually trying to learn and increase in knowledge of the truth.. whatever the truth may be. And don’t debate on me! I will not be online, so it’s kind of worthless for that. Lol but debate amongst yourselves what is true and what is not. That doesn’t mean bully nor chastise another for their beliefs! That means through those beliefs of what is true, try to see their point of view and show them your own! You shouldn’t be afraid to speak what is actually true on your mind, but yes be mindful of those snowflakes who would be offended. I say I do not personally, as the truth comes out from myself, believe that p-shifting is possible, but I don’t think that werewolves can actually p-shift due to some little present called reality. And another thing, people use all of these psychological and philosophical reasons to manipulate one to believing your point, but through all of your emotional tension and drama which you will cause, through all of the insane, inane things which will be said to attempt to thwart us to believe you, that should not ever EVER change what is actually true. Even if you stand steadfast to your lies, i would at least respect that because that means you are holding to your beliefs and believing it openly. But for others who respond with half hearted “yes but no’s” yeah.. to gain respect in this instance, hold steadfast to what you truly believe.

    Fallenstar I will be completely honest with you and say that on gmail I was attempting to tell you of something yet I do not think that you could read it nor respond to it in time. I was sort of worried because it was after you said you had respect for me in which I said what I did, and you hadn’t responded, but I didn’t say anything because I was waiting for your opinion. But honestly, what I was saying on gmail was a personal thing saying that technically when I thought I was a therian I wasn’t LYING what I based my information on what was true. Yet I feel that I could have indeed been misled, and for that I’m sorry. As of right now I am positive I am human and nothing more. And what I said on gmail was that as you respect me, I have a deep respect for you too, and it upset me greatly when you began speaking with such half heartedness. Please, prove your the better man, at least show you ARE a man, and hold steadfast to your convictions and beliefs. Do you or do you not believe in p-shifting? No outside interference, no speculation – the truth. What do YOU believe. Don’t be worried about what others will think. The true measure of a man, even a lier, is to hold steadfast to your beliefs, even when challenged, that no matter what, you would not stop believing in what you do. Because this – shows character, something lacking in society. Hold to your beliefs and do not lie about it to hide behind people’s emotions (I know you aren’t but I’m just saying), nor have half heartedness. Have the actual truth, your truth and only then shall we be one step closer to learning the truth that is THE truth.

  18. Luna says:

    Hey is anyone on I need to talk to somebody…I lost control and almost killed someone. Am I a monster?

  19. Luna says:

    I believe I am

  20. Evaluna says:

    @Luna no ur not a monster but since ur newly turned you will think u r but in reality u just have to control urself more i know it maybe hard but we’re here for you :)many have gone through what ur going through rn

  21. Wolfie says:

    Hey Guys , I’m Finally Back

  22. Wolfie says:

    So , How Was It While I Was Gone ?

  23. Fallenstar says:

    @Lupe, …. A Lot to read.

  24. Blink 182 says:

    What the heck its my turn to be back wolfy lol

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