“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    hi all!!!!!!

  2. Supernatural Peeps Chatroom Notification says:

    We have unfortunately not received any emails.

    If anyone would like to be in the supernatural peeps chatroom, please email Lupe at lolzgamereapers @gmail .com without spaces of course!

    The supernatural peeps chatroom is a google docs where anyone from this website with the link can go and be able to converse between each other. If you would like to be a part of the supernatural peeps community, please email Lupe at the email given above.

    There are still 3 spots open, so act fast before these spots are taken, if you would like to be a part of the supernatural peeps chatroom! Once you email Lupe, he will send you a link to the docs. As another reminder, not everyone will be online on that website, and sometimes no one will be online when you are, so if so, just wait. Someone will come online eventually.

    Thank you and I hope you all have a great day!

  3. Lucious says:

    Too ask has anyone of u felt like u weren’t suppose to b born or alive

  4. Lucious says:

    Need to talk to someone

  5. nightshade says:

    hi people I is back at school though.

  6. Nightshade. says:

    is any one on?

  7. Hey guys! I haven’t been on for a couple of months how is everyone doing? I hope y’all didnt forget about little old me~~ \(~_~)/

  8. I just got home from school 10 minutes ago!

  9. nightshade says:

    hi Lucious sorry I am using my school computer so I can’t talk that much. That and if my mom saw if I was on it at home on the computer she would most likely bring me to a mental instution. and on top of that she took my tablet because I accidently tore my pants. urgg that female B###h.

  10. Presley says:

    Are werewolves real

  11. Blink 182 says:

    Yes anyone on?

  12. Lucious says:

    Everyone Joe has gone dark on us…..
    If your a hunter I will find and kill you one by one and see Joe but haha I am already in this no matter what happens but if people try to come to my county they will die no matter who they are…. Also I’ve seen this in my future 4 times this is wat is ment to b since after 2 people die I am taken to a castle of some sort but get injured and hurt the strongest person thier so if u want me I’m rdy.. also ps too everyone if you read this I and practicing my killing skills right now.. and have 9 months to prepare for it….

  13. Lucious says:

    Not towards Joe but you told me to stay out of it but I’m already part of it now and I’ll die with it…

  14. Lucious says:

    Also I’m not afraid of death so if I sieso b it since I can go to hell heaven purgatory even x my old friends tht I still remember from 4000 years ago and I’ll b find don’t worry been putting my body through the breaking point….

  15. Lucious says:

    I should be going before the pain returns back well this is good bye ILWS for a while c ya also I will be going to Maine real soonto visit a grave….

  16. Lucious says:

    I suggest everyone practice………….. X☠️☠️

  17. HumanBeyond says:

    I tink I culd lern To speak english. I also saw somting in m futre. I saw bs. (Dat was sarcsm)

  18. PROSHI says:

    Hi guys…

  19. PROSHI ( Bloss) says:

    How r u all?

  20. Lucious says:

    I hope tht whoever is hunters die and painfully

  21. @Lucious~Kun, Slow and painfully…me too I wish they would! Nice to meet you I don’t think that I’ve met you before. Anyways, you can call me (Assassin) (Shad or Shadow) Or (Wolfia) :v I was the second one to start the chat room! :v Also I will some times say name or things like, (~Kun, ~Sama, ~Chan, ~Senpai etc.) So don’t be wierded out. That’s how I am. I’m a kawaii person! I hope we can be friends!

  22. I don’t know what we talking about but okay , Any people that I know or don’t know on the web?

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