“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Luna says:

    oooookay? Um hi?

  2. Ghost says:

    Luna can I talk to you a lil on docs

  3. Ghost says:

    It’s about some stuff tht is creepy me out

  4. Ghost says:

    Ment how is everyone

  5. Eclipse says:

    Hello! How has everyone’s week been?

  6. M-I-W says:

    Hello, long time no see, and this time I have a face… (unless it’s not going through)

  7. M-I-W says:

    I’m doing… Okay, how are you?

  8. Ghost says:

    I’m doing good also srry for late response been having hard flashbacks tht feels too real

  9. Ghost says:

    Joe I have a code for u here it is or if Luna can show u

    I gaer’q trael I’m I yor qnued zozt oreszaena xuq I quned Joe oth Luna edizz… Xuq Luna I raph qae qoht qae esaeu oxaeua zaez ayidh kaoza
    I encrypted it but here is a clue this language is not spoken and not Greek or Latin but older and ancient still if u can diguer a language as old as heven and hell u will find the key

  10. M-I-W says:

    Hello, it’s just another day in Maine. XD That’s all I can say, I have to go.

  11. Ghost says:

    Alright and I essed tht code up I’ll translate it for anyone look
    I put my trust in lupe Luna and warrior where ever he may be

  12. M-I-W says:

    To be honest, I can’t even, Ohanzee, I just can’t even, I can’t stay either, but that’s just sad.( whether or not you understand it’s sad)

  13. Moonlight says:

    һєʏ єṿєяʏȏṅє. ı’ṿє ɞєєṅ ɢȏṅє ғȏя ѧ ẇһıʟє һєһ. ċѧṅ ṡȏṃєȏṅє ċѧṭċһ ṃє ȗƿ ȏһ ẇһѧṭ һѧṡ ɞєєṅ ɢȏıṅɢ ȏṅ?

  14. Moonlight says:

    Oh and tell me if the font is too much lol •̀.̫•́✧

  15. Moonlight says:

    Oh and do we have new members?

  16. Hannah says:

    are you guys like the real thing or posers?

  17. Hybird says:

    This is me ghost changed my name

  18. Hybird says:

    This is a question for everyone if you have more than one soul which is in control and if your soul is who lurks in the shadows…

  19. Lillith says:

    @hybrid that’s a good question let me think on it

  20. Hybird says:

    Thank you Lilith and have a good day

  21. Hybird says:

    Hope everyone else have. A good day 😀

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