“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Luna says:

    Hehe ya you all have a good day. And I will have to walk through the gates of hell.

  2. Hybird says:

    Luna can we talk on docs round 4 this site time

  3. Luna says:

    Um thanks but I can’t

  4. M-I-W says:

    Hey, Ohanzee, Docs, you’ll understand if you can remember me, no one else here will really understand, but it’s too damn obvious who I am.

    • M-I-W says:

      I bet some people here will recognize me… Joe, Eclipse, and Evaluna. Pretty sure they remember.

  5. Hybird says:

    M-i-w I hope they do also

  6. Hybird says:

    M I will I’ll talk to u on docs round 4 if tht is a good time

  7. Fallenstar says:

    @M-I-W, You really couldn’t blame anyone for not remembering.. I mean the name and picture is different.. though those who do understand the meaning of M-I-W may just understand.. or the picture if there close enough to remember someone saying they work with planes? idk if that was you.. or if you were the one saying you were going on that lunch break one long time ago.. even though, your right.. some people may or may not recognize you.. though then again, you can’t really blame them.

  8. Hybird says:

    Fallen how have u been.. and the reason I asked the question on the page before is bc that is wat I’m going through… And it is rlly annoying since i share a body lol

  9. Hybird says:

    And u r correct xd

  10. ~Fallenstar~ says:

    @hybrid, Did I ever reply to what you said? if not it might be because I was busy and just looking through or forgot to.. still apologize if so >->

  11. Hybird says:

    U r alright it was on the other page before this one

  12. ~Fallenstar~ says:

    @Hybrid. to be honest, control for WHAT soul really doesn’t matter, you are able to control your own decisions an actions, which also leads to the soul even if you have a dark side.. of course yes your dark side can take over.. but is that a bad thing? no.. a bad side is what we all need.. there is no yin without yang.. so to be honest, both souls would be in control to take the full responsibility of making a balance.

  13. Hybird says:

    Ah u have tht right but how would that work with 3 then

  14. M-I-W says:

    Fallen star true, also I LOVE, planes, especially the B-17G, and one in particular, “Lucky Lady” .

  15. M-I-W says:

    Oh man what, and I think I might remember you Lucas, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on, and due to losing memory easily, it may just be a feeling and nothing. XD

  16. Hybird says:

    I don’t get my parents they told me that I am crazy before but today they went too far

  17. Hybird says:

    They made a joke and now calling me dumb*** or jack*** and don’t know why they try to put me down bc Al try rlly doing is giving me more reasons…

  18. Hybird says:

    I can’t say it on here they coming back again

  19. Luna says:

    Am I the only one who does not know M? And I have a question. If a full blooded werewolf hates your guts how long till he tries to kill you?

  20. Eclipse says:

    I would guess pretty quick, BTW hi everyone

  21. Eclipse says:

    I know who M.I.W is but I won’t say

  22. Eclipse says:

    He was in our Pack thing

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