“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Hybird says:

    Wow I think tht has happened to a few people who were on this before too and agree tht some people need freedom… From facts so they never forget but Wolfie how r u

  2. Hybird says:

    Moonlight can u help me find it for u

  3. Hybird says:

    Wasn’t it the language of the wolf xd??

  4. ~Fallenstar~ says:

    @Wolfie, None of us have ever said we mentored people, We may disagree with facts but we never state that there all untrue.. We don’t act like site creators its just called being mature, and we never said we were that way. its you suggesting thats how we act. we always say such and such are myths.. we never said. No that’s wrong I don’t think blah blah. Correct me if I’m wrong wolfie?

  5. Hybird says:

    Fallen to ask is it normal when u c something in a dream and it actually happenes the same day

  6. Moonlight says:

    @Hybrid, I think so?? I’m not sure.

  7. Moonlight says:

    Night everyone~

  8. Tanya says:

    Hello guys. I’m new here.

  9. Wolfie says:

    Ok Hello I’m Back , And Sorry For The Whole Freedom Speech Thing , I Got Emotional And Lost Control . @Fallenstar , @lupe Can You Please Forgive Me And Let’s Be Friends 🙂

  10. Wolfie says:

    Oh And Hi @hybrid And @everyone .

  11. Wolfie says:

    And Hello To A New Member @tanya , Hi How Are You

  12. Wolfie says:

    I Just Want To Clarify That I Am Fully Back , You May Have Noticed That I Have Been Touch And Go For The Last Few Months , But , Now I’m Back .

  13. Hybird says:

    I just feel bad for wat Lupe had to deal with since when ever he tries to help someone it somehow escalates it or make it worse then wat it was before…
    Also I’m trying to find out y everyone left and never got back on so I’ll be going to that…

  14. Hybird says:

    Hope everyone is doing well today and good luck

  15. Hybird says:

    Wolfie how r you
    But y did 12 people stop coming on all of a sudden out of the blue…

  16. Wolfie says:

    I’m Fine And I Don’t Know Why .

  17. Eclipse says:

    Hi! @Wolfie I read past comments and you kinda started ranting because no one was on.I’ve been here for 3 years and fallen and luna have nothing to do with it. They are just acting mature and because no one else will. Moderate the site to keep the mayhem out.

  18. Wolfie says:

    Alright I Said Sorry

  19. Evaluna says:

    hi guys its been a long time how is everyone?

  20. Hybird says:

    Hello Luna when ever u can check Google docs

  21. Lucas says:

    Hello, I’m kind of back again.

  22. Malia says:

    If i can help, u just have to kill the one that bite u but if u do like me and u become a real alpha, it’s more difficult, i’m looking for a cure for my friends too.

  23. Hybird says:

    Hello everyone to ask is it normal when u feel like something is crushing your spirit?
    And also if it is normal when u get grabbed and dragged off your bed in middle of the night (no on was awake)?

    • Luna_de'celle says:

      No it seems like a ghost is messing with u use Salt or something their no joke to play with

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