“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Luna_de'celle says:

    I’m glad I found this site

  2. Brandon says:

    I’m an alpha we are not monsters we are not lycans my pack and I don’t normally talk to humans

  3. I’m an alpha my pack and I are tired of humans making and not believing that wolf blood isn’t real but the question is who wants to be a wolf

  4. Tia says:

    When you feel like these two people is the same person, but at the same time they can’t be the same person. Just how they type, makes me think that they could/maybe be the same person. o.O Lol I’m really bored.

    My friend: Yer really, when I was asking about it I gave a few different ideas and you shot them down and said wouldn’t happen to each one. From there I made other plans; at the moment I don’t even have my bike with me which I would have used, I’m picking a friend up from airport today which I already said I would, and I’m tired from not sleeping enough this last week. So no, telling me that it could work at 3pm on the afternoon i would have ridden down, which is a 5hr trip, with no prior planning, doesn’t work.

    Lycanhope October 2, 2014 at 7:58 pm
    @Lucky: Yay, you’re continuing.

    I didn’t give a story, so there’s nothing to actually be fake. Good job there.

    I don’t know what these “werewolfs” you’ve been studying are, because the plural is werewolves. You’d think that you’d pick that up if you studied for even an hour.

    Speaking of you’d, you seem to have a lot of trouble with English. Might want to learn the language before arguing in it.

    Spiritualism is the same as religion, it’s chosen by the person and is not required. It’s not a spiritual thing unless you consider it to be, for example if the person believed they were a wolf in a previous life or they have a wolf spirit inside them.
    Good job trying to teach how spiritualism works to a druid though, 10/10 for effort.

    My age doesn’t factor into anything. I respond with maturity, I just don’t say things you like. Because I’m here to inform, not hold your hand and tell you how special you are.
    Anybody who asks questions get answers. That simple. You want a nice answer, ask a nice question. You want a sarcastically obnoxious answer, ask something stupid.

    Finally, the fact that I said “see a doctor” shows that in some small corner of my mind I considered the possibility that you weren’t an idiot (this has been revised), and as such based on what you provided it sounded like you had either an infection or a parasite. It’s called logic.

  5. Alvy Darkstorm says:

    hi… guys…! how r u all going..? i m missing u all 🙁

  6. sidney says:

    i have a lot of questions…… a busy person i need to know if any one said they are what they say they are then why say it to the world that’s bad and if you are then why don’t you keep it a secret are you afraid of being killed.??

  7. sidney says:

    i feel weird like i’m not the same. i look at every one and i don’t feel like them can someone please help it took forever for me to say this???

  8. blink 182 says:

    its a normal thing i feel like it all the time after a little bit it just becomes another part of life

  9. Kevin says:

    So I found this site, and I have always been interested in the world I live in. Normally, I’m not obsess with “supernatural”, however that doesn’t mean I’m not a curious person. I’ve always heard claims about people saying “I’m a werewolf”, and others saying they “seen” one, and although I do believe 9/10 times it’s bullsh*t (forgive me for cussing), that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a sprinkle of semi belief inside of me. If anyone ACTUALLY is or knows anything to do about werewolves, don’t hesitate to message me/ reply to this comment. Trust me, I’m not some random person looking to spill everyone’s secrets or act like everything in life is a big game, thinking I’m the center of the universe or something stupid like that, I’m just a person wanting to know a bit more about the world around me. After, every story should have some truth in them, right?

    • Luna says:

      My family was known as the “Wolf Gardians” of a tribe becuse of our un natrial eyes and our way of understanding and bonding with wolves. You see one way of teeling my family is look for hints or rings of colar in there eyes. Like my father had hints of red in his and mine has rings of amber gold. And the reson most Wolfs stay hidden is becuse of Hunters. A group of dangress cold blooded shiffters who have no regard of life and would kill anything and anyone to get what they want. Trust me they don’t play games they kill and make sure no ones left. Unless if they find a use for you than you only have one chance to escape or die trying. Trust me I know more than anyone. That’s alive.

  10. Hello, anyone on? I need some people to talk with.

  11. Luna says:

    Hey. And Brendan it might be that easy for you but me and humans need one another. The pack next to me wont hurt or kill me becuse the humans will pot them on death role. And the humans need something deffrient to talk about and what’s better than a girl who has amber rings in her eyes. So my famly genitic helps me live. Humans may not know what we are but they help.

  12. Evaluna says:

    hey everyone!!

  13. Evaluna says:

    @Brandon Auen humans don’t need to understand or believe that we’re real imagine the chaotic world we would be in if humans knew about our existence? it would be horrible….. it would be very bad…. humans would be afraid of even getting out of their homes and they would go around killing every werewolf in sight and soon we will cease to exists and Vampires and Dhampirs will be the only ones who will know we once existed

  14. hybird says:

    hello everyone i wanted to ask yous this y do hunters kill us and or wat do u mean a use for us @luna

  15. hybird says:

    and too ask (y would ones shoulder hurt and feel like something is trying to change something bc out of my whole body tht part has scally skin) i also wanted to ask is it good when u think thier is something growing in between your shoulder blades and pushing its way through…

  16. Evaluna says:

    @Hybrid im pretty sure u know wat im referring to…. btw are u rlly Hybrid?????

  17. hybird says:

    lol yea i am but been having trouble remembering anything lately 🙁

  18. Evaluna says:

    wait….rllly????? remember @Lupe???

  19. hybird says:

    yes i do only reason is tht i have him as a friend in google docs

  20. hybird says:

    and been looking at some comments on a diff chatroom

  21. Evaluna says:

    wait wdym by having trouble??? wat is it???

  22. hybird says:

    its like everything from the past is all of a sudden starting to turn into nothing but sometype of nightmare or gone completely

  23. Evaluna says:

    wait theres more than one chatroom??? btw imma email u when i get home and i kinda got in trouble in school 4 this….ill explain later but i gtg ttyl

  24. hybird says:

    its like the things r like diff entierly

  25. Evaluna says:

    ill give you more details of what happened in school a few months ago

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