“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. hybird says:

    but i cnt talk on google docs right now untill i get a new phone now since for some reason and idk how but someone hacked mos tof my gmails besides the one with the emails so i cnt untill i know whoever is doing this has stopped completetly

  2. hybird says:

    hybird signing off c yous later everyone and hope yous are all alright and doing well

  3. hybird says:

    ill be on round 4-5 hours from now

  4. Evaluna says:

    @Hybrid ok i get it 🙂 but u can get on the website right?

  5. Silver says:

    hi @ Evaluna

  6. Kevin says:

    So from what I’m seeing, is everyone an actual “werewolf”, here?

  7. Evaluna says:

    @Silver hello 🙂

  8. hybird says:

    i can srry for late response been dealing with people who always watch me now xd and hopefully i can get on google tommorow so we can talk ill b on from 10 till 5

  9. Evaluna says:

    wait i can’t add your name to the google docs… because unfortunately it says that u don’t exist lolz i could send it to your email but….ur email doesn’t work right??? wdym with ppl who r always watching you??

  10. hybird says:

    look the people are people i used to have as frends and some of them forme a goup tht hunts supernaturals in any way tht they can but need proof they need to c me on this to actually start a plan to kill people and or me with even the slightest hint of

  11. hybird says:

    look use thechat we had with ohanzee*****@g

  12. hybird says:

    luna also the spirit animal keeps changing to diff animals can u explain tht to me or lupe

  13. Lupe says:

    It is quite interesting.. spending time away from this website and attempting to look within has opened up my mind to the truth of myself. I realized how corrupted I became.. how low I went on this website.

    I thank God for the time spent off. I will continue to be offline until my designated time, but for anyone on here who is wondering, worry not for where I am.. for where I will go only I can go.. because again it is my life, and my path.

    A recent thought came to mind that has humbled me. Quite a lot. I know that people, us humans.. we are weak and cannot save ourselves, that is why we were given a savior. But..

    I remember a time when I once believed that life was a string of endless possibilities, that TECHNICALLY things can change, the future can change. A question to consider is, can the future really change?

  14. Andrea says:

    I am a human interested in Werwolf folklore. This is site is very interesting ! Can someone tell me what they know about the moonstone gem ?

  15. Lupe says:

    Fine, if moderation will be a b**** I will just RE write it (hopefully to send)

    I have come to believe that as some things in life can be changed, other things.. are just unchangeable. And I have come to a conclusion that everything in life that happens is all a part of God’s will..

    I know some will lash out at me for talking about God, for preaching his word, and for teaching the truth.. but that is fine, because that is an unchangeable part of life.

    But yeah.. turn from your wicked ways, for it will only end in destruction. As some things cannot be changed, your decisions in life can.. choose the right path, the path of freedom, the path of God..

    Honestly it is your choice but.. as said, whom the son sets free is free indeed.

    Those who are victims to their wrath against others are not free.. they are slaves to their anger.

    Those who bind themselves under a blanket of lies and call it “freedom..” are both hypocrites and slaves to their lies.

    It is easy to enslave yourself, just as it is to become enslaved by many things in this world. But who the son sets free is free indeed. Turn from your wicked ways and turn to God, and by the power of God you shall be freed from yourself. From this world. And maybe your life might not improve now, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t doing something in your life! God is working things for your favor.

    It just takes faith. Tbh both faith and love are not feelings.. they are not intended feelings. In this world it doesn’t even MATTER what you intended.. faith and love are actions.

  16. Evaluna says:

    @Andrea what is a moonstone gem??? honestly i’ve never heard about it

  17. Yousef says:

    I wanna be a werewolf if I can be a werewolf talk to me in instagram:yyousef.m

  18. hybird says:

    Lupe i do agree with you can we change the future of everything and stop hurting Gaia and stop killing inocents animals and for wat greed like poeple i talked to before they say we are all made of greed in some way or another but i dont want anything rlly anymore all i want is to see mother nature before we started to tear this world apart from greed to rage me i just we can protect nature with our spirits and hope tht we can stand with nature as one and in peace without killing anything for a day and actually look at them in nature which is said to be cruel but i think cities are more cruel then anything but c yous around one day in a forest under the moon in spirit since we are all diff in somey right like me i love nature and would die without it and as we kill nature i die with it bc of what i am which yous will find out in time farewell…
    and me i hope u read this lupe and when u do answer this plz

  19. hybird says:

    also my connection with nature is needed so people understand and people say your friends with people animals like u in diff ways

  20. ohanzee says:

    well hope everyone read this and good luck to yous hope yous have a good day

  21. Adlet says:

    Where is a good place to meet and chat with other wolves who are adults?

    • LupineJG says:

      I guess you want to discuss some of those more inappropriate “Adult” subjects… lol

    • Adlet says:

      @LupineJG No. In fact, I specifically tried to word it so it wouldn’t be taken the wrong way. Clearly that failed! Just wanting to talk to other wolves who’s first priority in life isn’t school. Got any suggestions?

  22. ohanzee says:

    hope u all have a good day 🙂

  23. ohanzee says:

    Lupe and Luna r yous 2 okay??? answer whenever u can but hope today or early tommorow been worried bout both of yous


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