“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. ohanze says:

    can i talk to someone plz 🙁

  2. Someone long gone says:

    Ohanzee, I am sorry I won’t be back on for quite sometime, I have, things to do, I wish I could, help, I really do….. I’m sorry, tell Joe, and the rest of us, that I will be off for at least a few more months…..(from this point) Another time, we shall speak.

  3. ohanzee says:

    as u wish it will be done.

  4. ohanzee says:

    Everyone Luna will be gone for a while to deal with some things.

    What I wanted to ask is it normal when u remember a pure blood werewolf family from your past life that was your older brother’s first name but not your parents names, and plz respond and dont hold back on your thoughts. To answer a question i think will be asked is how do you know they were pure bloods? Well let’s say that its wierd to keep the family pure…

    Hope yous comment soon

    • Lupe says:

      My first response a few months ago would have been “bs.” My second response would have been a booklet of why I don’t trust what you said. But now, my first response is this. Lol

      I am honestly not sure what you mean by pure blood, I have just seen wolves as.. well wolves, unless they are a hybrid of multiple creatures, then I understand.

      But before I pick things apart subconsciously, I wouldn’t exactly say it is ABNORMAL, because past life stuff is.. strange indeed. Quite expected! I know someone who believed their past life was a vampire from fiction, so.. I can see that it is not abnormal.

      But the last part.. “it’s weird to keep the family pure.” Excuse me? I have no clue what this means, to be honest. Could you elaborate, and I can return to this once I return after my disappearing act?

  5. ohanzee says:

    Luna I hope Joe can tell you this or show you but if your in trouble ill help in anyway possible. Hope u do alright though

  6. ohanzee says:

    i think i talked bout wrong person srry

  7. ohanzee says:

    tht was wolf not luna my bad luna

  8. Orgasmo says:

    I think that was Wolf too, sorry about the name I chose, I had to check it’s been months…. now time to go back off for another however long. >.< )-)

  9. Lupe says:

    Months? It has been a week maybe, maybe less for me? I have been trying to stay offline recently and I might return to my disappearing act, however I have not been so successful with avoiding this website.

    @Thepersonwiththemask ok lol I hope things are well with you, and I wish peace and happiness to you.

    Has anyone seen Fallenstar? I hope he is alright, and I honestly feel as though it’s my fault he is not online, but I doubt it significantly.

    Speaking of which, if anyone sees Eclipse or Verumiel.. just inform me next time I am online, thank you! ^.^

    Have a great evening/morning everyone, and I will see you soon! ^.^

  10. Lillith Jane says:

    @Lupe I want to join a pack or whatever werewolves are in

  11. Lilly Jane says:

    Ik its not that easy but I will do what it takes even if I’m not one of you guys

  12. Fallenstar says:

    I apologize.. I’ve been gone for quite a while, Schools been bothering me and then I have coyote problems.. Then there is emotional business.. and love problems Just a bunch of jumbled up bs going on.. So I never have the time to be on, But everyday I Look at the page just to see whats happening.

    • Fallenstar says:

      Also, that “Is it weird to keep the family pure?” Comment.. To be honest a pure blood is a born werewolf or any were creature. Once your pure blood there is no turning back. So to me that comment does not make any sense.. “Is it weird to keep the family pure?” That’s like asking. .Is it weird for the family to be born the way they are. I mean.. Question is do you think that’s weird?

  13. A little, BUT… is it weird to know more about a werewolf than an actual werewolf?

  14. ok im changing my name again since whoever used ohanzee is making me look like a idiot

  15. Eclipse says:

    Hi everyone. Recently ive been having some personal stuff going on so if im not on as much as i used to then you know why. I will try to be on more but I cant promise anything

  16. Eclipse says:

    @Lupe im back! Email me when u r on

  17. Eclipse says:


  18. wolfy says:

    hi guys i’m a werewolf, some other werewolf’s being giving my family some trouble at the moment but i hope it will clear up soon also i have not had my first transformation yet because i’m not 16 yet.

  19. Fallenstar says:

    @Wolfy, Well.. You don’t need to be any age to start your shifting methods. There are many different ways to shift. Physical, Mental, Auric, Dream, Shadow, Sense, Bi-Location, Totemic, Astral, Ect… Well, I guess there could be a type of age..? But I mean 16 is just a myth number its not really true that people shift at that age. Though I believe when people start experiencing there symptoms to make them find out what they are. a little while after that you start the shifting phase. Though there are 5 phases before that shifting phase.

  20. Bryan says:

    Hey guys I wanna know if u guys or some people in this blog are real werewolves and if u are then can I ask a few questions?

    • Wolfy says:

      Hi Bryan what questions do u want to ask

    • some old guy says:

      I have seen that image before, it’s randomly generated, but the same email as long ago, I see, I have no email, just a random one, so I have no clue what it’ll look like, but Bryan, when where you last here?

  21. light says:

    its me ohanzee
    hope everyone is ok yous r actually my only true friends i care for

  22. light says:

    wolfy i hope your alright and your family
    also fallen u r correct with all of those methods and is hard actually at first if i must say

  23. light says:

    wolfy i hope your alright and your family
    also fallen u r correct with all of those methods and is hard actually at first if i must say

    • Wolfy says:

      Thanks ohanzee we are alright also I’m excited because me and my family are going to visit other members of the pack this weekend btw I’m pure blood my dad is a werewolf and my mum is human

  24. light says:

    tht is cool actually xd im going hiking in the woods this weekend to get away from my parents

    they havent been getting along and its not good on someone who can’t think about blood or violence bc of his past life tht i keep secret

    btw i have no clue who the other ohanzee is but he is ver annoying with the comment he said

    • Wolfy says:

      Ohanzee I am having the same thing like when these guys at school are stealing my stuff I just feeling like ripping them in half but I know I would expose our whole kind if I did that.

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