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  1. light says:

    also i don’t know why but i can only think about blood for some reason anyone know how to get rid of it dont know why it happened but started 2 weeks ago on sunday i started to have it minute after minute and second after second

  2. Fallenstar says:

    @Bryan, Oh hello!, Welcome to the chat. Not all of us are werewolves. For example I, A coyote. Lupe, I think a fox..? Or he’s trying to find out. others hell hounds and others staying true to the fact that they believe they are werewolves. I can’t really say if I believe everyone is speaking the truth on how they feel supernatural wise but for the others, I can say yes. Some of us are actual supernatural beings. I mean.. Its a public site so speaking out this secret is idiotic to me but.. Who cares, Most never believe you anyways. Still what are your questions?

  3. light says:

    wolfy tht is true but about exposing our kind
    but with this urge it is hard to control when thier is so much blod shed in my school from fights and it gets to me so bad tht i normally past out once a day to get away from the smell of blood.

  4. light says:

    thier is at least 2 fights a day tht my police school cops have to get involved

  5. Fallenstar says:

    @Wolfy, I am not currently in any pack.. I’m a lone coyote, Plus.. Coyote’s aren’t meant to join packs.. Though I did try to join Lupe’s I changed my mind about it..

  6. Wolfy says:

    Ok I have been feeling aggressive all day thank fully I did’nt get into one also fallen what are the symptoms for a mental transform because I have been getting headaches for 5 days now.

  7. light says:

    wolfy u too? can u explain how bad they are

  8. light says:

    fallen to ask have u heard of a were-cheetah
    or wolfy
    reason im asking a cheetah has been in my dreams alot and i could actually talk to her also even in the dreams tht i have tht is bad she is thier always.

  9. Wolfy says:

    Yea there quite bad but I think it might be one of the symptoms for a mental transformation but I don’t know also I have never heard of a were- cheetah but I think there might be some in Africa since that’s were normal cheetahs are.

  10. Wolfy says:

    Ohanzee I’m really looking forward to my first transformation because my dad transforms into a wolf with dark brown fur and blue eyes

  11. Mira says:

    Hello I’m Mira, how do you do

  12. Wolfy says:

    Guys it is really hard being a werewolf in England because wolves have not been in this country since the Romans so we can’t transform a lot but it is easier when we go to visit other relatives in the pack in the highlands of Scotland

  13. light says:

    tht sucks for u wolfy wish u luck xd x ya

  14. light says:

    wolfy i wish u the best of luck adn hope tht i can figure out what my cheetahs name is and hope we can agre with something tonight 🙂 hope it goes right if not im gonna be sad or mad one of the 2 🙂 wish me good luck

  15. Wolfy says:

    Yea hope it goes well for u as well

  16. Ember says:

    Hey guys I recently became a werewolf (ask as many questions as you like) I’ve had anger issues head aches I’m constantly craving meat I go to the woods everyday and just tell me parents I’m going for a “run” I’d like to know how to change eye colour. Also when I get mad or excited my veins stand out on my arm almost bulging out of my skin

    • Mira says:

      How do you mean ember, you became a werewolf. I don’t mean to be rude but you don’t become a werewolf you are one or your not.
      I don’t know or read of anyone hows wolf had been awoken. Or spells that wake one inside you. You may have to explain that one to me as I’ve never known that to happen

  17. Wolfy says:

    Yea ember I don’t know what your experiencing because I was born a werewolf But I have not transformed into a wolf yet but getting so symptoms so I might have my first transformation soon also I like running in the woods it gives you a adrenaline rush that you can’t feel anywhere else doesn’t it!

    • Ember says:

      I drank from a wolfs paw print and I did a spell and in my ansestry there could have been a wolf in my family so I may have awoken a wolf gene that lay dormant

    • Ember says:

      It’s nice to talk to another werewolf It’s hard keeping it a seceret sometimes

  18. Wolfy says:

    Yea I only have to keep the secret from my friends because my dad’s a werewolf too but we don’t get to transform very often because I’m from England and wolves have been here since the Romans

    • Ember says:

      Oh that’s cool you have a family member you can be yourself around the wolf gene must have skipped a generation in my family I just love running free and wild in the woods the full moon that’s coming up on the 29th I’m going to be staying with friends abroad this will be my first full moon sice I changed and I’m scared I’m gonna transform

    • Ember says:

      Wolfy do you have any advise I’m going abroad to stay with people I’ve never seen before it just so happens that I’m gonna be there on a full moon and I’m scared I’m gonna transform or at least eye colour change what should I do?

  19. Wolfy says:

    Yea I’m going away this weekend so hopefully if I have my first transformation while I’m there so I can feel what it’s like to be a wolf for the first time!

  20. Wolfy says:

    Yea I’m going away this weekend so when it’s the 29th , i will have my first transformation while I’m there so I can feel what it’s like to be a wolf for the first time!

  21. Wolfy says:

    Ember on the full moon keep away from your friends try to transform in a wood are something

    • Ember says:

      Thanks for the advise as It’s gonna be my first full moon hopefully I’ll only get eye colour change but you never know so better safe than sorry I’ll find woods or something I’ll just have to jump out of a window

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