“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. just a demon hunter says:

    i heard a debate about demons

  2. Gh0st says:

    U did lol don’t know who won or loss

  3. Gh0st says:

    She’s like my guardian angel but demonic and know she is actually a succbus since I’ve left my body to actually talk with her and she was very pleased also (succubus is demon like envy if I’m correct) @ lipe

  4. Gh0st says:

    Also I Elly don’t care what most people say bout demons but I like them to be honest they r actually decent once u get know them a lil

  5. Gh0st says:

    Plus everyone knows wiki is fake XD and
    Wolfie how have you been lol it’s been a while have been trying to figure out some personal issues

  6. Wolfy says:

    @gh0st it’s wolfy with a y and I have been good thanks man did you get that bloodlust under control?

  7. Gh0st says:

    Well let’s say half way @wolfy

  8. Gh0st says:

    It’s has been a while though since I seen this site since

  9. Gh0st says:

    Just a demon I want to talk bout your opinion on demons and thier kind?

  10. Lupe says:

    I just heard the worst thing ever. -.- this goes to show why I lost my faith in humanity.

    Blood drinking people force men and boys to rap* their mothers, and convince these people (likely children but I’m unsure) that witchcraft will save them from bullets coming at them all in a country Congo, which btw is where this immigrant came from to therefore protest and shut down the Statue of Liberty for some purpose they didn’t even have anything to do with until then, and now they are famous and people have died.

    While I listened to that on the radio, I chewed on a popsicle stick until it was in shreds. I still keep finding pieces here and there and I’m sure I left some in the car. -.- This.. is why.. I just.. want to go away from this stupid society. Why.. I just cannot deal with the world’s useless BS!! *screams really loudly and shuts door behind, causing the house to shake.*

    • Lupe says:

      I found a website explaining most of what I just said in better wording, minus the Statue of Liberty thing.

      https :// www. google. com/amp/s/

      (No spaces)

      And I just realized that the radio I was listening to was probably wrong on the person who climbed the statue, but here is a website for that too. I now realize that the radio person was probably piecing things together that weren’t connected, but this still stresses me out anyways.

      https:// www. google. com/amp/s/

  11. Lupe says:

    This is why I don’t watch the news, because the world is just.. *sighs* crazy.

    Not to mention on the first website I posted, it explained how these people were convinced magic made them invulnerable and were beheaded. This is the exact reason why I say that magic is (or mostly can be) misleading because most of it is just bs.

    Btw that in Congo was happening because of some Congo war.

  12. Eclipse says:

    Hello! Glad to see a new face around @demon hunter

  13. Eclipse says:

    Reading back I think your a load of bs Gh0st.Not only did you just say that you befriended a demon but after your saying lupe is bs.

  14. Gh0st says:

    Lupe most vampires these days do drink blood yes but they get most of it donated to them by people who have medical records stating that they have nothing wrong with them viruses that stuff, don’t mind garlic neither… And some feed on energy around them kinda like I can take someone energy and give it to other people….

    • Puca says:

      My partner who is a vampire does’t mind garlic. He actually finds it really amusing that people think vampires dislike garlic. I’m Italian and I eat garlic quite a lot and it hasn’t bothered him at all … in fact, he loves it. lol.

  15. Tristina says:

    Hello everyone.

  16. Gh0st says:

    Those with standards at least which is rlly hard to explain

  17. Gh0st says:

    Well good night if anyone c @just a demon Hunter ask him what time he own here normally plz and appreciate

  18. Tristina says:

    @Lupe I was in NYC when the person climbed the statue and everyone was in a frenzy.

  19. Tristina says:

    Good night Gh0st. Take care.

  20. Gh0st says:

    Wow tristina that sounds exciting and dangerous at same time..

  21. Lupe says:

    @Demon Hunter: Where is Danny? Where is the peacekeeper?

  22. Eclipse says:

    Hello! @Lupe why would demon know? I don’t have a clue.

    • Lupe says:

      Because he has access to Danny’s profile, insinuating that he has access to Danny. Not to mention, he said he would let him know and it’s been practically 5 days.

  23. Fallenstar says:

    @Lupe, I was at the hospital sorry but before you said theres nothing good a demon can ever do.. Some bad intentions can be put to good use causing as I said Pain or Pleasure.. Though we all know they want one thing.. Forget it I do not care for explaining it Anymore.

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