“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Mira says:

    Omg really did I say anything about discrimination… No I didn’t. I said that they might of had problems with them. Read my messages please.
    They didn’t force themselves to hate them

    • Lupe says:

      I read it quite clearly. It’s not about you saying directly of discrimination, it’s about the exact description you gave which indicates so.. discrimination isn’t a forced thing, people just choose to for whatever reason, there is always a reason. In this case, humans did stuff in the past to your family, so they close it off and make sure that there would be no mating with humans. But even if you don’t realize it’s still discrimination because even through protection, there is still a clear indicator of, need I say racism against the human race. So I ask, how is it not messed up, how is it not discrimination.

    • Lupe says:

      *how is it not discrimination?

  2. Mira says:

    Sorry but your wrong. There is nothing wrong with my family keeping clear and of course there not racist.
    Your just trying to use all your words again.
    They did it to protect us not to be racist.

    • Lupe says:

      All my words? Fine, your family can have their own way but I still find it messed up, even through protection.

      But I’m trying to research genetics to see the exact probability of there being a human in a family comprising of werecreatures. What really confounds me is that everyone is specifically wereWOLF.

  3. Lupe says:

    Nope. Nvm I now just find it silly. Onto a newer topic, what comes to your mind first when I say “wolf strap?”

  4. Mira says:

    Why are you taking it personally? It’s not silly it’s just how it is. There might be human in the family in the past I just wouldn’t know.

    Wolf strap…. Sounds like your making a bag or something?

    • Lupe says:

      Lol I’ve actually stopped caring about the previous topic, sorry. Lol

      Lol well I read somewhere about this legend of a wolf strap. Legend says that it’s a gift from the devil and for whoever owns it can never get rid of it. But whenever you put it on, you’d transform into a werewolf, or their form at least. The werewolf here is depicted as a being, unable to help the damage they cause, and unable to lift this curse.

  5. Mira says:

    That’s why I’m not so cool with you, you pick a subject and when you don’t get the answer you want you don’t care.

    I’ve not heard of that from anywhere

    • Lupe says:

      Lol I read it on a website.

      I’m not sure if it matters, but by me saying that I don’t care, I’m saying that I’ve already moved on from that convo. You already corrected me on what was wrong, I took the correction, I move on, I stop caring because I find no point to return to that convo, especially not in that way. Perhaps we could discuss genetics, but I’ve been getting this feeling that you don’t really wish to talk about that, so I back out and leave to start another convo, hopefully to result in you actually getting interested.

      Honestly, what upsets me most is that you tend to get highly emotional while I try to remain calm. I attempt to talk about things such as genetics yet I get a semi-offended, semi-sour response. So it’s not that I’m changing topics because I didn’t get the answer I wanted, I am changing the topic to find out what DOES NOT cause you to become frustrated with the conversation.

  6. Mira says:

    Reread what you put maybe. I’m not frustrated with nothing I don’t see what made you think that. I’m just answering your questions.

    You just need to read what you put before posting it, the way you put things are not good. You should be more clear

    • Lupe says:

      Hm.. ok I will try, but what made me think that was because of the tone you were using, so I was attempting to find a convo that didn’t cause that form of tone.

  7. Mira says:

    That’s why I hate the internet you can’t tell the tone of someone. I wasn’t angry or anything

    • Lupe says:

      I see. The tone of one’s voice is a great indicator of their mood. Without the tone, it is harder to understand what the other is feeling.

  8. Mira says:

    Yes that is very true

  9. Lupe says:

    But if I need to work on being clear, then I will be both clear and blunt. I honestly think that you aren’t fake, but what I am baffled by is the fact that your entire family is werewolves. I am currently doing research on genetics so I can see how long it would take for this to occur, so as to figure out an estimated time for this to have began. There are many variables, so before I make my conclusion, I need to address each of them.

    A variable I had thought of was this.. suppose someone from your family of werewolves mates with another werewolf outside of your family, however although your family is clear of normal human dna, aka no one lacks this supposed “werewolf gene,” the person who they mated with has many human relatives and direct human parents or grandparents.

    What thoughts do you have on this variable I had thought of? Also, was I clear enough to understand?

    • Mira says:

      Oh you mean if someone mated another outside the pack that had human relatives ?

      Then they’d be a chance of human babies like a 50/50 chance

  10. Mira says:

    I’m a bit confused about this that you said…

    the person who they mated with has many human relatives and direct human parents or grandparents

  11. Lupe says:

    Hm ok lol thx for your opinion ^.^

  12. Lupe says:

    Lol! I’m a tad bit confused. You answered my question and I thanked you for answering it. Was there something I missed?

  13. Mira says:

    I was asking if that’s what you meant

  14. Lupe says:

    Now I’m further confused lol

    Yes, that is exactly what I meant when I said that lol

    I honestly am excited for the next season of Doctor Who. Have you seen it?

  15. Lupe says:

    Oh ok lol ^.^ well it’s actually a pretty good show. You should check it out sometime, that is if you’d like. Lol

  16. Lupe says:

    Hm ok lol that’s fine

  17. Lupe says:

    Lol means “laugh out loud,” it’s like a form of “tone” on the internet that people can understand or relate to, to see that people are laughing, having fun, being friendly, or even just laughing out of being uncomfortable because either way, you have a chance of laughing.

  18. Lupe says:

    Rn I am feeling quite energetic. I’m uncertain if it’s from all of the sugar I ate yesterday, or if it’s from my exercise routine, but I have quite a bit of energy. I wonder how long it will last.. (btw for some reason exercising daily actually gives me energy, is that weird?)

    • Mira says:

      Can I have some lol my energy is pretty crap still at the moment.
      It’s not weird no it happens to some people and if you had sugar it boosts it that bit more

  19. Lupe says:

    Ah ok lol and I think I might have figured out how. I’m not sure, I could be wrong but I think that people get energy from exercising because you oxidize your muscles/bones and as you exercise more in a solid routine you begin to actually feel “stronger” meaning you feel like you can do more than the given routine. So that being said, the exercise routine gets easier and you end up therefore gaining more potential energy from the strength acquired.

    This suddenly makes me want to disprove those who claim they just gain strength as they shift. The body needs time to develop, and even if muscles are required you won’t automatically become much stronger just because your a werewolf. (Or werecreature) The ability to grow stronger isn’t even a werecreature thing at all but rather a thing of biology and biological creatures. Even then there are limits to the strength of a given person, including that you cannot just grow stronger overnight.

    I know as evident fact from experience that people will claim “but this is a supernatural thing, meaning science cannot explain it!”, however I know that however supernatural it is, life still follows a set of rules for how things are made. Form follows function, a werewolf can shift, but muscles require actual effort and time to develop not an overnight package. hm..

    @Mira: So how exactly are you shifting?

  20. Lupe says:

    Legitimate question: If you are able to shift into a creature, are you able to shift into any other creature too or are you limited to that creature?

  21. Mira says:

    Anybody can gain strength, working out exercising. Not an easy thing but once you start pushing yourself into a routine, as you said you get use to it and then can go further.

    I don’t shift into a creature, I shift into a wolf and no I don’t shift into anything else

    • Lupe says:

      Werecreature is like a form of saying “someone” but moreso specifying that they can shift into a creature.

      Yeah, I think that the week after next I might enhance my exercise routine, because this week it has become quite simple.

      And do you physically shift or is it a mental shift?

  22. Mira says:

    Just makes us sound like aliens.

    You should up it for sure if it’s getting easy for you.

    Werewolves are physical shifters.
    If you were a mental shifter you would say your a wolf/ lycan you wouldn’t say your a werewolf.
    I believe they call them therians people who can metal shift

    • Lupe says:

      Hm.. I see, I would normally refer to them as being all “were(insert animal here)s” because I hadn’t known there was actually a difference, so thanks for letting me know of the difference lol

      Well, I didn’t know that it makes you sound like aliens, so I apologize for that. However it honestly makes me feel awful when I’m categorized into a group of people who inside are nothing like me but outside look similar or talk similar, or are similar. I guess that’s one of the many reasons why I have a very diverse range of friends.

  23. Mira says:

    Yes they are two different things lol. You learn something new every day, as I say I’m here to help.
    It’s okay you didn’t know so it’s okay

    • Lupe says:

      Ok lol thx anyways for helping me. As I said, I’m here to learn. So what is it like to shift into a wolf, and what does it feel like? Are there any symptoms from shifting? And how long did it take before you were actually able to shift? Take your time for these questions if you need time.

  24. luna says:

    Hi any weresolfs want to hang out with a vampire;)

  25. Mira says:

    My father helped me prepare for it as I’ve said a while ago.
    Meditating is key to shifting, having a clear mind. So I learnt at an early age to meditate and exercise is also good keep you strength up because you need it, especially your first shift, you don’t have much control so energy is great to have. Tingling and pain is what you feel. Some get headaches and feel weak and tired when back to human, but you get use to it after a few times. I was 16 the first time I shifted.

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