“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    Oh, sorry I didn’t say hi, please excuse me on that, hello, thank you for welcoming me.

  2. LunarCycle says:

    @Lupe: yes, I just wanted to see what the werewolf scene is like online and ask that question. If you do happen to find anyone named Takazlrooitnir (username, not real name) anywhere, know that he is not who he claims to be and is dangerous–to both humans and werewolves. Please be careful. I cannot say much more at this time.

  3. Lupe says:

    Peeplandic is a language I’m developing (Aka creating). Here is an example of what it looks like:

    Peeplandic: Por$a habyra Lupe.
    English: I am Lupe.

  4. Lupe says:

    @Emberi: That’s interesting lol because I was sure I remembered that picture from somewhere before, but then again the picture could have been similar to a different picture that is unrelated. Anyways what brings you to this website? Lol I honestly dislike when people are jerks, aka unkind. But then again to me, lying to me is not kind because lying hurts, so.. yeah. Also, what is the language you are using aside from English?

  5. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    It’s German, I don’t know very much German, but like you, I TOO, am creating a language, I call it Keidran, I just need to sort out things, like getting the variables a set rule to when they are used, but the language is quite on it’s way.Maybe we could create a language together.?

  6. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    “I’mu THas Wolvir arif Iragnas.” Translates to, “I’m the Wolf of fire.” my language might be easier to decipher than yours, but I like it, yours seems complicated, mine is also complicated, but, Gute Gemacht(German for Good Job).

  7. Lupe says:

    I think that would be a great idea 😀 we would just need a way to be able to create it together online. Might I suggest Google Docs?

    Also, Keidran has a fresh feeling to it when spoken aloud. That being, it’s not too difficult to actually say (unless you made the pronunciation different but that’s a different thing) and if one were to be able to speak it, the words would probably flow easier.

    I’m in the beginning stages of Peeplandic, whereas I’ve only now been able to say “I am Lupe.” Peeplandic is a new language. Maybe in a few days at this inclination, I might be able to have a basic conversation in Peeplandic.

    • Lupe says:

      By “probably flow easier” I mean that while saying a sentence or paragraph, it could potentially have a fresh flow. But it’s only “probably” because I don’t know what that language would be like if you use it in a paragraph lol

  8. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    Hey, @Lupe I have heard of docs before, but haven’t used them before, by any chance do you know how to make it so others can see it?

    • Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

      The actual writing looks better, and makes more sense, typing it is nigh impossible, with the current keyboard limits, how do I send my email to you without it being public?

  9. Lupe says:

    I have an email that’s already unfortunately been on this site. You can message me there and I can forward you to my actual email.

    Basically, for Docs, you need to “share” it with others. There should be a button or something that you can add someone to it, and you can type the person’s email and they would have access. On my phone, it looks like a person with a plus next to it on the Docs strip at the top of the Docs. If that made sense lol

    Email: [email protected] .com

    Without the space.

    • Lupe says:

      The story on that email: I was a naive person back then and put my email on this website. I no longer actually use that email, unless I wish to be able to contact someone, in a scenario like this. I am planning on deactivating that email anyways if I can. If I can’t, I’m just going to find something else to do to get rid of that account.

  10. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    Und I have emailed you.

  11. Lupe says:

    I think it’s a gift lol ^.^ the ability to put more words in less space is something I personally cannot do. For me, it takes usually paragraph form of a lot of words yet little information. Just like this paragraph, which could have somehow been worded differently yet means the same.

  12. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    Hmm, I see, well, I did the invite thing to add you to the docs…

  13. Verumiel says:

    Lupe it’s always nice to see you’re still active on here.

  14. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    Hallo, I guess that makes six of us on here total.? (to my knowledge, there may be more)

  15. Verumiel says:

    You know where to find me. Hurry up though idk how long I’ll be on this evening.

  16. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    I pay my respects to those who have fallen today…

  17. Lupe says:

    @Emberi: I’m just wondering though, do you have something you’d like from this website? Aka, what’s your reason for being on here? Do you need to research information, do you need “fellow werewolves” to talk to, or are you – like Lunar Cycle – just checking things out?

  18. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    I’m here, in short, to be here, and be myself.

  19. Lupe says:

    @Nero: Hello ^.^

    @Emberi: Lol what I meant was, what brought you here? It’s not common someone comes to a website like this.

  20. Nero says:

    Lupe how have u been

    Emberi nice name

  21. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    Thank you Nero, Lupe, I don’t exactly follow….

  22. Nero says:

    I looked your name up and is diff then wat I thought it would translate

  23. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    What did you think it would translate to, and what did it come out to? :\

    • Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

      Apparently I’m, three names(by the site’s 200 name thing), Adolpha, Lyall, and Randi…. Well then..

  24. Emberi Marrok-cautus says:

    Well, it would appear no one is here, so I will come back at a later time.

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