“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. PyroJoe9843 says:

    so does anyone here remember a user with the name Gabe? apparently we had contact outside this site via email that would have been about 5 years ago.

  2. PyroJoe9843 says:

    there may have been another user named Betsy I was in contact with they may have been under the user name Katze Madchen?

  3. Lupe says:

    Do you know of anyone named “William” or something similar to that? Something about dreams, or energy manipulation or something? (Any of this ring a bell?)

    • PyroJoe9843 says:

      They ring a bell a faint one but it is ringing…been trying to go back and find my comments from years gone by.

    • Lupe says:

      @PyroJoe9843: Let me know if you find anything!

    • PyroJoe9843 says:

      will do @Lupe

    • PyroJoe9843 says:

      nightwolf, Gabriel, Ivanov, Lycanhope, Lee Ann, and mary, Mary are the ones it seemed I interacted with the most there was also a user named i liek piza or something close, ILiekPizza found it. this would be march in 2014 und the name Madd Dogg. and wow how much of a whiney P.O.S. I was. how was I not banned!?

  4. Lupe says:

    @PyroJoe9843: Wow! That’s interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised tho, given the fact that people choose to do things such as “trolling,” “roleplaying,” etc. It appears to be a common trait of this website’s culture. That, and the misleading information. However, I feel I’ve done a good job reversing most of it. Now, it just feels like a normal chat.

    • Lupe says:

      Also, it’s become part of this site’s culture to have pointless arguments. I wouldn’t discredit myself tho, it was mainly my doing in 2017. That, and that I was probably more of a “role player” than you’d be.

    • Lupe says:

      *than you were

    • PyroJoe9843 says:

      have you seen? or remember me? i would say i have “matured” but that would be a lie, i have grown up though. and no shame in roleplaying i roleplay on discord. but yes this site has a whole has grown up.

  5. Lupe says:

    It’s defo an honor to have taken part in its maturity lol but I had to mature myself. I don’t recall having talked before now. Was there a name you went by before, when I could’ve known you? My name for a while ranged anywhere between JoeLupe, Kevin, and HopingforLycans. I have an entire list, if you’d like to see it!

    But I have met Lycanhope before.. great person! Do you know where I could find him? I need to speak with him about something.

    • PyroJoe9843 says:

      no and to be honest i only came back to this site out of boredom, but i would like the list if you have it

  6. Lupe says:

    @PyroJoe9843: I remain on this site cause I promised a member I would. I also promised another I wouldn’t give up on the truth, so I remain.

    These are the names I can remember:
    JoeLupe, Valiant, JoeLupe046, James Robinson, Blazing Coyote, Faker Buster, Hoping for Lycans, Kevin, Hellhound, Legend of Light, LegendLupe046, and any other name I cannot remember. Some of my usernames consisted of “Lupe” so I decided to just use the name Lupe, to simplify it.

  7. Eclipse says:

    I was also an immature prick pretty much. It was great to see this site grow and I met some amazing people on it too.

  8. Eclipse says:

    Hopefully I’ve become a much better person than I was a couple years ago. This site (along with a few friends) has given me a faith I couldn’t have had without them.

  9. Lupe says:

    I’m going to be doing a 1 week emoji challenge, where I can only communicate using emojis for an entire full week. This challenge takes place online and doesn’t affect my offline communication. Wish me luck, and I’ll talk to everyone in about a week!

  10. That One Werewolf says:

    sounds fun 🙂

  11. PyroJoe9843 says:

    @Lupe well didn’t find anything

  12. Niah the omega says:

    Hi.. 🙂

  13. Predaking says:

    I’m back!!!! It’s been about an year hasn’t it?

  14. That One Werewolf says:

    my dreams have not stopped and now there is a symbol to go with them, the symbol is a circle withe the right half as a moon and the other side is dark but in the top left corner of the circle there is three points. does anyone know what that symbol could mean??? and i just relized i am the worst describer ever lol.

    • Lupe says:

      That symbol probably means nothing. Either that, or something psychological. I suggest talking to an actual psychologist to help figure it out.

  15. ??? says:

    @adam i dont know if u still use this site but i hope this reaches u and the others who feel the same. i feel just the same. please respond if u get this.
    no one judge im just going back on commments and its highligting names and they all have the same thing in common that they think they are a werewolf.
    @anton ur name was also highlighted so i hope this reaches u too.

  16. Ohanzee says:

    Hi everyone it’s been a while.
    Lupe I have a question about energy manipulation. How do can someone control energy?

  17. Ohanzee says:

    ment how does someone control energy

  18. Ohanzee says:

    Also sorry the I was a dush sometimes hopefully I changed a lil bit,also how is everyone and alot of old faces on lol @predaking and eclipse

  19. Lupe says:

    @Ohanzee: People barely are online lately. Nice to see you online though XD

  20. Remus says:

    HELLO I’m back

  21. Remus says:

    ugh, I made a mistake on my email

  22. Riolu says:

    Wow. Haven’t been here since 2009. 10 years really slip by dont they

  23. Remus says:

    I haven’t been on here since last year, get your facts right, my boyfriend idk if he’s going to come on here for a while, school is hell for him

  24. Ohanzee says:

    @lupe I might try to c if I can bring in some new faces lol
    just for a heads up they might have another of questions if anyone comes

  25. Ohanzee says:

    Aye @remus how u two doing haven’t seen yous on in a while and hope he does ok

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