“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. skeertt says:

    @wolfy then please bit me…anyway to become one if you werent born as one?

  2. Wolfy says:

    @skeert hi man the bite isn’t a real thing sorry and the only other way I can think of to become one of us is being cursed by a witch but don’t quote me on that

  3. EmCWolf says:

    @Skeertt The only way that you can become a werewolf is to be born one…in short, if you are one, you’d know. Biting/scratching is just a product of fiction, and while there are some rituals out there that do work, they are closely guarded and not easily found/performed. Unfortunately, that’s just the way things are.

  4. Wolfy says:

    @Emcwolf yea I had a friend when I was 12 that was obsessed with werewolves and when he found out my secret he was begging me to bite him I just said that bites aren’t real but he was still determined to become one of us so then he found out one of the girls was a witch at our school so he asked her she just said that It would kill her if she proformed a spell of that magnitude and she needed some of my blood for the ritual so he just stop after that because he didn’t want to endanger me

  5. wolfy says:

    mispelled email lol

  6. Lupe says:

    *facepalm* I feel like my message was ignored.

    Personally, I’m slowly moving away from the idea of werewolves being a genetic thing. Although maybe genetics could play a small part in it, it’s very (very very very) rare to see a “family” of werewolves. That being said, I’m not sure if you know what werewolves would be like in real life. As far as I’m concerned, blood has nothing to do with it, neither does scratching, biting, magic, or a celestial being granting you the ability to be a werewolf. I’d be careful here, cause most things in this topic are things of fiction. Most doesn’t mean all, which means there is a TRUTH to it. This is just far from it.

  7. wolfy says:

    @lupe when you say i quote ‘i feel like my message was ignored ‘ i just feel like you except everybody shares your views, you ask for other peoples opinions but then if they don’t like them, you instantly tell them that what their saying is not the truth or maybe you just do that to me. How do you know what your saying is true the thing is you don’t lupe also i am curious how do you think in your opinion that someone would become a werewolf if not by genetics, magic etc

    • Lupe says:

      Woah dude, chill! Its not good to jump to conclusions so fast, especially when you say others are being condescending to your beliefs. You may know something I don’t, but that doesn’t stop any of us from refining our perception of facts, to lead us to the truth. What I said was to let you know I felt ignored, because I messaged you twice before of my doubts, and I did not see any signs you were talking to me directly.

      From what I understood, you are telling me that I “expect other people to believe what I believe, and don’t let others believe what they wish to believe?” There’s a difference between being condescending towards others beliefs and disagreeing with something someone said. When it comes to theoretical facts, you must be very careful because you may come to a conclusion that isn’t true. When I disagree with your statements, it isn’t cause I’m contrary to what you’re saying, acting like what I’m saying is more important. Instead, I’m trying to remind you to think critically about theoretical facts such as “werewolves.” Truth being told, we can’t know everything.

      From what I know, theories on reality don’t contradict reality, or else it just wouldn’t occur. Reality has “laws” of nature that can be proven with scientific tests. To think critically on something such as a “werewolf,” you must put these laws of reality into consideration. If it ends up breaking these laws, then the theory likely wouldn’t work.

      I’ve seen plenty of spells and rituals and they all do the same thing.. they mess with your head. Words on paper wouldn’t do much, because I can recite Shakespearean plays but it wouldn’t lead me to true love, neither would it make me King. When it comes to other forms of “magic,” things like potions, energy manipulation, and mind reading aren’t magic; if it occurs, it’s science we don’t understand yet. When I think of werewolves, I think more psychologically than physically.

  8. skeertt says:

    so i cant become a werwolf?!

  9. skeertt says:

    so i cant become a werwolf?!
    dm on instagtam :cirinesmain to explain this whole thing

  10. skeertt says:

    does anyone know a witch?!

  11. Lupe says:

    @Skeertt: No. If we are talking about werewolves in real life, I feel you should do a little deeper research on the information you learn.

  12. Wolfy says:

    @ Lupe so your saying that you think that we all have lycanthropy the disease where you think your are werewolf or do you think that werewolves can only mentally shift

  13. skeertt says:

    yes i did my reaserch and i think i have decided i wanna be one

  14. Wolfy says:

    @skerrt I did know a witch once but we lost touch also it doesn’t have to be a witch it could be a warlock (male witch)

    • Lupe says:

      Why can’t a male be a witch? I’ve seen some fictional tales where both men and women were called “witches.”

  15. Lupe says:

    @Wolfy: Tbh, I haven’t seen any evidence in favor of physical shifting yet. If you have evidence, I’d love to see it! ^.^ other than that, I see it as werewolves and other creatures as mentally shifting. With all these other methods, I haven’t seen any evidence in favor, in fact I only see evidence for otherwise.

    I don’t always like to talk about what is in reality, sometimes I like to talk about fiction and fantasy. There has to be hundreds of ways to become a werewolf in the land of fiction. One of these fictional methods I find quite intriguing. Lots of lore points around the moon, but this method uses a wolf’s hide to transform whoever wears it into a werewolf. It is technically cursed by someone, forgot who, but I think it’s a unique fictional method that doesn’t use the moon to shift into a werewolf. XD

  16. skeertt says:

    what about that spell..its all over youtube
    im gonna do it on a full moon
    would it work?

  17. skeertt says:

    plus can someone please find me a witch..or knows anyone who knows a witch

  18. skeertt says:

    do i have to be 18+ to become a werwolf?

  19. skeertt says:

    do i have to be a male?

  20. Lupe says:

    Keep in mind this is from both my knowledge and personal opinion:

    Gender doesn’t matter, age isn’t really a requirement but I’ve been told it’s better to begin shifting when you’re older (if you were a werewolf, etc.). Witches wouldn’t do much, if not anything. Finally, many spells are shown on YouTube, none of them work. Trust me.

  21. Wolfy says:

    @lupe you can now see how little I know about witches also yea your right YouTube videos do nothing I watch one once and one of the “requirements” to become a werewolf was being buff and handsome lol but I think it was made around the time of twilight so yea

  22. skeertt says:

    why dont we make a personal group chat
    so none of the spells work..then how can become one?
    ppl on youtube be like ‘OMGG IT WORKKEDD’ And stuff like that..does it mean that there lying

  23. Wolfy says:

    @Skeert what do you mean so none of the spells work they’re made up that’s why they don’t work also yes it does most of the time.
    @lupe I would like to discuss magic with you because i have some theories about it

  24. Wolfy says:

    Mispelled email again lol

  25. Lupe says:

    @Skeertt: Most of the time it is a lie, or internet troll, but sometimes the person technically isn’t lying. It’s kinda complicated, but if you constantly think about a werewolf spell, chances are it will begin messing with your sense of reality. Meaning: you go crazy. To the person, it technically worked. But in reality the only thing it did was drive them crazy.

    @Wolfy: I’m technically working on a book discussing magic itself, so I could add some insight. What theories do you have on magic?

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