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  1. Lupe says:

    (Put this in the wrong place lol whoops)

    Hm.. good point, hadn’t thought of that. It does seem quite odd that there was suddenly a hole that Wolfie was thrown down. I was sure the people in this case were: Wolfie, Darkninja, and the mysterious hunter guy. So 3? Not sure tho if that’s what you meant lol

    • Lav says:

      Hey lupe guy/girl
      I have a question. You see like a person who knows what he/she is talking about.
      Are you a werewolf? I read some of your comments and you write nicely so i tought i would ask you. Do you like…know that youre a werewolf or are you Just a werewolf lover. I mean i love werewolfs and all but do i think the are real? Hardly. Do you thing that maybe there are some people who red too much Books and whattpad stories? I mean usualy when you speak of werewolfs theres only that one psychological illnes where People think they Change in to wolfs. I Just wanna ask you are you a werewolf, do you THINK you are one or what? No offence Just wondering
      It would be cool if they existed and if they realy had mates. I don’t judge Just wondering

    • Lupe says:

      @Lav: To sum everything up, no I’m not a werewolf. The only form of werewolf I can see as being “possible” is that mental illness you referred to. Superstition which formed in the Middle Ages transitioned into the Hollywood version of werewolves since the first werewolf movie came out. Other views developed in response to the Hollywood werewolves to “prove” or find some logical reason for their being. After exploring the subject, I concluded that werewolves are not real, at least in the way we expect them to be. I find myself to be a fan of these “creatures of the night,” and enjoy reading or watching werewolf fiction. One day, I’d like to start writing my own werewolf novel. Hopefully I do well XD

  2. Darkninja says:

    Wolfie was in his human form @zale and @lupe no this is my first time on here. @zale even I thought of why there was a big hole there after a few days and i’m still baffled about it .

  3. Lupe says:

    Eh. 😐 not impressed. Still don’t know why you decided to throw them down there. Furthermore, how did you end up here, knowing that Wolfie was on here, and that he used that as his username?

  4. Darkninja says:

    Wolfie used to tell me about this place , he told me about everyone on here and how this place is so fun , so i decided to see what it’s really like .

  5. Zale says:

    Lol (Lupe) is the encyclopedia

  6. Darkninja says:

    [email protected] he said you were a wise one , the enlightened one with all the answers .

  7. Wolfy says:

    @lupe I was theorising that hybrids between any species couldn’t exist because something like a werewolf-vampire hybrid or a “witch”-werewolf hybrid etc would have attributes of both species and also would stop the hybrid having the negative effects of the two species which nature wouldn’t allow because “supernatural species” have weaknesses so then nature is balanced and they not the most powerful creatures on earth but being a hybrid would take away those weaknesses so nature would be unbalanced also you wouldn’t be able be born a hybrid because you would either become a werewolf or a vampire not both. I think I could probably make a better theory if I knew about genealogy and what nature being unbalanced means for all species.

    • Lupe says:

      I hope you don’t mind if I elaborate. By “nature balancing,” it’s more or less logic than a law of nature. Nature cannot contradict itself, and so that law brings the logic that a hybrid would have some aspects of two varying species. Given that werewolf and vampire are individual species, a vampire/werewolf hybrid would have some attributes of both. Logically, the weaknesses of a theoretical vampire would pass down, such as the theoretical craving for blood. Similarly, the theoretical wolf instincts will pass down as well.

      In my opinion at least, given that vampires and werewolves are different species, this means they have different genetic code. Here’s why: a wolf has 78 chromosomes, while a human has 24. Given that a “werewolf” is a genetic species, that means it must be a relative of a wolf, suggesting that evolution were a thing. If a werewolf has the ability to go through some kind of metamorphosis that allows them to physically shift into something similar to a human, it will look like the human but wouldn’t change its chromosomes. Furthermore, when a werewolf changes into the wolf, that also wouldn’t change their chromosomes.

      At this point, I’m assuming that a werewolf either is an evolved version of a human (giving it 24 chromosomes) or an evolved version of a wolf. (Giving it 78 or so chromosomes) If a werewolf is a human, then it has the ability to successfully mate with a human. If not, it cannot create a half werewolf, half human hybrid. Therefore, the only way there can be a hybrid of human and werewolf in the cases of genetics is if a werewolf is also a human.

      A vampire is supposedly a human with cravings for blood. Let’s suppose for a moment that it is, despite how unlikely myth is in the cases of reality. If a vampire is it’s own species, it’s likely to have similar chromosomes as a vampire bat, yet similar to human. A vampire bat has 36 or so chromosomes while a human has 24. This genetic difference causes there to lack an ability for a human and a vampire bat to mate. Given that a vampire has similar chromosomes (evolutionary classification due to many similarities. A vampire probably would have about 30 or so chromosomes if we say they are their own species), it would be genetically impossible for there to be a human/vampire hybrid. Furthermore, it would be genetically impossible for a werewolf and a vampire to mate and bear hybrids, given that they’re their own species.

      The only way that a werewolf/vampire hybrid can occur, given that genetics were to come into play, is if both werewolves and vampires were humans. That in and of itself is evidence that werewolves and vampires must be humans in order for this to occur. In conclusion, I doubt genetics has much to play in it, though genetics could play some things in the “supernatural” world. This leads me to conclude that supernatural creatures are not necessarily “supernatural” as we see them to be, but natural in their own respects, given that they exist. Finally, they cannot logically contradict reality and as a result biology. This means that, as humans, both are still subject to human biology, psychology, and even weaknesses. For as we’ve said before: as a creature, they are still liable to the weaknesses of that creature, due to the logic of nature and the laws of life.

  8. Lupe says:

    XD “enlightened” seems like a stretch lol I just like to find answers to nearly everything. I give any credit of wisdom to my God if anything.

  9. Darkninja. says:

    Well , bye see you later

  10. princesswavyy says:

    werewolf are able to become human again when a special formula is uttered. when does it happen

  11. Lupe says:

    @Princesswavyy: Um, depends on what “form” of werewolf it is. A werewolf doesn’t shift when ANYTHING is uttered. However, I suppose for mental shifting, one can hypnotize themselves to “mentally shift” when a certain word or phrase is spoken.

  12. unnamed says:

    Hello there. I’m not gonna tell you my name for now. Once I thought I was a werewolf, and I saw one night changing the shape of my hand and my reflexes were really fast. I can run like a wolf. I’m showing wolf-like motions, not wolves. And I didn’t know what I was doing at night, and I had a psychological distress. I have a feeling of unrest in the full moon times and I really have no idea what I’m doing on the full moon nights. Maybe I’m just sleeping in my bed innocently. It’s a normal thing. Anyway, I saw a werewolf series called Teen Wolf, and I thought I was very much impressed. But I realized that this was not just an effect as time passed. Sometimes the wolf is silly, and I’m not sure exactly what I am.

    • Lupe says:

      I’d suggest maybe seeing a doctor or psychiatrist, because this sounds like clinical lycanthropy to me.

  13. Zale says:

    @Lupe he sounds a lot like me

  14. Ivy says:

    Hi im new at being a werewolf ive been noticing I growl and bite when im angery and I eat meat mostly. Ive been staying up all night and sleeping most of the day. I feel happy outside and in the light of the moon. can someone help?
    or explain?

  15. Jack says:

    Hello lupe I saw you theory about hybrids earlier and I thought you aught to know that the original werewolf and vampire started off as humans meaning that they are closely related to humans and they can successfully mate with humans they were both created because of a wrong doing that upset the “balance of nature” Which is why they were created now the original werewolf and vampire had the chance to become human again and live normally but they were to arrogant and instead saw this curse if you will as a gift to take power over others but they also forced their offspring to live with the same curse but the offspring were born with the curse as a part of their genetic makeup which as you said before cannot be changed

  16. Jack says:

    So what I’m is hybrids are possible bUT their is a limit they can only mate with humans they cannot have offspring With other supernatural beings such as vampiers.

    • Lupe says:

      Where did you obtain this information? Also, how can I be certain of its accuracy? As far as I’m concerned, both werewolves and vampires would have to be human, not “half human”, to mate with other humans.

      Could you elaborate on this “balance of nature?” If a werewolf is a human, and a vampire is a human (in order to mate with other humans) this means “werewolves” and “vampires” would be able to mate successfully. However, as I’ve said before, whatever would cause one to be a vampire or werewolf would probably play a small role in genetics. I think it plays more of a role in psychology and biology than genetics. Furthermore, physics and biophysics which depict what “changes” would ACTUALLY go on in the body, suggesting that one was born with this genetic trait. I’m assuming that, even though the traits would span across many people, the gene would be recessive, meaning it doesn’t show. If one were to suggest that werewolves and vampires both passed their “traits” through genetics (the most likely way), this means there must have been something to occur for this genetic change, adaptation, or evolution. Furthermore, I’m assuming that this trait would not visibly appear in a lot of people, given that it would be a predominantly recessive gene if anything. (Like red hair)

  17. Wolfy says:

    @jack Hi Btw it was a joint theory between me and Lupe
    @lupe I haven’t look into us werewolves genetic code but isn’t are DNA half human half wolf that why shifting is possible?

  18. Wolfy says:

    @jack Hi Btw it was a joint theory between me and Lupe
    @lupe I haven’t look into us werewolves genetic code but isn’t are DNA half human half wolf that’s why shifting is possible? Also if this is correct wouldn’t us werewolves have 62 chromosomes.

  19. Lupe says:

    Hm.. not sure about the chromosome thing, that’s if we say werewolves are their own species. 62 is a random number though, where did you get it?

    Think of a butterfly. It begins its life as a caterpillar, then metamorphosizes into a butterfly. A caterpillar and butterfly aren’t different species, they are the same. This is because of their genetics. If one were to have the ability to physically shift into a werewolf (and back), the metamorphosis means they don’t change species, just like the butterfly. If a werewolf starts out as a human, then the recessive gene ends up activating and becoming dominant, allowing them physical “transformation,” they are still a human. Once they transform, they are wolf-like, thus it is accurate to call that form a “werewolf.” However, given that transformation doesn’t change genetic code, just activates and deactivates certain genes, they are still genetically “human” and would have the same chromosomes as normal humans.

    As for the 62 chromosome werewolf, I’m not sure. I think we should do some research on this and let each other know what we find, if that’s alright with you. ^.^

  20. Jack says:

    The information I gave you was actually based off a ancient hyrogliph about werewolves and vampiers found in Europe The supposed birth place of both species and they started as humans and were basically cursed for destroying the balance of nature one would turn into wolves and the other would walk the earth for an eternity always reminded of their tretchury but species Started as humans now it dose say that they were mutated now I’m pretty sure they ment geneticly because of their abilities and difference but later on it says that they could have children with humans and even stated that their children also came out as either a werewolf or a vampire depending on which side we are talking about now just as the original parent they could also have children with humans the natives assume it was part of their curse but to me from I biological stans means that when they were mutated only a portion of their human DNA changed to wolf DNA to the point it still allowed them to have children and as we know you can only have children with another species if they share the same amount of chromosomes I know earlier I stated this as clear fact but it is because it makes a lot of sense in some aspects of the curse for one they did something to upset the ballance of nature and as we know if one part of a ecosystem collapses the rest will soon collaps with it unless balance is restored but even so that balance would have to be perminatly restored so them having offspring with humans would make sense because if one dies their has to be another to take it’s place if not the balance will be off set again so the text in the hyrogliphs make sense if you think about it

    • Lupe says:

      Is there a website or article I could read on these hieroglyphs? Despite many of these claims being undoubtedly cringeworthy, the most odd is the latter portion where you begin talking about the balance of nature causing a certain cursed species to exist due to the fact that it’s genetic code must remain, or else this “curse” ceasing to exist will cause imbalance in the universe. Please correct me if I’m wrong about my interpretation of what you said.

  21. Eclipse says:

    Lol so many new people just I hear a magic spoon

  22. Eclipse says:

    @lupe is there a way i can talk to you privately

    • Lupe says:

      Yes, I check on Torch Mountain daily now that people are talking a little more on this site. A magical spoon? :0 Don’t turn me into a werespoon, I swear I’ll behave!

    • Lupe says:

      I’ll be busy from 6 pm tonight to lord knows when o’clock.

  23. Jack says:

    Sadly I don’t know I haven’t been able to find anything on it since I visited Europe last year probably because it was just descoverd a couple weeks before we went I suppose they haven’t posted anything on it because their still studying it

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