“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. Lupe says:

    Hm.. I’m not sure, tbh

    @Jack: I have always viewed Lucifer as an entity or a fallen angel. I’ve always viewed the “darkness” as sin, which is caused by the devil. I do not recall seeing the devil as inherently the darkness itself. The Bible actually describes him as an “angel of light,” hence how tricky he is.

  2. Jack says:

    True from the bibles point of view and I respect your ideals but I say this conversation isn’t a great one especially because all it dose is allow us to Trump echothers opinions, belifes, and religions which is why I don’t find it polite to talk about things like this in public but to be honest I agree with most view points except for the fact that he can make a creature that is left to god

  3. Jack says:

    True from the bibles point of view and I respect your ideals but I say this conversation isn’t a great one especially because all it dose is allow us to Trump echothers opinions, belifes, and religions which is why I don’t find it polite to talk about things like this in public but to be honest I agree with most view points except for the fact that he can make a creature that is left to god

  4. Jack says:

    Sorry some how it posted twice

  5. Lupe says:

    @Jack: You must not have sent the email right the first time. It happens with me sometimes as well, unfortunately.

    I might agree with that statement, but if we go solely by that belief, we’d never reach a consensus because of the “to each, their own” mentality. It is good to express each other’s beliefs, opinions, and religions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I don’t think we should have a system which implements a fear mentality where we’re afraid to voice what we believe. In some cases, such as this one, it is good to express those opinions.

    It becomes unhealthy when we begin using this method of communication to harm the other person. It also becomes unhealthy when we begin slandering an individual to ruin their reputation, just because they may have disagreed with your belief. It is even MORE unhealthy to take the actions to trap people in a moral trap, to almost ensure that they do something that others will see as bad just so you can use that as a means to “get back at them.” This form of revenge is a very low form, and does not lead to anything good, no matter the intention implied.

    That previous paragraph wasn’t intended to be said towards anyone. It is a piece of information that can, or can not be talked about. That depends on what people want to talk about. It’s purpose is to inform, not to upset or offend people.

    There is an importance to things such as debates. It is not intended for the purpose of preventing others from believing a certain belief, neither is it intended to “trump” what they choose to believe. That is what an argument is, and I stand by a premise that debates are far different than arguments. The purpose of a debate is to not only inform others if they forget about a certain thing – it is to help them achieve a better understanding of the truth. The main goal that I have here is to learn the truth, while I help others learn the truth I have learned. This is why debates exist, to pose multiple viewpoints, and to come up with a consensus on the topic at hand. It is not to prove a point, neither is it to prevent others from viewing things a certain way. In fact, a debate is not intended as a “win-lose” situation. A healthy debate has no winners, but all sides have an equal chance to see the truth a certain way. It all depends on the way you look at it.

    You may look at the Devil as a form of darkness which prevents us from getting into heaven, while Evaluna may see him as a super powerful supernatural being. At the same time, I may see him as the “Angel of Light” who’s fallen from heaven and is the literal inventor of trickery and deceit. We all believe something different, and this conversation isn’t about preventing these beliefs. The purpose, at least to me, is to see all points of view and use it to help me maybe see the truth in a different light. At the same time, we can let others know what we feel about their opinion, and that can show the truth in a different light to them. That’s really what it’s all about – not arguing, proving a point, nor even to harm another individual and come out as top Alpha, most “right,” and most “morally accurate.” It’s not about that at all, at least not to me.

    I hope you see my point of view, and that you understand it. Thank you if you’ve read over this. Have a good day ^.^

  6. Jack says:

    I agree we should all learn of echothers belifes and point of views and it would have a great effect if we could all accept echothers belifes and views of life and it could be very benificial to talk about such things it’s just that some people take conversations like this to heart especially when it trumps their belifes and it causes many problems and sometimes even gets people hurt which is why many people choose not to talk about such things which as unbenificial as it is it also allows more unity through the more common things we have in common which is the reason for many great freindships and when you know echother good enough talking about things like this matters less I really don’t mind other opinions and belive you should belive as you want I just want to make sure that no one on here gets hurt emotionally or physically do to the controversy of religions

  7. Lupe says:

    @Jack: Something you said caught my eye, which I feel I should talk about. Is it really considered unity if we only focus on our similarities? I agree that people will get along better if they have more things in common than otherwise. However, this doesn’t always occur, especially in larger groups. The more people we have, the more diversity we’ll get. At that point, it won’t matter how similar you are, because there will always be someone you disagree with. When it comes to real unity, to unify a group larger than three people, there needs to be something that keeps them together. Maybe you’re right, and the thing they share in common is a similar belief. However, there will also be people who hold a different view on that similar belief. For example: someone may see the Devil as darkness itself, while another may see the Devil as a Fallen Angel of Light. These two people believe in the existence of the devil, but they believe in two separate interpretations of that belief. This is where that idea fails, that unity happens with common belief.

    It’s not solely because two people believe in something different. In some cases, it happens when people believe in the same thing, with a different interpretation. This is unavoidable since every human is unique. When a leader brings together a large group with a sole purpose, he should expect there to be quarrels because of these differences. The uniqueness allows for very different beliefs – may they be positive or negative, good or bad, or even emotional or logical.. these all (plus more) play into the individuality of human nature. This human nature causes every human to be different. As a result, no human is perfectly alike. Even clones may differ in personality and experience. This human nature causes it to be impossible to refrain from one person hurting another, or both hurting each other. There will always be a form of pain caused in the world and we cannot change reality in that case. Pain exists in the world, and is caused by many things. Pain caused by arguments from a difference in religion is unavoidable, no matter how much we are united with our similarities. A better thing to do, is to learn how to handle these forms of differences, and these types of disagreements. We cannot handle it by simply not talking about it. No matter what we do, the topic will be brought up one day by someone random. It doesn’t even matter who specifically because it will happen eventually. We cannot help it. What we can help is how we handle those types of situations.

  8. Jack says:

    Well I agree with you and I wish everyone felt the same just yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine and I realized a group of kids making fun of another kid because of all of his differences and I stopped them but my point is that we don’t live an an all accepting world and I believe we should push for one but I also advise to be carfull when doing it I personally belive that ones opinion dosent effect the people around him and that he has his rights to them and that our differences shouldn’t seperate us but bring us closer together because our defferences are also our strengths that not everyone has I Don t think that focusing on our simularitys is true unity but I belive if you can get a person to like you than you can also get them to accept your no matter the differences between them which in terms would make them interested in your differences and mabey even learn a little about them like how I had a friend who I met in the states and she lived in Australia and I got to know her so one day I went to visit her in Australia and I won’t lie I was very sceptical about some of the things they did their but having a friend who knew a lot about it helped me be more comfortable with it and accept it easier so I’m just trying to say I think you sould befreind people and gain their trust to help them be more comfortable and willing to accept all of your differences in hopes that one-day it may really lead to a united world I just wanna make sure that everybody goes about this safely and dosnt gain any unwanted problems.

  9. Jack says:

    The argument as you said will always be their but one day if we go about it right and don’t try to force a certain religion on people such as we have in the past they might all be accepted and their eventually won’t be a difference that gets people killed and hurt

  10. Lupe says:

    Hm.. there’s nothing wrong with it, but I feel as though you repeated what I said lol

    That is something I will definitely consider. We do not live in an “all accepting world,” despite the benefits of “accepting” another’s belief. It does not mean that we should force our believes on others, but we should learn to accept their beliefs. This reminds me about a conversation I had with someone who was extremely aggravating. We were having a normal conversation, then out of nowhere they said they were Jesus Christ. So I asked them if they were joking around, and they said no. We talked for a bit and I asked again if they were joking around. They told me they weren’t. What was super aggravating was they were legit trying to defend themselves by saying they were Christ, despite how many times I asked if they were joking. So I told them I didn’t believe they were Jesus Christ, and gave my reasons why. This person thought it was funny and told me “do you really believe that sh*t?” I told them I did, and they began making fun of me, saying how stupid I was. I then explained the logical reason I chose to believe in Christ, but they wouldn’t listen because they believed what I was saying was bs. I was legitimately saying that since we cannot truly know how everything was created, we can only assume how it happened. They began joking around, saying that Snoopy Dog was the center of the universe, and even created the universe. I told them that idea was bs, but they told me they were only joking around. 😐 I asked them if they were treating this conversation as a joke and they were because they think religion is all a joke. And so, I asked them to at least consider my beliefs, or at least be courteous enough to listen. They wouldn’t and continued to make fun of me. They then started dissing me, saying how stupid I was and how much I was overreacting. They kept telling me they wouldn’t “accept” what I was telling them because they considered it bs. At that point, I left because the conversation had lost its value a while ago.

    The point is, I’ve had experience that taught me the importance of at least accepting other’s views. But it is not a perfect world, as you said. Not everyone will accept what you believe, just like that person I talked about. Unfortunately though, I disagree that your opinion would affect others around you. The reason is because you display your opinion, and the information is sent to the other person. The other person interprets it, and reacts to it in some way. This in itself means that opinions affect others around you. However, I could have misunderstood that statement. Could you elaborate on the statement: “ones opinion dosent effect the people around him”

  11. Lupe says:

    “You failed as a leader.. yet you’re still here. That has to count for something. This is your chance to learn from your mistake and grow as a leader – don’t pass off that opportunity for a second.”

    “No matter what, I’ll always strive to be a better leader.”

    “Good luck stopping me from doing what has to be done.”

    “Watching a very long TV show from the beginning nonstop every day can be exhausting and may melt your brain. You do the same thing over and over, and your intelligence drops.”

    “It’s good to take breaks here and there so you don’t go crazy.”

    “Stay away from someone when they’re using an axe to chop wood.”

    “In interpersonal communication, it doesn’t matter how good your intentions were.. if the outcome was negative and harmful, you failed to communicate properly.”

    “The best kind of leader is humble, and fights against pride.”

    “It is good to learn how to take ownership of your actions.”

    “Naw, I just don’t trust leaders.”

    “If one is always corrected, they will eventually get used to correction. This makes it easier to learn how to handle correction, resulting in the ability to learn from it.”

    “Never stop pushing for success, unless what you do is being harmful towards someone, including yourself.”

    “If anything, you’ll always hurt someone in life, one way or another. You just need to know when to stop what you’re doing, when it becomes too detrimental to others.”

    “People get upset when you attempt to publicly contact them for something that is more private. Perhaps a better thing to do, for the sake of others, is to wait as long as is necessary to talk about what is needed to talk about privately?”

    “It is insanity to believe a certain thing, while also believing the opposite is the case as well.”

    “It’s not a “perfect world,” but that doesn’t change the importance of trying to improve.”

    “Success happens when you never stop trying to take a step towards success.”

    “It can become easy to be sidetracked.. remember to keep your head high, and always do your best with what you’ve got.”

    “Even though informing others about the bad that a certain person did is good for the safety of the people, slandering another’s identity over the actions they are growing beyond and moving past, which happened a long time ago, will never lead anywhere good.”

    “Become a person who gives advice when asked, not asking when you can give advice next.”

    -Lupe 2019

  12. Jack says:

    Hey is it just me or has barely anyone been on here the last couple days

  13. Jack says:

    Its been just me and Lupe talking since the 14Th dose anyone have a interesting topic to talk about besides us???

  14. unnamed says:

    Hello again. I live in Turkey and had a full moon tonight. There must be a situation with a normal human being, because of the full moon there is a tension on me.

    (luka had thought it was “clinical lycanthropy”)

    good night

  15. Jack says:

    Well what are your symptomes how do they affect you

  16. Jack says:

    Is it mostley phsycological aspects or is their a physical change or proof you could be a werewolf besides the behavioral traits you described the last time. I’m not judging your personality or who you are I’m just asking because if theirs no physical shift or any proof of one it could be clinical and other than that if your waking up in strange places like you said before you could be sleep walking their is a logical explanation for most extrordinary story’s but sometimes it’s the truth I just want to know your symptoms and if you have proof other than behavioral abnormalitys and things that can be caused by other more explainable Things

    • unnamed says:

      now the psychological effect is reduced.

      I’ve never seen myself waking up somewhere else at night.

      but one night I saw a strange change in my hand, but I’m not quite sure what I’m seeing, it’s common to have a blind eye.

      Maybe an idiot, huh? :p

  17. Lupe says:

    @Jack: I’d assume anything that happens with one’s biology or physical health or state of being has to be clinical in a sense, even if it’s not CL.

    @Unnamed: Even waking up in a different place and seeing things such as a difference in your hand is considered psychological. You see things because your brain interprets it, and you wake up in a different place due to your subconscious mind or something else.. in this case, it’s more likely to be your subconscious mind.

  18. Jack says:

    The mind commonly plays tricks on people and can often make us see what we would like but since their is no substancial proof I would have to agree with Lupe this is more than likely clinical lycanthropy. Now as for Lupe I don’t think all things would be considered clinical because not all things are known but I agree slightly that in a way all things aRe clinical because even the things that atrnt known have to do with somthing that is known

    • Lupe says:

      @Jack: Such as: we knew gravity was a thing hundreds of years ago, but we didn’t know how it worked. Now, we can describe gravity as the force caused by matter which pushes an object with less matter towards it. This is how black holes work, and why they’re dangerous.

  19. Jack says:

    Correct these two things were found years apart and when we studied them they had some of the same cimponants that made them easier to understand

  20. Evaluna says:

    @Lupe take the story of Job in the bible God told the Devil he had his permission to take everything away from him and give him a disease.The devil has power that u may not know of yet but if the Devil didn’t have anything to do with witches and ect where else did they come from? God i don’t think so.

  21. Jack says:

    Well it’s said that god works in mysterious ways but they never tell us how mysterious those ways may be god probably has more power than the devil and I assume he would be able to prevent anything the devil may do I think in this peice of scripture that god knew the devil wouldn’t do it so he told him this but I belive he would be true to his word so mabey he gave the devil the power or weakend himself somehow to allow him to do so. As for the supernatural I still don’t think that the devil would have created them without god knowing and that’s even if he had the power to make them and even if they came from him I don’t quite belive that they would be evile or bound to him in any way or god wouldn’t let t hem come to pass.

  22. Evaluna says:

    @Jack yes God does know that they are real and y don’t u think supernatural creatures are evil? and yes God IS MORE powerful than the devil and thats a fact 🙂

  23. Jack says:

    Well I would assume that if they were all evil with the powers they posses they would be known to a lot more people and they would use their powers to hurt more people or do somthing like try to take over the world they would probably run amuck and their would be way more sightings and facts about them where if thsir were good ones they might protect people from the bad ones and we wouldnt see most of the stuff I described plus it would unbalance the univers in a way because humans would dwindle more and more while they would eventually grow to be most of the population

  24. Evaluna says:

    @Jack could you reword that a bit i didn’t quite understand what u were trying

  25. Jack says:

    I’m saying if they were all evil we would know more about them and their would be alot more problems because of them

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