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  1. Lupe says:

    @Evaluna: He does make a good point though. I highly doubt they are all evil, and even IF there are more sightings of them, and even IF a certain specific group ends up harming other humans, that does not at ALL constitute evil for the entirety of “supernatural creatures.” Everyone is individual, and since these people are also humans (though possess traits that aren’t really normal for humans) they work in a similar way humans do. I highly doubt the entire population of supernatural creatures are inherently “evil.” To say that is stereotypical and does not imply the truth.

    In the story of Job, as you described, God gave Lucifer permission to take everything Job had. When I think about this, and with what was said, I can assume that God has dominion over Lucifer. As part of his ultimate plan, he keeps Lucifer alive until the end. Even so, the only powers that he has is given by God. God created all angels, including Lucifer. Whatever power God gives, he’s able to take away. If God gave Lucifer the power to take away everything from Job and give diseases, this means that God “allowed” him to have these abilities for this specific purpose. Notice how God doesn’t say HUMANS, but says JOB. This makes me feel as though if Lucifer were ever to have this kind of power, God had to have allowed it for a purpose. If God can give this sort of power to others, wouldn’t this mean he could also create supernatural creatures himself? Thinking about it: Angels are considered supernatural, and Demons are just fallen Angels. God created Angels, which is evident proof that God can create supernatural creatures. Wouldn’t it make sense he could bestow some sort of supernatural gift, or even so create some other kind of supernatural creature for the purpose of his will?

    This also makes me think: Lucifer must be powerless compared to God if God can just “allow” him to do certain things, otherwise he cannot do them. All things are possible through Christ for who believe in him. All things are possible with God. Surely, it is possible that, by God, some form of supernatural creature is created which is good. I refuse to believe they are all evil, because this does not seem true to me.

    • Zale says:

      Hm i thought fallem angels were feom heaven tht fell to hell and dwmons were made in hell by corrupt souls being put into one being?

    • Jack the werewolf says:

      Also i’m a werewolf but do you see cussing at everybody or killing people and werewolves attack humans when they feel threatened.

  2. Jack says:

    Exactly which makes me think that if Lucifer even did have the power to.make these creatures god wouldn’t let them come here unless he had some controle over them or they had free will but I really doubt that Lucifer could make other beings concidering as Lupe said god made him.

  3. Zale says:

    Smh god topic wonder whats going on this time around

  4. Zale says:

    sad i believe in the devil (no offense to anyone) but I’ve heared so many people kill in gods name but never heared it from the devils… Thier is actually a group i might join that do good jn the fwlen angels name and not evil (not the 1800’s thier aren’t sacrifices and they drink wine nkt each others blood.)

  5. Lupe says:

    I would personally rather join a group of peacekeepers, and stick with God tbh. But even Christ was against killing others.. as he said, “those who live by the sword die by the sword, but those who live by Christ live forever.” I’m personally not sure how sad it is to believe in the devil, though I suppose we can all agree (I hope) that he exists.

    As to what you said previously, fallen angels are precisely angels who have fallen by following Lucifer. Lucifer tricked a portion of the angels to follow him and they were punished by being sent to hell. As to whether or not demons are angels or corrupt souls being pieced into an evil being, I’m personally unsure of the accuracy of either. This in itself can assume that anyone who is sent to hell is a demon.. this in itself, I feel, is largely untrue. There was an instance where someone literally died and was sent to hell, but they returned back to life by the grace of Christ. (From what I could tell) I watched it in a documentary somewhere, I’ll have to find it again to show you. Still, based on your definition, she had a corrupt soul and was sent to hell.. would she be considered a demon although being sent back to life?

    Before you begin berating me on the legitimacy of that story, I’m actually unsure of how accurate their story actually is. What I do know is the story they told anyways.. so assuming the story was true, and assuming what you said to be true, would she be a demon?

  6. Lupe says:

    I have come to believe there is no magic, only forces beyond our comprehension which allow for certain things to occur. Furthermore, I’m coming to think that some forces we believe to exist may not actually exist. As to what these forces are, I haven’t yet figured out.. I can only assume a law of science is at work, the conversion and usage of energy. And as to those forces we think exist, yet do not, I don’t know either. I can only assume the forces which wouldn’t exist would contradict all laws of reality, especially those laws beyond our comprehension at a deeper state of existence or reality. Assuming that there is a deeper state of existence, the things which would exist there would exist, or are able to exist because certain aspects of reality in that state allow them to. This means that the forces which exist in that state would have to have some form of scientific law which allows for their existence.

    When it comes to what we see as “magic,” I feel is possible either through physical means we can interact with, or through other means which we cannot understand, neither can we naturally interact with it. (This is because we do not know how) Supposing a force such as a God would exist in the state of reality he does, I can assume he’d have the power to interact with us. The same goes for the devil, supposing he existed as well. The Bible states that Lucifer is less powerful than God, so God must be unable to be destroyed by the Devil. I feel as though God exists far deeper than anyone can ever reach.. in fact, I doubt one could actually “travel” to a deeper state of existence, including the devil. When we die, supposing that souls and ghosts exist, I feel it’s existing a little differently while still being in our same state of existence.

    This causes me to reach a contradiction point where I begin to wonder the legitimacy of saying there are deeper states of existence. What if all things that exist, exist because certain laws of reality allow it to, not because of something in a deeper state of existence? What if it’s all one state of existence, but different ways to exist within that state? Let’s step back towards science. When we melt ice, it becomes water. It once existed as ice, then something outside of the ice’s control caused it to exist in a different way. This doesn’t mean there’s a deeper state of existence to allow the ice to melt, there’s just something that exists which we’re able to understand that allows it to change.

    According to what I know about souls, everyone has a soul or is a soul. Our soul is “who we are,” and when we die, we leave our bodies and go elsewhere. Suggesting souls exist, there must be something in this current existence which allows one to do so, almost like a reaction force (like how heat causes ice to melt). I remember learning about auras, how it surrounds us. The auras can be considered one’s soul. Lets use these definitions to stifle confusion:

    Aura: The essence of one’s being while connected to a body, or vessel.

    Soul: The essence of one’s being.

    Spirit: The essence of one’s being while not being connected to a body, or vessel.

    I’m not sure the actual definitions of these (not from google, but what these actually are) so I’m gonna assume just for this moment that these are the definitions, just to help me explain.

    When we conduct aura manipulation, I hear a lot of conversation about things which happen in the mind – or by using the mind, the aura can be used. So in a sense, one’s aura is affected by the mind.. this leads me to believe, since the mind runs on electricity and does create a small electromagnetic field, that this field may affect one’s soul and keep them there. Therefore, when one’s brain stops (or the electricity), the soul is not bound to their body. Notice how every instance where people die, the electricity in their brain stops. If Hell is like a prison for corrupt spirits which did not follow Christ, then there must be some kind of energy that God put on Hell to keep them there, likely similarly to how a brain would keep us in our vessel. God must send people there after they die, and this force keeps them there. Surely, if God wanted them to stay there, he’d have to have a means to keep them there. So I feel like God would have to put either a steady supply of energy towards keeping them there, or some form of something else, almost like a rechargeable battery, or even a conductor, which allows for the energy to continue. The energy going into the conductor (of sorts) would have to be constant with the energy output, to allow no overload and constant energy. From what I can tell, God is infinite, and has TONS of power.. so I assume that he may be the one causing them to stay there by supplying this energy. Although he could have the electromagnetic field himself, having a mechanism of some kind would make it easier for it to be done. As to what this mechanism is, I have no clue. I may be ranting about nonsense, but this is my best thought on the topic.

    Please don’t be silent like every other freaking time I send these kinds of messages. I would love it and be super grateful to receive your input on this ^.^ I know it’s not perfect, but it’s what I’ve gotten so far. I just had to vent out my thoughts on the topic so I wouldn’t forget, and so I can look back and see how wrong I was and what I can do to improve on the idea.

  7. unnamed says:

    I’m sorry, Lupe, “What brings you to this website?” You saw it new.

    When I came to this site while researching, I found the wolf-man, searching for the vampire chat.

    • Lupe says:

      So you initially came here for research? At this point, I’m here to theorize on how certain things would exist. It’s a complicated topic, but I am making *some* progress on understanding how it would work.

  8. Zale says:

    Well the only actual religion close to how the devil and tod work is the chinese ying yang
    WIthout one the other would not be able to exist…
    I kinda feel bad for one of the fallen angels (azazel) who waz sent to hell for giving us information (didnt harm anyone neither). in my opinion i think anyone would be mad if they were getting replaced by human after reining for so long kinds makes you feel worthless and makes u hate…

  9. Lupe says:

    Hm.. interesting mode of looking at it. I might consider it, yet the way I look at it is slightly different. Without God, the devil could not exist. However, God created the devil, not the other way around. As far as I’m concerned, God would exist whether or not lucifer did.. when it comes to our own spirits however, it is good to have both flaws and strengths, good and bad. Without the flaws and the bad, we couldn’t improve since there’s nothing to improve on. How could we know how to improve nonetheless given that we were never given flaws? This doesn’t mean the bad parts of us are inherently good, that just means they’re useful to us if we work on overcoming it to improve and get better. ^.^

    I have no clue who azazel is. I’ll do some research on my own time on the topic. You can choose to believe in who you want, I suppose. You may have your reasons for deciding to believe in the devil, but I have my reasons for not really trusting him. The devil’s method of trickery ∥ akes it difficult to trust him since he doesn’t tell the truth often, or at least not in the way where it would actually benefit the other.

    • Lupe says:


      As I look back on this, I suppose it depends on what one means by “benefit.” From what I gather, his methods of telling the “truth” are not those which benefit the person in certain ways.

  10. Zale says:

    without one the other would have to be both which would break this process so no devil god would have to take on both god and devil till he makes one

  11. Zale says:

    he talks in riddles and if you do sell your soul a ny demon comes since so many people has done it but i haven’t heard any that use a blood contract which will be less riddled.

  12. Zale says:

    Oh and the energy they actually have ways to get to earth called portals and since thay are spirits they most likely get thier energy from gaia (earth)

  13. Lupe says:

    If they couldn’t exist without the other, and if God created lucifer, then how could God exist for infinity before the devil was created? We know as a fact he existed before the devil. (At least I do) How could a process break if there wasn’t anything to begin the process in the first place? Wouldn’t this mean life could go on without lucifer? God created everything, so that would insinuate that life couldn’t exist without him. And what process would break in the first place?

    The portals intrigue me. Do you think you could describe how they work?

    And finally, lucifer is a riddle; if you think you know him, then you’ve already been tricked.

  14. Luczor says:

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  16. Lupe says:

    @Luzcor/Loki: We are always watching out for you. We came from beyond and live within. Join the Peacekeepers of America and learn what the truth is, how to defend oneself, and how to protect others who cannot protect themselves. Turn from any other organization, false teachings, and even fake organizations, and choose to be a Peacekeeper today.

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    Peace be with you..

    XD God, I have no idea what you think you’re doing on this site, but it was fun literally copying the design for that message and turning it around to talk about Peacekeepers instead. This is amusing, almost similar to the magical flying spoon episode, or even the JoeLupe occult which consists primarily of me. Oh, not to mention the magical and fantastic capabilities of polenta from the polenta company. 😛 I gotta give you credit for putting time and effort into designing that.

  17. Darkstrom says:

    What ‘s Up Everyone

  18. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    @lupe I’m Alvy
    There was a prlm in my email.
    Now, all ok

  19. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    Also Why I would be wolfie? :-/
    make sense* my fd 😀

  20. Lupe says:

    I thought that because Wolfie always capitalizes every word in his sentence lol however, the name had confused me which is why I asked lol

  21. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    hehehe…. hmm

    by the way, how r u @Lupe?

    • Lupe says:

      @Alvy: I’m doing alright. How about you?

    • Lupe says:

      @Alvy: That’s good. ^.^

      I also don’t believe what they were talking about, especially by the means they described his “death.” A car accident makes more sense than two ninja werewolves sneaking into a werewolf hunter’s property.

  22. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    good ^_^

  23. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    Why everyone is saying that wolfie has died?
    i’m confused

  24. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    besides, i don’t blv it

  25. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    what (-_-) @Shimbrex

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