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  1. Lupe says:

    @Artemis/Sage: Intriguing that your pictures are the same. Hm..

    First off, how are we supposed to know where that is? Secondly, I agree with Wolfy: why would we accept a random invite from someone on the internet we don’t even know. Thirdly: what the heck? What do you mean by coloration? I choose red.

  2. Lupe says:

    Anyone know what’ll happen after I say whatever coloration I chose?

  3. Jade says:

    Lupe and Wolfy are right… that invite is kinda weird and creepy. But I think what Sage means by coloration is like, the color of your eyes and the colors/patterning of your fur. Btw, when is the full moon?

    • Lupe says:

      So there’s no need to worry about the coloration thing, since it’s about the color of one’s eyes and fur? I don’t physically transform, so I don’t have to worry about that lol

    • Lupe says:

      Also, the full moon is June 17.

  4. wolfy says:

    @jade hi how are you? the full moon is on the 17th, i think if your a werewolf you should know when the full moon is each month if you can’t control the shift and shift when you want then i think you need to know the one night each month when you would be in excruciating pain that you can’t control but fortunately for me i can control the shift

    • Jade says:

      I’m great but a little sore. What about you? As for the shift thing, I can do the same. Thanks to you and Lupe for telling me about the moon.

  5. Jade says:

    Lol I wonder why he/she is asking that. Well I think you’re lucky that you don’t physically transform. That stuff hurts afterwards.

  6. wolfy says:

    @jade yea i am fine thanks and your welcome

  7. Jade says:

    I don’t know why you want to know my “coloration”, but here you go. I am a reddish brown color with VERY blue eyes, many wolves and coyotes in my area have the same coat as me. (Also, why is Artemis asking us to a party that we don’t even know the location of?)

  8. wolfy says:

    @jade thats what i said lol, (the forested mountains) could be anywhere

  9. Lupe says:

    Forested mountains are a 40+ minute drive from where I am. I could theoretically visit it. XD not gonna promise any “werewolves” will be there though.

    Out of curiosity, aside from personal experience, do you have any explanation as to why it would hurt?

    • Jade says:

      I’m not exactly sure of the science behind it, but I think another huge factor is the running through the farms and the woods near my house.

  10. wolfy says:

    @lupe oh cool are they just mountains covered in forests and they are called forested mountains or is that the place name also it hurts because when you shift it’s like all your bones are breaking at once and then reforming to be a wolf skeleton that why it’s excruciatingly painful to shift and why you need to get it under control.

  11. Lupe says:

    @Wolfy: I wonder what all the bones breaking in your body and shaping into that of a wolf feels like. Hm..

    I have no idea if there’s any place called “forested mountains.” It is a mountain range which is covered in deciduous and evergreen trees, causing it to be “forested.”

    According to Google Maps, Forested Mountains is not a place.

    @Jade: I appreciate your honesty in which you don’t really know the science behind it. I must have missed something, what does running around farms and woods have to do with shifting?

    • Jade says:

      Oh sorry I was just trying to find an explanation as to why I am sore, I obviously know that running has nothing to do with shifting. Sorry for the confusion. Anyways, Wolfy’s explanation actually makes sense and I totally agree.

  12. wolfy says:

    @lupe well you firstly get kind of a cramp type feeling that goes up and down you body and then secondly you start to get pains all over your body that slowly progresses into your first bone breaking and then your in excruciating pain for the next couple of hours but this can depend how many times you have shifted in which the rest of your bones breaking and reform then your only in wolf for say 7 hours until you have to go through it all again to get back to human.
    so there is a forested mountain range near you, The mountains are not actually called that ah ok

  13. Sky says:

    The pain you feel when transforming also depends on your skeletal structure those who are more related through the actual blood line of the original werewolves is less likely to feel a lot of pain because they have the same skeletal structure and less diluted DNA causing them to have less to change during transformations where as werewolves who have mated with humans and have children diluted the bloodline and have caused a change in the skeletal structure making it harder and more painful to change just like Lupe saying he can’t transform if he is actually a werewolf blood line his blood line has been so diluted that his side of the original family can no longer turn at least in his case.

    • Jade says:

      Yessss this explanation is really good. For me personally, things happen so suddenly that it’s only a few jolts of pain followed by hours of soreness. The thing about skeletal structure also makes a lot of sense because I have very canine-like proportions (compared to the average human) if that makes sense. Also, hello Sky! Are you a werewolf too? (I mean you probably are, considering your knowledge)

  14. Sky says:

    Hello jade and yes I am I come on every now and then but never post I just like to see how others think of werewolves in theory while I more take to the science side of it. I thought this coming up was a good time to put in my two cents and say something I know

  15. Sky says:

    Well jade if you’re not back on by midnight I’ll be back on at 3:00 tomorrow midnight is when I go for a run so if you text before that I’ll answer and any other questions I’ll be happy to answer from anyone

  16. Zale says:

    Im good wolfy and what is oupe talking about i might be able to help

  17. Lupe says:


    @Sky: Nice to meet you, I’m uncertain if we’ve met before. I do not recall stating whether or not I was a werewolf, but like everyone here, I am positive I’m human. (If you’re confused as to what I mean by that statement, I can go into detail) At first when you used the term “diluted,” I was confused. I suppose context sort of helped explain what you were trying to say XD

    The definition of “dilute” you are using is: to make (something) weaker in force, content, or value by modifying it or adding other elements to it. I suppose it is correct to assume that the theoretical genetic code which would genetically allow such a change in the body would be “diluted” when one mates with an average human that does not have this written in their genetic code.

    However, something about neurology has me asking.. since the brain controls everything in the body, then wouldn’t the brain be the leading factor of one “shifting?” When one transforms, it is an action that the body undergoes. I feel it is more correct to assume that transformation is more mental than genetic, even if one physically transforms. Genetics might play a role in it, but not big enough to cause one to shift on their own.

    Also, that conversation intrigues me.. how could one have a body that’s similar to a canine?

    After that question, I pulled up the skeletal structure of a dog. Since dogs and wolves are very closely related, I can just use this. After taking a human biology course in Bio 2 in High School, I know what the human skeleton looks like. There are obviously a few different bones in a dog than a human. A human has 206 bones, while a dog has over 310 bones. Despite this, the bones I would generally see in a dog’s anatomy is similar to a humans. What does this mean? In a physical transformation, suggesting that it would occur, I theorize that not every bone in your body would break – in fact, there wouldn’t be a need for much breaking. Perhaps the bones used for your arms and legs can be used for your legs as a wolf, the rib cage and spine would likely stay the same along with your skull. As for the shape of the head, I’d assume a large amount of cartilage would rapidly form around that area. Even so, this form of physical transformation would take a while to develop and cause you to fully shift into a wolf. I’d assume it would take quite a while, and even then I’m not sure if there’s a way to transform back. As for the tail, it is unlikely bones would start to grow, but cartilage can be used as a replacement to be built off of that tail bone humans already possess.

    I have doubts that one can shift at most up to 7 or so hours. It seems to me like 7 or so months at the very least to physically transform – and even so, how would one shift back?

  18. Jade says:

    Wow you’re very deep into this stuff. I honestly don’t care about how scientific the transformation is, but I do agree with you that most of your bones definitely would not break or snap during the process. It just feels that way for some odd reason.

  19. Sky says:

    Well Lupe as for your questions I will answer them in order first we have not officially met but I have been reading this site for a while now and know a good amount about each of you second the term diluted is correct third yes the brain has a part in making us shift it has to do with a rush of adrenaline to the brain causing us to shift so it has everything yet such little to do with a shift it more of a start to a series of chain reactions fourth we can control our shifts on our own by controlling the amount of adrenaline that we let lose I guess you could say basically by controlling our emotions to have the mental strength to force a shift and stop it see theirs that neurology aspect again the brain plays a huge part in shifting and the control of certain skills and senses but as to the physical parts a smaller but important role indeed fifth I never said I had a more canine like skeletal structure that was jade I simply stated that werewolves have a different skeletal structure with different/ modified bones that make it easier to shift with less pain such as our collar bones and most of our joints that allow them to change positions and reshape into the right position without having to break any bones and it is commonly stated that werewolves with a more human like structure break ever bone in their body they don’t break every bone just the 12 or 14 required for the shift sixth as for the head shape you are kind of right most of it is a thicker type of cartilage not like the thinner cartilage most people have in their nose this is so the snout doesn’t well flop everywhere like a loose extra limb that’s not intended to be their and so we can still use it to it’s full ability seventh the tail is controllable and isn’t really cartilage well fully any way if your in bio 2 I assume you know about your coccyx the small vestigial triangle like column at the bottom of your spine that sits in between your pelvic section well this bone was found In apes and other animals it was just more extended as ours have retreated into the spinal column for we had no use for it anymore but our surrounds itself with cartilage and causes it to extend making a fully functional tail and eighth the final question which you are so full of as for the transformation time it can happen in a 20-30 minute period because we have a high mitabalism and a increased healing rate and our body’s can adjust to most climates and conditions in seconds if that helps you semi understand.

  20. Sky says:

    I didn’t see jades comment till a minute ago the reason it feels like ever bone is breaking if a factor of the shifting and growing of your bones and cartilage not to mention the contraction of you muscles and ligaments to be able to be set in the right place so you can move the right way more or these the reorganization of certain muscles and ligaments

  21. Lupe says:

    @Sky: Quite an interesting display of answers. I had a blast reading through them, thanks for ranting that large paragraph. I am glad know I’m not the only one capable of super long messages 😛

    I appreciate that paragraph, and I hope you don’t mind if I respond to it. Firstly, I am glad you read this site, and know “a good amount” of each of us. Lol it makes me glad 😉 Secondly, I did research to see whether or not “diluted” was used correctly. In this case, I suppose it can be used. “To make (a liquid) thinner or weaker by adding water or another solvent to it.“ In this case, the “genetic code” or the specific DNA would become more and more recessive as it is washed into the “gene pool.” This makes me feel as though, in terms of werewolf dna, it could stay dormant for millennium and show up somewhere. It doesn’t just go away, as we have DNA that our most distant ancestors had. Fourthly, I feel as though the brain has far more to do with transformation than you give it credit for. Transformation wouldn’t be like a Domino effect, everything is controlled by the brain. It’s such as lifting your arm. If one were to lift their arm, it’s not just a single pulse from the brain, giving it orders – your arm does not have a conscience. Furthermore: the only conscience part of one’s body is their brain, so the brain is the only thing which allows for a transformation to occur. The idea of controlling your adrenaline does not seem realistic to me. One can certainly control their emotions, and learn to trigger certain emotional responses (such as making yourself cry). I suppose one can build energy up inside of them. It’s simple – you focus on your energy and you ready yourself to release that energy. It’s like getting ready for a long race, you ready yourself by building up the energy that you have. I wouldn’t say it’s adrenaline – that is more of a subconscious action that is triggered by certain responses. One can learn how to control certain triggers, but adrenaline is not one of them.

    Fifth; that skeletal portion was aimed towards Jade, not you lol apologies for that confusion. Still, humans (you included) have a skeletal structure which is similar to a dog’s already. One does not need a separate structure as I’m interpreting from what you stated. Sure, form fits function in one’s body. If one has the ability to transform, their body must have a form which allows for such a change. Bones have the ability to pop out of their sockets. It makes sense there’d be pain. But bones wouldn’t break, or else when you transform back you’d have to regrow those bones. Advanced regeneration at the rate which is needed to allow one to regenerate multiple bones fast enough to survive a physical transformation (as you’re describing) is not actually possible without the brain working on overdrive. It would have a lot of stress on one’s body, enough to the point of exhaustion. I understand regeneration is possible, but not in the way you’re describing. Sixth; understandable. I can not disagree on that side. Seventh; I believe I was referring to the coccyx. I’m not in Biology 2, but I was in the past. Eighth; I never get tired of asking questions. I am filled with them, and am glad to receive answers lol. Ninth; please explain how it is possible for one to adjust to an environment in seconds. As I stated before, it is not possible for one to regenerate as you’re suggesting. As to the metabolic rate you’re also suggesting, it could be higher the more one “physically shifts” because it is a movement of the body, and requires energy to burn while doing so. Still, it would require a lot of food. How would a werewolf have the proper amount of calories to do this? Other than physical transformation, where are they getting the need for a higher metabolism? And supposing what I said was true, that means transforming in that way seems unlikely if anything. I’m not trying to say you aren’t shifting, neither am I discrediting what you’re saying. Instead, I am saying the way it’s being described has many problems which can be explored, but there’d always be loopholes in the way it works. This is why I’m not 100% certain about a physical transformation being possible, but that’s my own opinion.

  22. Lupe says:

    To add onto the regeneration portion, it puts an absolute ton of stress on one’s brain, and even makes the body itself go into overdrive, far beyond which it is capable of. The brain isn’t the only thing that causes regeneration, as I may have seemingly said in that paragraph. The body must have the capability to, but with human anatomy that everyone (including you) have, the idea of advanced regeneration such as that is far beyond what the body is capable of, despite the brain having the ability to go into overdrive to allow it to occur. One can regenerate quickly, but not at that rate.

  23. Sky says:

    Well most of your questions were geared towards regeneration so I’m gonna go a little more in depth with this topic I was extremely vague I admit not all of my research is the best it could be mostly because I run the experiments on my self by myself which as you could assume is tricky in its own so I can’t give a lot of detail but I can give more I guess some things just aren’t met to be fully understood so here goes a explanation to the best of my ability now I’ll apologize now because I’m not fully able to site all the correct terms so I’m gonna look some of them up so basically the ability to heal in anybody is based on four factors hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling for the healing to work all four of these factors must be completed in order and at the right time now some things can cause the wounds to not heal right for us if we’re injured in wolf form it’s oxygenation of the wound because of thick hair in wolf form the wounds get less oxygen just like how when animals have a wound that requires stitches the doctor will shave that area before starting it’s so one yes he can see and to the wound gets enough oxygen to heal right it’s for this reason we usually start to heal during retransforming into a human now the thing that causes our body to heal so fast is well as you said for one our brain works faster which helps us comprehend and think faster also allowing us to do things faster such as heal but their are other aspect of the process as well for one our extremely high mitabilism helps us with the stress such things as shifting and healing put on our body and I think you asked in one of those how we compensate for the high mitabalism and we just eat a lot me and my brother are both well you know already so we’re the only two in our house but we spend $6,000 a month on food and before you think wow you guys must be fat we’re still skinny as hell or athletic as hell I guess you would say because we shift so much we need the food to compensate the shift and we burn most of it off just going through the shifts anyway I’m off topic so that all helps with the stress on the body for the drain of energy but we also have cells that constantly duplicate and help us heal faster your cells are what helps you form a scab and because our cells duplicate so fast we get our scabs in seconds not minutes like other people now depending on the cut or condition of the wound we can take minutes to form a scab but if it wasn’t for our ability to heal so quick we would need stitches or cartarization so that’s the scabbing part then we need the reformation of the skin which can take along time for regular people for us I admit it takes a minute or two not literally but it could take up to an hour depending on the gash some only take about ten to twenty minutes so here’s how it works most wounds are healed by blood cells so the scab forms and then our red blood cells for collagen which is a tough white fibers that form a foundation for new tissue then the wound fills with new tissues called granulated tissue and the new skin forms over this tissue and as this happens the wounds edges pull together making it smaller until it’s gone and it all basically has to do with our ability to produce so many cells at one time and our increased mitabalism taking the stress of the energy required to do so off the body so it all boils down to our increased amount of cells and high energy proficiency do the the mitabalism from all the food we take in hope that helps that question I’ll see what others you put down and try to answer some of them as well

    • Lupe says:

      I will respond to all of this, and @Zale’s question as well. Unless I misunderstood the science of metabolism, I’m unaware of how it can compensate for the huge amount of stress on the mind, and the massive amount of stress on the body. A human, even a human that can physically transform, is not invulnerable because of high metabolism.

  24. Zale says:

    Lupe wouldnt thatnmean they have to eat a abnormal amount?
    To regenerate the way you say i think the person needs a sustained amount of calories that isnt burned straight away by motobolism like grain for instance can work or eating double to triple the normsl intake a human does for it not to be a problem is wat im going to say. And the stress couod be a problem if they do it too much couod cause death by other things if its to severe

    • Lupe says:

      Now that you bring it up, having an extremely high metabolism can be highly detrimental to the body. The metabolism itself will cause stress on the mind cause your body has to convert so much into energy to be consumed almost instantly. With that type of regeneration, you wouldn’t survive.

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