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  1. Sky says:

    And I see your point on giving the brain so little credit when it controls so much and I noticed your little question about controlling your adrenaline their are three main emotions that release enough adrenaline to cause a shift anger, excitement, and fear it takes a lot of training to stop yourself from being able to not have these emotions so for excitement we just stay calm and collected we’re still happy about whatever is happening just not to the point we’re yelling and throwing a praid about it. For anger we tend to just calm ourselves and handle the problem in a logical way as we don’t look forward to not being able to go to school and hurting someone in the mix of it all and for fear well we don’t really have a lot that scares us we do an extensive training so that the fears we do have we don’t fear anymore simply by overcoming them in a series of tests and trials. And about the skeletal structure I only said it was different not that it was completely different we just have certain openings and shapes to some of our bones one joints that make it easier not that their different is size positions or other aspects it just little differences in the shape or Cut of the bone I guess as for the statement of adjusting to an environment I was a semi exasperation when I said seconds it obviously take longer it more minutes than seconds and I was referring to the climates on its weather in a way our body is a strange thing I suppose you may have seen videos of people sitting in ice for hours or standing in fire or walking through Death Valley naturioy known for the extremely heat well they do this by controlling the fluctuations of their temperature some of them raise their body’s heat while others lower it we do the same to adapt making it easier to function at extreme conditions like I love to wear pants which sounds odd because what els would you wear most people say shorts and I have a Favorite jacket that was from a old camp I used to go to and I just wanna wear them but my family says not to in the summer because of the heat yet I wear pants and my jacket all summer and we have 102 degree weather almost three times a week other than that we’re in the nineties so that’s what I was more referring to and the breaking of bones is a little different their not really breaking as in a broken arm their separating as in popping in and out of the joint to fit in the right joint slide or position as I said earlier we have an extra slit or slot for the bone to sit it’s the same shape and it’s not a completely different slot it’s just like your bone as a human has a area so your bone can move up and down and all that good stuff but when transforming we only need one sway of motion so the bone pops out or separates and re sets itself to sit in the direction or the slit so that one motion is available so it’s easier to run and move as intended in that form now for the people who have a regular human skeleton they have to break bones to achieve this and the healing processes of that is not pretty and not instant but it seem as though their healed because they can still move the limb but this is due to their muscles and ligaments pulling in tighter and inflaming around the bones to keep them in a cast like form if that makes any sense to you and it sits like that until they heal or shift again depending on their healing rate do to the diluted genes they poses oh and I don’t blame you on be questionable and having doubts about this all it’s a lot to take in and questions are what leads to answers and truth which I know better than anyone being i science major well high school science major anyway so I’m happy to help you figure things out but remember not all of this is understood by me either so their are still gaps in the science but I’m working on it

  2. Sky says:

    Oh and while I’m on I wanna put this down before someone asks one of these stupid questions no we are not hairy all over in human form however hair dose grow quickly no we cannot turn people who ever said that was a freaking liar and a fraud probably made it for Hollywood bull crap yes we can use certain senses in human form and another one I hear and see quite often is are we scared of fire and that’s a no oh and silver isn’t the only thing that can kill us we can die from natural causes and injuries that don’t heal quick enough or injuries that won’t heal like getting your head chopped off I can’t remember who asked that they asked and I quote “ hey so you guys can only die by silver so if someone chops your head off your sill alive right” not humanly possible not possible for werewolves either so now that’s out the way

    • Jade says:

      Thanks for clearing up some of those stupid rumors. Sometimes I seriously question the people who talk about that biting and stuff. Like, that biting transformation isn’t even possible. It’s amazing how fast our cells regenerate! (Ok, that’s IT for writing more than two sentences…for now at least)

    • Lupe says:

      It’s not about the doubt which bothers me. Funny that people generally say that. I’ve seen it so much, I’ve almost come to think there’s a psychological trigger behind it. “It’s hard to understand, and I can comprehend why there’d be doubt on the subject, but-“ makes me think.. this must be an attempt to “calm” the person down, giving off the feeling that the person who is supposedly “in doubt” may not entirely understand while the other person does.

      In a sense, I do understand what you are saying. Your explanation does not make complete sense to me for reasons aside from the “supernaturality” of the topic. I’m uncertain where it may have seemed like I doubted the existence of werewolves. In fact, I know quite a bit about them myself. One of the things I know is; a werewolf is killed by natural means, which means silver would not be a means to “kill” them. One can kill them with an object made out of silver, but getting cut by silver does not constitute death for a werewolf. As for the whole difference between werewolves and humans, I feel it is highly offensive to assume they are a separate species. In a sense, it’s racist. It’s like saying Africans are a different species than Europeans due to a difference in how their bodies are. Werewolves, even with a separate way their mind works, are still human.

      “it’s just like your bone as a human” This is a statement which you said, one of those which inferred that werewolves are a different species than human. I do not intend to seem as though I’m upset by this, neither do I intend to appear wrathful. However, I do feel a correction needs to be made on this front. Instead of talking about werewolves like they’re different than the rest of the population of humans, I respectfully ask that you please talk about them like they’re humans as well, along with the fact of the obvious difference in other humans.

      Fun fact: did you know there are humans which do not sweat due to an adaptation from a super humid and wet climate? Did you also know that people with mostly European descent have a higher percentage chance of surviving certain diseases because of the Bubonic Plague? Out of curiosity, are you aware of what environment a human must adapt to in order to be able to physically transform? The information you give is very intriguing, and I am researching everything in detail to ensure the information is accurate.

  3. Zale says:

    wow sky u sound alot like lupe lol

  4. Lupe says:

    @Sky: 🙂 glad you responded in another large paragraph. It will help me with my response. 😛

    @Zale: There can only be one. Lol

  5. Zale says:

    Sorry about the weird question tho out of the blue

  6. Jade says:

    Ok, this is getting WAY too deep for my summer brain to comprehend. If you don’t here from me for awhile, it’s probably because I can’t really contribute to your conversations. Still, I do agree with everything you say and you all seem like nice people.

    If you all wanna discuss something a little less scientific (I know I sound really stupid but bare with me), is be glad to! I’m not trying to sound rude or obnoxious either lol.

  7. Jade says:

    Oh sorry for confusing you obviously I didn’t mean that I have skeletal structure separate from a human’s. What I was trying to do is reference my body type and proportions that are similar to a wolf’s. I also have an abnormally large rib cage and shoulders that remind me of a wolf.

  8. Lupe says:

    @Zale: Before I talk about that topic, what do you know about blood magic?

  9. Sky says:

    Well Lupe I would like to apologize for my error in making us seem as a different species all together when we are so closely related especially when I described some things it’s not that we think less of you or anything it’s just so you can understand what I’m talking about easier especially when comparing the differences and as for your quote of my description I only say that again to make the comparison easier to read instead of saying something like we humans have a different bone structure than you humans it sounds a little weird and as if it was a type error well a regular person would not be able to transform as it is a blood line that makes it possible and for people with the bloodline theirs no specific environment we need to adapt to to transform I was just saying that we can adapt to the different climates we are in sorry this isn’t the biggest paragraph but it’s big enough to clear up some spots now as for you saying you don’t fully understand certain aspects of all of this it is understandable and even I have trouble with certain parts of this stuff but I guess not everything is met to be understood

    • Lupe says:

      No, it’s not that I felt you thought less of me, it’s that I felt you thought less of werewolves. I could care less how you view me.

  10. Sky says:

    Well I personally don’t know much about magic but I do know that blood magic for one is the worst magic anyone could possibly do blood magic it literally to be able to control life or death and isn’t something to be taken lightly so if your thinking about doing it I suggest not but I can’t really stop you but the warning is still their though blood magic is only theoretically real

  11. Zale says:

    Ik that it can be life threatening if you make a mistake using someone elses blood without permission can strengthen certain magic (can be used for evil in most cases)…
    Also lupe i actually didnt know it existed till a couple days ago. seems very dangerous tho so i want to learn more…
    Idk much about it tho but could it be used in a specific barrier?

  12. Lupe says:

    In a sense, blood magic isn’t the worst possible form of magic. It is more theoretical than anything, and as such I wouldn’t assume it as fact. Supposing it were real, blood only strengthens a spell, it doesn’t cause it to be bad in a sense. Blood magic is only as dangerous as fire, and if used correctly can have great effects. Blood magic does have many barriers which I won’t go over, but there are certain things which it would be dangerous to use blood magic with.

    Think of blood as a tool in magic, rather than an accursed sin to use. One can use blood magic responsibly if they actually know how to use it.

  13. Zale says:

    I typed that all wro ng
    If you uses someone s bloode without permission it c an weaken the spell
    If you use a substitute it can work but not full strength
    If you use your own it can strengthen it or someones with permission
    If you make a mistake the spell can kill you
    If you do evil with it you need to be whole hearted or the epell will be weaken
    If you do good the same applies but it s the negative effect from it

    • Lupe says:

      This does not sound like blood magic, sorry. Blood is blood, despite whose blood you use. Using another’s blood without permission is unethical, but does not weaken it. The second thing is kinda true, the substitute can be hair, saliva, or even urine. Permission has nothing to do with it, and depending on what you put into the spell the substitute ingredient will have similar power. The spell can kill you, but that depends on the type of mistake or action you make. Not every mistake will kill you. And finally, morality has nothing to do with the power behind it, but it is highly advised not to do “evil” with it, whatever evil may be.

  14. Zale says:

    Could you tel me a site im trying to figure out a barrier i had seen

  15. Lupe says:

    Anyways, it wasn’t a disease, it was a virus that Europeans have a higher chance of surviving. Check this website out for more information: https: //www. google. com/ url ?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved= 2ahUKEwjNgYviyuriAhXomuAKHdObDTkQzPwBegQIARAC&url =https %3A%2F%2Fwww. the-scientist. com%2Fresearch-round-up%2Fcould-the-black-death-protect- against-hiv-54468&psig=AOvVaw1NpTKZHfkGZRTa4ONxDJB0&ust=1560657067132669

    Take out the spaces to get to the website.

    Honestly, I just find it offensive when people suggest that werewolves are a different species than humans – not because of a feeling that one is better than the other, but because of the isolation and loneliness a werewolf would feel, especially in a society where many believe them to be a different species because of popular culture. I take offense to it because it is offensive to werewolves, not because of some common belief that one species is better than the other.

    • Lupe says:

      Also want to add how unreasonable and unrealistic it is to assume that a certain variation in human is higher than the other. When talking about werewolves, I suppose werewolf is the proper term – but when talking about the differences of werewolves and other humans, I’d rather use the terms: one who has the ability to physically transform; or terms similar to that.

  16. Zale says:

    True and thanks for the help been trying to figure this out for the past few months

  17. Zale says:

    Honestly humans and werewolves are different in genes but they r still human

    • Lupe says:

      This is true. Therefore: we should accept werewolves into our society like we accept literally everyone else as people. That’s my philosophy, though.

  18. Lupe says:

    Darn it, my message about blood magic doesn’t seem to be sending. Oh well, I’ll try some other time.

  19. Zale says:

    This is a first you actually didnt ask why i wanted to learn more of it

  20. Sky says:

    I will take you wording to describe myself into consideration and I apologize once again and if anyone has any other questions I would love to answer just remember not everything is fully understandable because not everything is know because not everything is met to be known in my opinion anyway and with me and Lupe I would assume you would get a good image of you questions answer

  21. Sky says:

    Oh and Lupe I just noticed that a while back you said that and I quote “I just find it offensive when people suggest that werewolves are a different species than humans not because of a feeling that one is better than the other, but because of the isolation and loneliness a werewolf would feel” and I understand that that is true but just then you described us as a we’ which I thought was funny in a way because you just said how lonely it would make them feel calling them that but that’s not the point of this message the point is we have come to accept being called that and we don’t ever really feel lonely because their are so many of us it’s just we aren’t really so keen on telling people we even have whole villages in other countries full of just humans who turn into wolves I think is how you worded it so we don’t always feel lonely even though younger people like me don’t always know about such things I had to learn from our teacher who isn’t a school teacher but a teacher who shows us how to control everything so that’s where the miss conseption comes in and we only say werewolves because to others that’s what we are even though that’s not what we originally called ourselves we actually called ourselves spirit walkers in our starting years which I don’t know how much you know about Indians or native Americans but they talk about people who could change into animals a good amount and they use the name spirit walker more than not when talking about people like us. So saying werewolf isn’t offensive to us and it doesn’t make us feel lonely or depressed or any of the above for those that know about others like us and have what you guys say is a pack it’s actually a counsel now a days just to let you know but us using the term werewolf if you truly are is more of a coming to turn with the change of times and or society than it is being discrimination. And we also don’t think less of regular people we’ll not all of us however their are some of us who have been treated cruel in the past and never came to accept the change around them and just went into hiding apparently but no one on our side or in the official council have ever even heard from them so just a little clarification on certain things

    • Lupe says:

      Starting from the top: I can understand what you’re saying. When I talked about how the term werewolf is offensive in my opinion, I had not put into account your experience on the concept. For you, I am sure it does not mean much more than being called “British” or “African American.” The way you use the term is not intended to signify discrimination, but is intended as a descriptor word of a bigger noun (such as human).

      Unfortunately, I have had experience in the past with many people who say they’re a werewolf (I have never seen anyone transform yet), and talk about their reactions to how others would treat werewolves. Unfortunately, in a society where many view werewolves in a negative light – mostly due to media stigma – it tends to cause quite a handful to feel almost threatened and forced to hide how they are, because of the way society would treat them. I’m not sure what experience you have on the topic, but I can argue that it is more subjective. As you brought up, some people tend to have an awful experience in the past and sort of go “into hiding.” This is one thing which I am referring to. Another thing is considering that some might not have access to a “council,” nor have the courage to be open about themselves should this council be available. I’ve seen some choose not to join any “packs,” for reasons ranging from past experience to a personal logic which is against it. This leads me to also conclude that not everyone is afraid, neither would everyone who has the ability to turn into a wolf would be entirely open about it.

      Although I do not know much about Native American culture, I know enough to respect it as best I can. I do enjoy learning more about the topic, especially Native American history, as a lot of what I’ve seen has been a focus on nature, and the relationship between man and the wild in which they live in. I’m unaware of most Native American cultures; however, those which I have learned about have caused me to question the way I view everything. This is because of how different it is from what I’m normally taught in American History, it shines a light on some truths that most tend to forget. I’m no perfect person, but I suppose compassion is stronger than logic, even if logic is sharper than compassion. This was why I felt the need to correct you. It was not because I hadn’t understood (although I hadn’t taken the time to think through the post entirely), but it was because I felt that considering werewolves as a separate species than humans could in turn result in that feeling of isolation that some would feel. It is not assuming that all would feel that way, but those which feel rejected and hurt turn from others and isolate themselves. It is psychology, really.. because even though there may be a wolf on the outside, there is still a man there. This man would feel pain and sorrow, and loneliness because they isolate themselves from fear of getting harmed by others in that way again. It’s a natural instinct, and at times is normal for people to feel that way, given the circumstances which cause it.

      As for the actual history of “werewolves” linking back to the origin of how a human would adapt to transform into a “werewolf,” it is highly questionable. Still, this doesn’t mean there isn’t an explanation, and neither does it mean it’s unsolvable. Not everything was meant to be known, especially by one person (a quote I made in the past), but the objective truth remains in effect, no matter how little you understand it. The main thing about seeking after the truth is to understand you can’t know everything. A big overlook that people tend to make is that means we shouldn’t look deeper into certain concepts. While some things are better left unknown, it is unwise to not consider understanding certain things. These things are not that which is better left unknown, except are things which are there for us to explore and figure out. The main boundary is within ourselves – the further up we climb in learning about the universe and how everything works (I’ve learned), the harder it is to explore areas above that. It takes immense discipline, whether from you or an outside source, to explore further than you could have understood before. The truth is out there, but you are your own boundary. Once you reach a point where you cannot explore further when it comes to the truth, you’ll find your own boundaries are far bigger than anything you can ever climb. Still, there must be a way to figure out how to understand it – even if it takes opening your mind to question whether or not conclusions are the final conclusion on the topic. (This is what allows me to continue learning – to question everything, even that which I previously saw as true, to understand whether or not it is true) Relating this to the history of “werewolves” and where they came from (and supposing that physical transformation were true) there must have been a form of climate or environment that allowed for one to physically transform. I’m currently thinking over what kind of environment one would have to be in, but a physical transformation you describe (minus extreme regeneration and uber high metabolism causing one’s mind to cope with stress) would have to have taken far longer to develop than the medieval ages, as many tend to believe “werewolves” originated from. As far as I can see, Mongolians once believed they originated from wolves – evidence towards my statement.

      One last thing, I read that a few times over, and I really want to say something without being rude. I also don’t want to say it to make you feel like you’re doing something wrong. I could read what you said and interpret it, therefore it should be fine. Your messages have aggravated me because you had very little punctuation where it was necessary. It was also difficult reading through it by the way you said certain things. I am grateful for your response, but I just felt it was good to let you know the difficulty in reading your message. I hope this doesn’t appear as me being harsh or whatever cause I keep pointing out certain mistakes here and there. I hope you gathered something from what I said, and I hope I don’t aggravate you from them.

    • Lupe says:

      By mentioning Native Americans and their culture and history, I hadn’t intended to dishonor any Native Americans, nor anyone who has Native American descent. I was attempting to use the culture and history to describe how it’s impacted the way I view things, and I was really trying to paint it in a positive light. I’m unsure if I had, but I hope I had, as that was my intent.

  22. Lupe says:

    Apologies for late message, a combination of the length and the state of being busy prevented me from responding.

  23. Lupe says:

    Yeah, I’m tired rn cause it’s 5 in the morning where I’m at and I’m only now getting ready to sleep. I spent a while working on that, and it would be a shame to have any mistakes. In addition, I hope any mistakes come to light so I can improve my view to better support the truth:

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