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  1. Sherlupe says:

    What does a pack’s structure look like to everyone? What jobs are given to Betas in packs, in everyone’s opinions?

  2. Wolfgirl322 says:

    Hi I’m new to this website. Ever since I started fifth grade, strange songs suddenly burst out of my mouth, and I one day just had a vision of being a wolf. I don’t know what’s happening to me, then or why when I wrote on the dirt by a tree in fifth grade someone or something was writing back. If someone can tell me what’s going on, please, PLEASE do so. I’m now fourteen and still believe that I’m different than most people. Thank you.

    • That is not normal werewolf behavior to randomly sing but it could be your way of howling sometimes the vision of a wolf well the wolf in your vision could be your werewolf form, the writing in the dirt most likely a demon.

  3. C says:

    To me a wolf structure is strong proud and a working unit as much as they are family and in my opinion a beta is someone who helps the alpha keep control and makes him aware of anything wrong with the pack

    • Sherlupe says:

      That’s interesting!

      @C: I cannot recall if I said it was a wolf pack, but I find that’s an interesting description of a pack. Could you describe what a “working unit” looks like within a pack?

  4. C says:

    No different than a work unit would be for us I’d imagine each of us has a job or purpose just as any member of a pack would for instance a sigma is issued the job of caring for the young and the alpha runs the pack he’s like a boss just like the beta is kind of like his secretary

  5. C says:

    Well as I said sigmas are care takers for the young, Alphas are the leaders who are in control of everything, betas are the eyes and ears for the alpha kind of like a manager who makes sure the rules are always enforced, and omegas are like your standard employee who dose everything that the bosses command.

  6. Sherlupe says:

    Hm.. how about Kappas, Deltas, or Gammas?

  7. C says:

    That’s more of a stamina than an actual rank

  8. Sherlupe says:

    Stamina? What’s that?

  9. C says:

    It’s like what their called when transitioning from one position to another for example a delta is just a omega training to become a beta

  10. Sherlupe says:

    @C: Hm.. ok, what are the different “stages” or staminas?

  11. C says:

    Well kappas are like the lead hunters and control the hunts when the alpha or beta tells them too, Deltas are a wolves training for a beta position, gammas are the protectors of the pack and make sure everything is safe though theirs only one per pack, mu’s are the peace keepers of a pack, epsilon’s are the guards of the pack who fight off intruders, and Lotas are more werewolf mythology but their like doctors their supposedly really knowledgeable about the plants and herbs and are great healers

    • Sherlupe says:

      Sorry for the misinformation, however, Iota is spelled with an i, not an L. I notice you mentioned names that I mentioned. Are there any others that I haven’t mentioned?

  12. Sherlupe says:

    @Verumiel: When you get the time, please visit Torch Mountain. Thanks! ^.^

  13. C says:

    Yes theirs the phi, chi, psi, omega, upsilon, tau, sigma, rho, pi, omicron, xi, Nu, Mu, lambda, kappa, Iota, theta, eta, zeta, epsilon, delta, gamma, beta, and alpha. And I knew what you meant

    • Typhonus says:

      Hey, could I get some advice as well.. I just chanted 10 times with my moon blessed pendant at the full moon tonight

    • Sherlupe says:

      @C: Ah, yes I’m glad you understood haha.. I just didn’t wish for misunderstanding lol

      If you were to start a pack, which role aside from Alpha would you choose as the next member to be added? Personally, I’d choose Kappa, but that’s cause of the role I’d give them. How about you?

  14. C says:

    I’d have to choose zeta because of the skills they must possess to do their job and honestly I feel Alphas are overrated they might lead the pack but they don’t ever really have to do anything they just leave it up to everyone else.

  15. Sherlupe says:

    @C: It’s interesting you put it that way. I agree, “Alphas” are overrated. Although, I’d give them a very important role if I created a pack. I agree that leaders which get others to do everything aren’t being leaders, resulting in them not being real “Alphas.” I guess the importance of an Alpha depends on what the Alpha does for the pack?

  16. C says:

    A good leader dose for others as much as they do him

    • Sherlupe says:

      What if a leader does things for others, even though they don’t do things for them, neither to they believe in that leader?

  17. C says:

    If a leader not only does things for his people but also uses a firm hand at times he will eventually earn the love and respect of his people for he must show a perfect balance between the love for those he rules and the discipline provided by him for those who pose a threat to his structure

  18. Legions says:

    I believe being a werewolf is more of a belief than a reality. Like a religion. More than a physical “disease”. Understand. That what you “people” are going through is utter.. Misunderstanding of ones self.
    Being a werewolf is not something you want to become. Not something you want to touch into. And definetly not something to be astonished over.
    Maybe the life of a wolf.
    But the life of a wolf/human. No.
    Even if your words are.. “True.” Is it wise to let this all out on a public sight?

  19. C says:

    Hey no offense legions we don’t criticize you or your decision/ beliefs so if you have an opinion like the one you so rudely just said I would ask you to keep it to yourself or just remove yourself from our site and this site isn’t about being a werewolf or a monster or anything like that it’s about talking to people who understand and being their for someone besides yourself it’s about friendships and if you’re to thick to understand that then please don’t judge and if you can’t help to judge don’t come back until you figure it out

  20. Legions says:

    It didnt imply for it to be rude. As you said it was an opinion. If your panties got into a bunch over it. That isn’t any of my concern. I have freedom of speech therefore I can say. Whatever I want to say when I want to say it. The only thing is to watch what I’m saying if I do choose to do so.
    You say being a werewolf/monster or anything in that degree is about talking to people who understand. But this is a sight of anonymous people. A sight where there are people of all ages hiding behind a mask of lies in a very dark room of misunderstanding. Because they either are obsessed with the subject of becoming a beast or so depressed or.. Confused. That they wish to be something they know their not.
    I believe the dreams that may occur in your minds could be true. It is of native religon to have such “Dreams” because they either believe it is. Nature. The gods, your spirit, or an angel or higher being or guardian taking the form of a protector. To imply vision or warning. Luck. Or misfortune. I merely said I believe lycanthropy is more of a belief than something you turn into.. Or wander over.
    I do have a point though. Wishing your
    Becoming of such or believing you are one is foolish. Who’d want to turn into a beast every night. The feeling of your body shifting entirely into something else. “EVERY NIGHT” you wish that upon yourselfs unknowingly and I find it foolish.
    And if you have a problem with me speaking my mind. I suggest you deal with it.
    If you want rude.

  21. Sherlupe says:

    If y’all want rude, I suggest to shove it up yours and to the left, cause this site isn’t intended for us to argue or dispute about the morals of what a werewolf is. Moreover, this site isn’t intended to be one where we fight over what a werewolf is. I checked somewhere in this site and it said: this place is “just for fun.” What does this mean to you? To me, it means we shouldn’t devote every second of energy into disproving another’s beliefs.. if y’all wanna discuss what werewolves truly are, there are far better means than through arguing.

    On another note, individuals may be here for a purpose outside of “wanting to be a werewolf.” In fact, they may be here outside of “seeking others who’d understand.” As there are points on both your pov’s which are helpful to keep in mind, I suggest toning down a little. Also, I suggest it’s more subjective than anything. With these notes, I recommend we not dispute with one another over meaningless quarrels, and use this site for however the creator of the site intended.

    Thanks for reading, have a good day/night.

  22. Legions says:

    Arguements happen.
    Who are you to say it shouldn’t
    Joelupe, Lupe, hellhound. Whatever you go by. Who are you to tell me or anyone in general to not do it.
    Nobody of course. So.”I suggest you shove it up yours and to the left” mate.

  23. C says:

    Your right sherlupe look I’m sorry legions I was just upset yesterday because of some news I had gotten and I’m not really all for mean comments so I hope we can put this behind us and furthermore I’m sincerely sorry to anyone we may have upset with our comments

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