“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire (1694-1778)

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  1. C says:

    And I don’t see anyone saying this site is just for fun but if one of us did I’m sorry and really didn’t mean to say something like that but don’t believe I said that and honestly legions I’m sorry I was rude to you because of my bad day but that doesn’t make it ok for you to talk to sherlupe like that when he didn’t do anything besides tell us the truth and again I’m sincerely sorry to anyone we might have offended

  2. Legions says:

    Again. Freedom if speech. I believe I went over this previously.

  3. Legions says:

    Talking about.
    “Wanting” to become a beast. As I said. Not knowing of ones self and wanting to he something their not. Maybe an escape per se.
    Is utterly delusional and foolish. Clearly you people don’t think out the consequences of actions.
    Like. “Whitewolf” and his “Hunting”, “On a Documentary” story.

    “Hellhound aka Sherlupe” and his delusions over being another person. A much more aggressive person and having a quarrel with himself in the process.
    Anything. Veriumel, Danny, EmCwolf, Jared R. Wolf. Willow. Evaluna,
    Has gone through. During your
    “YEARS” of wasting time.
    Talking about.. Joining a “Pack”
    Having supernatural abilities.
    Its. All. Fake. Not real. Some of you. Are foolish liars.
    And Lupe for years you have been wasting your time YEARS. On and off this sight talking to these “Liars” about abilites they do not possess. And. Its. Foolish. Idiotic.
    And disappointing.
    This is a site to further discuss the topic of werewolfs.
    Your beliefs on their exsistance.
    Not to lie about what you are and what abilities you possess in being so.
    Disappointing it is.

  4. Legions says:

    Just because you been here a few “Years” you talk about “What this site is meant for”
    Wake up.

  5. C says:

    Ok legions I understand your frustrations and that you have freedom of speech but somethings are better left unsaid and I get that theirs a natural order to things and some of the things said don’t fall into your idea of that but than again dose anyone even know what the natural order is I mean theirs still a huge percentage of the world untouched by man and we continue to find new species every day so I don’t care if your upset at this site or whatever it is your mad about but is it so hard to believe something you consider fake or even extinct couldn’t be real? And look I get this whole skepticism thing everyone is skeptical about something and it’s not like we’re expecting everything that we talk about to be true or factual because nothing is ever set in stone but if you would ask yourself where that kid who wanted to be a superhero, or even president went and then Maybe you’ll understand why talking about things like this is understandable and ok it’s not like we’re expecting anyone to really be a werewolf but the idea of something like that out their something besides us that seems impossible but isn’t is pretty cool but again if you choose not to believe in something that may seem impossible than you’d never have anything to look forward to i mean hell if that was the case we wouldn’t have phones of computers we wouldn’t even have electricity because no one would have thought it was possible and I get that you can do what you want but I hope you choose to at least take something I said into consideration

  6. C says:

    And by the way I’m not saying that any of the people on here are not telling the truth because you never know and I’m not trying to be rude I’m just trying to make a point even if it sounds stupid to some of you

  7. C says:

    Oh and furthermore sherlupe may have been on here for years but he’s here because he cares and has a open mind and he’s helped a lot of people on here wether anyone knows it or not so out of all the people you’ve dissed on this site for no reason I feel you should say sorry at least I can understand being mad at me after all I did start this mess but those people did nothing to you and they don’t deserve that .

  8. C says:

    And you talked about hiding be hind our names and everything well you know what I don’t want to hid behind my name and never did so how’s this my name is Kathryn

  9. Legions says:

    Whether how you put it. It was all a waste of time. And no ma’am. I don’t think being a werewolf is cool, Astonishing, or praise worthy. As I said. The topic of the exsistance of their pitiful mythological species. Possibly. Because as you said
    Their exsistance is unknown.
    And No. I will not apologize to a man/woman whatever
    Who has been wasting his/her time on this sight for the past few years “Helping” liars who can’t decide what they are or who they are.
    Believing you are a beast of some sort is delusional. Whether chimera. Skin walker. Demon or hound of any sort. Is rather delusional as said. Although. I do believe their can be guardians who take on the form of an animal of some sort. As it to be said in legend although like werewolves these guardian angels.. Protectors ect. Are mostly lore and myth and are questionable of their exsistance.
    And like werewolves believing you are one.. Is ridiculous.
    I will also not apologize to the names I have mentioned hence your suggestion was put to no use and as said again. A waste of time. Im merely speaking my mind and what should be left unsaid can be said if I do choose to do so. So who cares.

  10. Sherlupe says:

    You know, I suppose you’re right, @Legions. I did waste my time the first year on this site. I truly was a dillusional mess lol. If anything, things such as the “supernatural” sounds quite silly, and it’s astonishing what people would believe. If anything, I also agree that everyone has freedom of speech. The way I see it, we naturally have this “freedom,” so it’s more nature than anything. So, feel free to tell me everything you think about the topics you’ve mentioned before:

    1: Dillusions of Werewolves
    2: My wasting of time
    3: Freedom of Speech
    4: The Purpose of this site
    5: Anything I haven’t mentioned.

    And don’t hold a thing back, since you have that freedom after all. If you feel a certain way, both me and @C will listen to it, and seek to understand why you feel this way.

    One thing, I kinda thought Hellhound was a cool name lol

    @C: Before I reply, I have a busy schedule so I’ll message a reply to you later.

  11. Sherlupe says:

    @C: That was in case you saw those messages before this one. I appreciate you sticking up for me. Admittedly, I’m not an open minded person, though I’m learning how to listen to what others say. Those who were listed hold value to me, even if some were “liars.” Every mentioned person on this site (plus more) had an impact on my life. Each person taught me something, and though I haven’t talked to most in a while, I’m still learning.

    On another note, I hope you have a good day/night lol

  12. C says:

    Thanks sherlupe and honestly when I read some of the things you say you seem very open minded see to me there are two kinds of open minded people the ones who use fact to try to explain or debunk what others say to see if it could hold any truth because they think/ hope it could be possible as well and then their are those who just believe what they hear and are open to all things in life and honestly I’m more in favor of the open minded people that seek truth rather than I am those who just believe but those who don’t believe in anything upsets me for if you go through life not believing nothing would ever be proven or discovered unless if fell into our laps and that doesn’t happen as much as people would like to imagine. And I bet your friends on this site are very appreciative of you and what you do for everyone. And I’m very sorry for causing any trouble on this site but the day I answered that text back I hade just found out a very close friend of mine had died I’m usually not so confrontational like that but I never did like a bully. And honestly i think you would have stuck up for me to because that’s who you are you usually do the right thing anyway I’ll be back on later

  13. Legions says:

    And. You say you understand my freedom of speech and can clearly detail the topics I’ve spoke of. But clearly you haven’t listened. Because if you have you’d notice I’ve already talked about all I cared to talk about.
    So technically your requiring me to repeat myself?
    You can help people on this site for years. Withstand an “Open-mind” and literally excuse everything I’ve said except for The topics I’ve stated.

  14. Legions says:

    @Lupe I dont care about your life story or how this site has helped you in return of any way. That’s a personal matter. Your whole point of telling me that was useless.

    @Both Lupe and C
    I’m talking about the subject I was on. and you all end up getting all sentimental and emotional. Talking about death and feelings. Like wth. Can we stay ON the page and actually discuss. As this site is for; Instead of display irrelevant excuses.
    In order for me to even continue my “Rude” or.. “Uncalled for” Rant. An eloquent and equal response is required to make another opinion/ Reply to your response.
    Clearly you people don’t understand that all arguements aren’t bad
    And when I say wasting your time. Thats my beliefs. Maybe not yours.

  15. Sherlupe says:

    @Legion: What logic are you even using? Lol! Let’s start from the top.

    I was telling @C about how my friends have taught me lessons and continue teaching me lessons – that in itself is in your free will to read or care about. If you observe, I put an @ before a “C” at the start of that section.

    I was giving you the chance to finish what you wanted to say before I gave my input. As I agree on various topics, I’m not asking you to repeat yourself. If you’ve said everything you wanted to say, then I suppose I can give my input on the matter. I have “freedom of speech” as well.

    I honestly don’t care how little you care about what I have to say, that’s up to you lol! Again, that section was for @C, not you.. also, you may have exaggerated it by saying “life story,” as it hardly counts as one.

    I wouldn’t put me into the mix on death and feelings. I find it humorous that you pair me with a dramatic flair. XD

    If we were discussing the topic of conversation, I was giving you the chance to say everything you wanted to say – again, if you already had, that’s fine by me lol

    I’d actually love to discuss the topic we were previously discussing – in fact, perhaps right now is an opportune moment to divert the course of the conversation?

    My time on this site has nothing to do with this conversation, as it is irrelevant.

    You say I haven’t listened, yet I appear to show signs I’ve listened. Perhaps there was miscommunication or misunderstanding between us?

    That last statement made little sense to me. My time on this site is irrelevant to the purpose of this website (by a long shot), while excusing everything you said except the topics which you presented..

    You presented topics. These topics are the main point of the conversation. You show you wish to stay on topic, while telling us how we’re off topic. The main issue is everything else you mentioned. They are topics as well. In fact, there are a multitude of topics in this conversation which have nothing to do with the point of this site.

    I remember presenting an idea: perhaps this site is “just for fun?” Maybe it’s not intended for either of the uses you two mentioned? I remember reading somewhere on here describing the purpose of this site. As for the lost topic of what a werewolf is, as it doesn’t matter at all, I’m not worried anymore about what it is. At this point, I’m focusing more on fiction and enjoying learning about mythology. Coming onto this site as of recently, I merely seek what others see werewolves as. It’s highly unfortunate you two began your argument and I was dragged into it as I tried to stop the argument and encourage a less destructive method of discussing werewolves and the supernatural. I wasn’t saying such in terms of sentiment, but in actuality. To get better results, it helps if both parties actively try to understand the other instead of thrusting their viewpoints on them. That is why I allowed you to say everything you needed to say before I said such. That way, I can understand where you’re coming from and show you where you may have made a slight error. These errors are normal in conversation, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got tons in this message.

    Feel free to find some and show me! I’m open to mature discussions, not restless quarrels. By saying: “If you want rude, then up yours and to the left,” I’m implying that I don’t wish for rudeness between anyone.. moreover, quarrels which have no actual purpose other than to win the person to your side.

    If I’m correct, better methods of learning are through actively seeing every side to it.

    One last thing, I’m searching for other information you haven’t mentioned, not necessarily a repeat of what you had said before. Thanks for reading this, and have a great day/night! ^.^

  16. Legions says:

    Welp. I don’t feel like writing an entire clutter of paragraphs again so I’ll make this a lot more simple for you to understand

    No. I do not want to continue discussing my topic with a pushover who’s only good at giving advice.

    If you misunderstood why I compared your years of being on this site with its topic here is why.
    This site is to merely discuss the subject of supernatural species and share opinions and view points. Instead. This turned into a giant. Clutter of. “Hey! I howl at the moon at night does that mean I’m turning into a werewolf?” Since the very beginning of this chat when the first few users discussed being a werewolf as to one being an “Alpha” and constantly talking about his “Struggles”. You may be wondering what does that have to with you? Well. You practically did the same thing over time.
    1. Delusions. You yourself said there was a time.

    2. Being fake, Having 2 different users and personalities for what?

    3. The random advice, I believe it was you who gave out daily quotes or bible scriptures once.

    Moral of the story. For Years. It was all utterly uncessesary and ridiculous.
    If you haven’t noticed their are more kids on this site than anything. Claiming to be something their not.

    And where did I even come from?
    Well to be honest. I’ve been here. In fact longer than lupe and other assorted players before him although using a different name at the time. After I left, I spent my days observing the critical downfall of this chat. Just because I have strange hobbies.
    And if you didn’t care about telling me again. Your “Lifestory” what was the point of even telling me something I would care far less about than you of course. Those people who have “Left a mark” on your life, thats completely ridiculous. How does one seek or get healing from talking to a bunch of strangers for the past few years. How does that affect your social skills in real life?

    Im sick of this going back anf forth stuff in the first place.
    Moral of this entire story is.
    I have my own beliefs and you may and may not agree with that. Oh well. This should’ve had to take 2 days to figure out.

  17. Sherlupe says:

    @Ilovewerewolves About Us: “Attention!(disclaimer): The opinions expressed by Buddy and Werewolf 967 and those providing comments are theirs alone. Buddy and Werewolf 967, who are, are not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied in the blog. I love is for entertainment purposes only. Buddy and Werewolf967 are not responsible for any of the readers actions while reading or not reading the blog.“

    Because this conversation is continuously being pushed away from the original topic of conversation, I decided to do research on the purpose of this site. This section claims: it’s for entertainment purposes only.

    You’re years late on that critique, seeing as I’ve already spent years reversing those dillusions. It shouldn’t matter to you how my friends have impacted my life. Is it rediculous to make a friend on a website? I doubt one can make friends without first meeting a stranger. Take Verumiel for instance: he was a total stranger to me, but he has impacted my life the most. Sure, you may not wish to make friends online and that’s ok.. in fact, I agree there are things which we should keep an eye out for online. Verumiel was one of those friends who would challenge me to think deeper, and would correct me if I’m wrong. I respected those qualities or traits of his personality, and I respected him as an individual. (This isn’t a life story thing, it’s an example to further my point)

    One can meet a total stranger online, but that doesn’t mean they cannot learn to be friends. Obviously people will disagree, and I’d rather not go back and forth either. I suggest instead of doing such, perhaps we could do something about it? Maybe instead of going back and forth, we could try the method I tried at the beginning of this conversation, and attempt to understand the other person?

    The reason I had the pasted information at the top is because that is the topic of conversation, or should be. I’ve presented information and I’m not seeking for a repeat of what’s already been said – I’m looking for your response to what I’ve said. If you cannot respond, and/or continue talking about repeated information, I’m gonna drop this conversation.

  18. Legions says:

    You said it shouldn’t matter to me how your friends impacted your life. But I believe I’ve told you I dont seem to care in the first place. And heres where I talk about repeating myself. You always send a reply that is missing all the pieces to the relevant puzzle. How the hell where you giving advice to people with this skill XD tis ridiculous.
    But indeed. Entertainment proposes. Where we can discuss werewolves and such. And your never to late to discuss a topic. Thats like saying If I talk about something from the 70s I’m too late to talk about it.
    See? Doesn’t make sense does it lupe .
    I’m clearly replying to your words too. And clearly suggested to not continue this conversation long before it was your idea. In fact I said I didn’t even want to discuss it with you. So the fact that your still saying stuff about it utterly confuses me.

    • Sherlupe says:

      @Legion: “Those people who have “Left a mark” on your life, thats completely ridiculous. How does one seek or get healing from talking to a bunch of strangers for the past few years. How does that affect your social skills in real life?” This is why I said it shouldn’t matter to you how my friends impacted my life. Previously, you mentioned you didn’t care, but I was thrown off by this seeing as you put time and effort into responding to it. Are you either apathetic towards it, or is it not worth your thought? It must be the former since you put thought into it.

      I suppose you are responding to what I’m saying; the issue I had was the consistency of “I’m repeating myself, and I don’t want to.” Thank you for clarifying your viewpoint. May you show me where you mentioned you didn’t wish to discuss it with me?

      What doesn’t make sense to me is how you’re not understanding what I’M saying. You mentioned quite a mouthful of deeds I’ve committed, such as fakery and insanity. You talk as if it’s been happening for years. The key word is: been. This word, in combination with “to happen,” means it has continued to happen since a given time, and continues to happen. What I implied was: I’ve spent two years grinding away the dillusions and changing the way I was acting.

      To your surprise, I’m glad you mentioned those things. I’ve needed someone to say that for so long – to say how much I’ve wasted my time, how much of a fake I was.. I deeply appreciate it. By saying you’re a few years too late, I was implying that I’ve noticed it and I’ve already become less of a “fake.”

      If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice a decline in idiocy from my direction. Less and less I talk about me being a “werewolf,” or wanting to be one – and more you’ll notice I attempt to talk about werewolves from the perspective of an enthusiast rather than a lunatic.

      Trust me, if you said that a few years ago, it would’ve had a profound effect on me. After spending years of attempting to reverse the stupidity, it doesn’t profoundly affect me. Instead, I’m grateful for it.

      As to what I’m saying, you’ll also notice a drift in the topics I discuss. In conclusion (moral of the story), I’ve stopped talking about those ideas now that you clarified you don’t wish to talk about them.

  19. C says:

    Sorry to say but you are constantly contradicting your self and your own logic for instance you say we’re stupid and wasting our time on this site but you admit that at one time you were actually apart of it and that you constantly read things on this site and on any terms that still makes you apart of it also you say we all hide behind our “masks” or usernames but your doing the exact same thing right now. So the only question is if you’ve been here for all this time watching and judging us why wait till now to say anything? I mean honestly you sound like someone looking to settle a score rather than make any real points and just to be clear real points in my book are something you follow yourself because you can’t expect anyone to change their ways if you don’t do it first and you definitely can’t get a point across when your being a jerk.

    • Sherlupe says:

      Werewolves are individuals who transform into a wolf, in one way or another – or are relating to wolves in being one in one way or another. Which way would you describe a werewolf to be?

  20. Legions says:

    XDD. Oh wells, Ive been decided to drop the entire conversation. But you children love to obtain the last laugh. If you didn’t understand it, I apologize I don’t speak d*ckhead.
    If you disagreed with it. Oh wells. We all won’t have the same opinion. And no one can see from the others perspective. You are all nothing but immature in the matter lol!
    Continue your little blog. I won’t dwindle in your middle school level curiosities any longer because I do.. Follow my words on dropping a matter

  21. Legions says:

    I clearly have repeatedly said what I wanted to say and that was my only goal.

  22. Sherlupe says:

    I see. Well, you have a good one then. Pleasure speaking with you.

  23. Sherlupe says:

    Now that the previous discussion is over, what shall we discuss?

  24. Zale says:

    hi everyone been a while

  25. Alvy Darkstrom says:

    Hlw guys

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